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    2023 NFL Mock Draft: Bryce Young in Pole Position for the No. 1 Overall Pick

    It's officially the holiday season, and in the spirit of giving, we're gifting you our latest 7-Round 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Who does your team grab?

    It’s officially the holiday season, and in the spirit of giving, we’re gifting you our latest 7-Round 2023 NFL Mock Draft. We’ve made our list of 226 NFL draft picks. We’ve checked it twice. You’ll have to decide whether your favorite team has been naughty or nice.

    2023 NFL Mock Draft

    1) Houston Texans: Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

    With his snow-white beard, Lovie Smith would make a good Santa Claus. His team has been giving out gifts all season long — mainly wins for other teams and interceptions from the two quarterbacks who have lined up under center. A shiny new QB toy awaits from this 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

    Alabama might not have had the best of seasons by their standards, but Bryce Young has routinely shown his poise, professionalism, and weapon-grade arm despite battling injury. His play against Auburn showcased the very best of his game.

    2) Chicago Bears: Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Ohio State

    Justin Fields escaping pressure has been reminiscent of John McClane evading terrorists in the Nakatomi Plaza during his second season as the signal-caller for the Chicago Bears. Offensive line upgrades are most definitely on Fields’ Christmas list. He’s been such a good boy this year, we’ll oblige.

    With his size and length, Paris Johnson Jr. looks like he was created in an offensive tackle laboratory. His strength and power make for an effective pass protector, while his athleticism and on-the-move blocking would benefit Fields’ skill set.

    3) Seattle Seahawks: Will Anderson Jr., EDGE, Alabama

    All the Seattle Seahawks’ Christmases have come at once in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. A player considered by many as the best overall player in the class lands under their tree with the third overall pick.

    Despite a statistically less stellar season than 2021, there’s no denying that Will Anderson Jr. is a dangerous weapon off the edge. He has the speed, ferocity, and power to give any NFL offensive lineman a difficult time. Paired with previous selection Boye Mafe, Anderson gives Seattle a penetrative pass-rush presence to be proud of.

    4) Detroit Lions: Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia

    As Mariah Carey famously sang, “Make my wish come true, all I want for Christmas is a 6’3″, 310-pound defensive tackle with elite athleticism weaponized by high-level technical ability and incredible physical tools.”

    After the home-run hit of Aidan Hutchinson, the Detroit Lions continue to build a monster in Dan Campbell’s likeness by adding Georgia standout Jalen Carter to the defensive front. You can’t watch the Bulldogs without noticing No. 88, and the Lions can’t watch him fall past them in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

    5) Philadelphia Eagles: Tyree Wilson, EDGE, Texas Tech

    After a season spent in the opposition’s backfield, Texas Tech pass rusher Tyree Wilson has more sacks than Santa Claus’ sleigh. He’s ascending faster than the cost of living in this 2023 NFL Draft class, with his impressive size (6’6″, 275-pound), apparently elite length, enforcing power, and rare athleticism making him a dangerous weapon off the edge.

    The Philadelphia Eagles already have the best offensive line in the NFL, and adding Wilson allows them to be dominant on both sides of the trench.

    6) Carolina Panthers: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

    According to reports circulating this week, Carolina Panthers team owner David Tepper has Kentucky quarterback Will Levis at the top of his Christmas list. While it’s smokescreen season in addition to holiday (and bowl) season, who are we to deprive Tepper of his wish as we explore all possibilities in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft?

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    Levis has an arm that can deliver with velocity into tight windows, impressive functional straight-line athleticism, and is as tough as they come under center. Just don’t ask him to make you a cup of coffee.

    7) Jacksonville Jaguars: Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU

    Other than some new clothes for Jaxson de Ville, what else could the Jacksonville Jaguars want for Christmas this year? How about an exciting pass catcher for Trevor Lawrence to play with?

    Yes, they’ll add Calvin Ridley to the rotation after he was deemed “out of stock” this year, but a big-bodied pass catcher with unexpected after-the-catch potential will go a long way towards maximizing Lawrence’s talents. At 6’4″, 195 pounds, Quentin Johnston won’t fit under a tree or in a stocking, but he does fit nicely in the Jaguars’ WR room.

    8) Arizona Cardinals: Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia

    With the eighth pick of this 2023 NFL Mock Draft, my true love sent to me, the dismissal of Kliff Kingsbury. Ok, we’re not in a position to deliver what a large swathe of Arizona Cardinals fans actually want, so how about the elite, shut-down cornerback that the franchise has been calling out for?

    An integral part of college football’s top defense, Kelee Ringo has the size and length to impact the catch point, coupled with ludicrous speed for a 6’2″, 210-pound CB. Improvements in technique this season should aid his CB1 campaign.

    9) Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Richardson, QB, Florida

    While animals are for life, not just for Christmas is a slogan we should all live by. The Indianapolis Colts are going Gator shopping in this festive 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

    Florida QB Anthony Richardson is likely to be the most polarizing quarterback prospect in this class. The tools — arm talent, creative mobility, NFL size — are first-round worthy. However, he’s been described as a “two-year” project by some NFL scouts due to his developmental needs. Learning behind an old sage like Matt Ryan would benefit the young QB.

    10) Atlanta Falcons: Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson

    Arnold Ebiketie has been a resounding success for the Atlanta Falcons in his rookie season. Yet, sometimes at Christmas, you need an add-on for a toy you already possess to enhance your enjoyment.

    Clemson defensive tackle Bryan Bresee is the ultimate add-on for this Atlanta defense. His mere presence can help unlock the Falcons’ pass rush while having the ability to brutalize in the backfield. There’s a reason why Bresee’s oft-earned comparisons to J.J. Watt — he’s a size, strength, power, mismatch who can bulldoze offensive linemen for fun.

    11) Green Bay Packers: Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma

    As you grow up, Christmas becomes less about receiving sparkly, shiny, light-emitting, noise-making toys, and more about functional gifts that serve a day-to-day purpose. While Green Bay Packers fans might clamor for a new WR (or QB) in the first round despite the success of Christian Watson, finding a long-term OT is a more pressing need.

    Anton Harrison reportedly turned down a large NIL offer to stay at Oklahoma, clearly aware of his worth as a prospect with a delightful blend of sheer physical tools and high football IQ.

    12) Las Vegas Raiders: Myles Murphy, EDGE, Clemson

    There’s absolutely no need for Christmas cliches or popular culture references here. Simply imagine Myles Murphy — a stud defensive end with a practically unstoppable combination of size and strength — lining up opposite Maxx “The Condor” Crosby — a stud DE with a practically unstoppable combination of size and strength.

    Not even Kevin McCallister and a house full of booby traps would be able to escape the clutches of this dangerous duo, let alone the quarterbacks of the AFC West. Oh, we did the Christmas reference thing we promised we weren’t going to do with this pick. My bad.

    13) Houston Texans: Felix Anudike-Uzomah, EDGE, Kansas State

    You won’t find a festive film on your television this holiday season more heart-warming than the story of Kansas State’s ascension from unranked afterthought to winning the Big 12 Championship in a dramatic title game win over a TCU team that had previously beaten the Wildcats as part of their unbeaten run.

    A large part of Kansas State’s Big 12 title success has been the play of Felix Anudike-Uzomah. He’s a relentless presence in all phases of the game, with strength, length, violent hands, and a toolbox of pass-rush moves to enhance the Texans’ defense.

    14) Pittsburgh Steelers: Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia

    Stetson Bennett is a Heisman Trophy finalist. If that isn’t the epitome of a Christmas miracle, I’m not sure what is. Except, like all miracles and acts of the paranormal, there is a logical, scientific reasoning behind it. And in this case, the explanation is Broderick Jones.

    The Georgia left tackle has the strength and violent hands to be an effective NFL pass protector. Meanwhile, he’s an explosive athlete who benefits the ground game. Jones immediately becomes Kenny Pickett’s best friend in Pittsburgh.

    15) Detroit Lions: C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

    Given the recent comparisons to Jared Goff, Ohio State quarterback C.J. Stroud gets a particularly apt landing spot in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. There have been some tough games this season for the young Buckeye, but there’s no denying that Stroud’s arm talent, accuracy, and NFL size are all alluring.

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    Stroud is the toy that you want, while Goff is the alternative that your parent assures you that you already have at home. The Ohio State QB can take this Lions team somewhere that Goff simply cannot — a Super Bowl.

    16) Los Angeles Chargers: Jordan Addison, WR, USC

    The Los Angeles Chargers have an ever-decreasing window to win a Super Bowl while “social media quarterback” Justin Herbert is on his rookie contract. The best present they could get for him to maximize their chances of success is a game-changing wide receiver to add a true speed threat to their offense.

    They find one on their own doorstep in the form of USC’s Jordan Addison. Despite size concerns, the 2021 Biletnikoff Award winner is a three-level threat with speed, route-running savvy, and solid, reliable hands.

    17) New England Patriots: Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State

    In recent years, the New England Patriots have become akin to the grandma of Christmas gift-givers. Don’t expect a flashy gift, they’re going to give you something functional like socks and underwear, and they won’t be from a name brand.

    In this 2023 NFL Mock Draft, however, grandma has traded the socks for a PS5 as the Patriots land an elite CB prospect. Joey Porter Jr. is a hard-hitting DB wrapped up in a hyper-athletic frame whose ability to be everywhere at any time fits the New England style of versatile defensive playmakers.

    18) Washington Commanders: Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Mississippi State

    The Washington Commanders’ pass defense has become akin to a post-visitation version of Ebeneezer Scrooge, giving away yards and touchdowns as if they were Christmas Day turkeys. Inserting Mississippi State cornerback Emmanuel Forbes into the secondary would turn them into a miserly, stingy defensive unit.

    Not only does Forbes have the most interception touchdowns in FBS history, but he also possesses the length, vertical athleticism, quick footwork, route recognition, and physicality to be a Day 1 NFL starter.

    19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: BJ Ojulari, EDGE, LSU

    Sometimes it’s tempting to gift someone something that they maybe don’t really need, but you know they’ll really love and secretly want. Edge might not be the biggest need for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft, but snagging LSU’s BJ Ojulari at pick 19 is too good value to miss out on.

    With few holes to his game, Ojulari is an explosive pass rusher with the bend, toolbox, and plan of attack to be able to manipulate any offensive lineman that gets in his path.

    20) Seattle Seahawks: Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon

    With Geno Smith being the gift that keeps on giving, there’s no need for Seattle to rush out and overspend on the latest hot trend in the QB market. Instead, they continue to build on the defensive side of the ball, with a linebacker who flies downhill with more force than Santa Claus shooting down a chimney.

    Noah Sewell is a 6’3″, 250-pound force of nature who has made his living as a heavy hitter in the opposing backfield. Sewell might not be the most fluid coverage linebacker in the class, but he’s efficient in that regard.

    21) Tennessee Titans: Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame

    In amongst the food and festivities of the holiday season, it’s sometimes good to stop and take a minute to remember the true meaning of Christmas. Who better to help us, than a tight end who played his high school football at Covington Catholic High School before becoming a great for Notre Dame.

    Michael Mayer returns the position to the first round in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft as an incredible all-round tight end. Mayer’s catch-point prowess puts some receivers to shame, while he’s an efficient and willing blocker with impressive technique.

    22) New York Jets: Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson

    Fairytale of New York might be one of the most popular Christmas songs of all time, but there’s certainly been no offensive fairytale for the New York Jets this season. Could they be in the quarterback market? Potentially, but they’re also in need of a game-changing linebacker, and they land one of the best in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

    Clemson standout Trenton Simpson is a hyper-athletic linebacker/safety hybrid who acts as an enforcer coming downhill and has the coverage ability to be a playmaker in all phases of the defense.

    23) New York Giants: Rashee Rice, WR, SMU

    Injuries may have played a factor, but heading into Week 14, the New York Giants don’t have a single wide receiver who has contributed over 600 receiving yards.

    Meanwhile, SMU’s Rashee Rice led the nation in yards per game this season. It’s a basic statistical analysis, but when you factor in Rice’s speed, size, catch-point prowess, and awe-inspiring ability to create after the catch, he’s the perfect present to present to Daniel Jones if the Giants believe that he’s going to be the QB to lead Brian Daboll’s offense into the new year.

    24) Denver Broncos: Jared Verse, EDGE, FSU

    The Denver Broncos have a wish list longer than that of even the most spoiled child ahead of the 2023 NFL Draft. Right at the top of that list, however, is a long-term pass-rush presence to replace Von Miller and Bradley Chubb.

    Look no further than FSU EDGE  Jared Verse, who might have started the season as something of an unknown but has made his presence felt on every offense he’s faced this season. Verse can win with speed, power, and by attacking the inside or outside track. He’s a 6’4′, 250-pound wrecking ball.

    25) Baltimore Ravens: Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas

    “Dear Santa Claus, I’ve been a very good boy this year. Please, can I have an elite weapon to help drive the Baltimore Ravens’ offense for next season? Lots of love, Lamar Jackson.”

    Why yes, Lamar, you can. While Ravens fans might be clamoring for one of the class’ top wide receivers, trying to account for Jackson and Texas RB Bijan Robinson would be a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare. Robinson runs routes and catches the ball as well as some of the WR talent in this class. It’s a slam-dunk pick.

    26) Cincinnati Bengals: Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon

    Forget The Nightmare Before Christmas, Cincinnati Bengals fans can still remember the nightmare of the Super Bowl despite Eli Apple’s recent good run of form. Finding a true lockdown cornerback should be a consideration next April, and the selection of Christian Gonzalez in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft gives them that.

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    At 6’2″ and 200 pounds, the Oregon stud already looks the part of an NFL CB, and his speed, fluidity, click-and-close ability, and football intelligence should make him an instant impacter at the next level.

    27) Dallas Cowboys: Clark Phillips III, CB, Utah

    Do you know who gets overlooked at Christmas? That’s right, Santa’s legion of elves in his North Pole workshop. You know who also gets overlooked? 5’9″, 180-pound cornerbacks.

    However, it’d be foolish to overlook Utah CB Clark Phillips III, who makes up for his diminutive stature by playing with ferocious tenacity. Meanwhile, Phillips is an impressive athlete who routinely contests the catch point, has the burst to jump routes, and the fluidity to stick to the most elusive WRs. He’s the perfect accompaniment to Trevon Diggs.

    28) Kansas City Chiefs: Isaiah Foskey, EDGE, Notre Dame

    Isaiah Foskey is to offenses what the Grinch Who Stole Christmas is to the people of Whoville — before he loses his mean streak, of course.

    The Notre Dame pass rusher is a consistently dominant presence who wrecks the offensive game plan with his combination of size, power, motor, and length. Once Foskey gets up a head of steam, he’ll destroy everything in his path. While George Karlaftis is enjoying a stellar rookie campaign, adding a pass rusher of that nature to the Kansas City Chiefs’ defense should be a priority in April.

    29) Minnesota Vikings: Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College

    Minnesota Vikings fans can be as excited as Will Ferrell in Elf with the selection of Zay Flowers in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Their offense has proven a handful with Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen in the wide receiver room, but Boston College’s Flowers adds an extra dimension to the Kirk Cousins’ led unit.

    Flowers is speedy, with a dangerous change-of-direction ability that makes him as elusive as any pass catcher in the class. Despite a slender frame, Flowers has also shown to be combative at the catch point.

    30) Buffalo Bills: O’Cyrus Torrence, G, Florida

    Helped by Josh Allen’s scrambling antics, the Buffalo Bills boast the fourth-best yards-per-carry statistics in the NFL this season. Yet, they could still benefit from upgrading the interior of the offensive line to see more success in the ground game.

    Florida’s O’Cyrus Torrence pro comparison might just be a snow plow. He’s big, he’s powerful, and he’s adept at clearing lanes through traffic. Meanwhile, Torrence has showcased the technical nouse to be an efficient NFL pass protector and worthy to be the first interior offensive lineman selected in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

    31) Philadelphia Eagles: Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Alabama

    It’s the ultimate Christmas conundrum. What do you get for someone who has everything? The Eagles’ offense has been electric behind Jalen Hurts, but could it be even better? Yes, yes it could.

    Since transferring from Georgia Tech, Alabama RB Jahmyr Gibbs has asserted his position as one of the best in the nation. He’s an excellent pure runner, has the pass-catching capability of a receiver, and his blocking ability is superb. Watching him work behind the Eagles’ offensive line would be the greatest gift Philadelphia fans could get.

    Round 2

    32) Houston Texans: Josh Downs, WR, North Carolina

    After finding their QB of the future in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft, the Texans add some weaponry for Young in Round 2. Josh Downs is an electric pass catcher with twitchy route-running ability and defense-busting speed.

    33) Pittsburgh Steelers: Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina

    The Steelers upgrade their secondary with a cornerback who could command first-round capital. South Carolina’s Cam Smith plays with the swaggy physicality that defined former teammate Jaycee Horn’s game while having the size, length, and vertical explosion to be a ball hawk.

    34) Los Angeles Rams: Peter Skoronski, OT, Northwestern

    Despite lacking a first-round pick next year, the Los Angeles Rams’ dire season means they’re picking early enough in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft to snag an OT who many believe is a first-round talent. Question marks over his size and length could facilitate a fall, but Peter Skoronski is a top-tier technician with a rock-solid anchor and alluring athleticism.

    35) Seattle Seahawks: Calijah Kancey, DT, Pittsburgh

    The Seahawks continue to ace this 2023 NFL Mock Draft, adding an explosive playmaker on the defensive front to first-round picks Anderson and Sewell. Calijah Kancey is a first-round talent who might be considered undersized at the NFL level. His quick first step, refined handwork, and a swim move that could get you across an ocean in a storm make him a difficult proposition to game plan for.

    36) New Orleans Saints: Brian Branch, DB, Alabama

    Brian Branch is a do-it-all defensive stud who pairs top-tier football instincts with the athletic ability to put them into action and a motor that keeps running all game long. His acquisition in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft is perfect for a New Orleans Saints defense that has the fewest interceptions in the NFL ahead of Week 14 while giving up the 10th-most points.

    37) Jacksonville Jaguars: Gervon Dexter, DT, Florida

    The Gators had two elite athletes enter the draft this week. While the focus is on Richardson, Gervon Dexter is a potential impact player in the league. The 6’6″, 313-pound defensive lineman is a handful for his opponent with his deceptive speed and agility combined with excellent length for the position.

    38) Arizona Cardinals: Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee

    Tennessee OT Darnell Wright has spent the season protecting a dual-threat QB with a strong arm, and he gets the opportunity to do the same in the NFL. Wright can man both bookends, is powerful and violent, and has the athletic ability to get out and block at the second level. He adds significant value to an offense that has struggled this season.

    39) Carolina Panthers: Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, Ohio State

    Simply adding Levis into the Panthers’ offense won’t be enough to upgrade the unit overnight. They need to add a receiving weapon, which is exactly what Jaxon Smith-Njigba is. The Ohio State WR might have injury concerns and won’t test as an elite athlete, but he’s a savvy route runner and a catch-point connoisseur.

    40) Indianapolis Colts: Matthew Bergeron, OT, Syracuse

    Bernhard Raimann is very much a development project, and that shouldn’t rule Indianapolis out of fully evaluating the offensive tackle class. Syracuse’s Matthew Bergeron is a violent people mover with the power to counter and displace the most fierce of defensive linemen. Bergeron also possesses the footwork to match speed rushers.

    41) Green Bay Packers: Antonio Johnson, DB, Texas A&M

    Adrian Amos is out of contract this year, and Darnell Savage will be a free agent the following year. Adding Antonio Johnson in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft gives the Packers a versatile playmaker in the secondary who can fulfill a number of roles. He’s a 6’3″, 200-pound DB with the speed, length, and physicality to be a force all over the field.

    42) Atlanta Falcons: Eli Ricks, CB, Alabama

    A.J. Terrell is one of the best corners in the NFL, but finding a playmaker opposite him should be a priority for the Falcons. Although he hasn’t lived up to the early hype this year, Alabama’s Eli Ricks still possesses elite ball skills, is an impressively fluid athlete, and has the size and length combination that NFL teams covet.

    43) Cleveland Browns: Tuli Tuipulotu, EDGE, USC

    Although USC’s defense has had their struggles this season, Tuli Tuipulotu has consistently elevated his stock throughout the year. An interesting EDGE evaluation at 6’4″, 290 pounds, the Trojans’ talent combines an explosive first step, speed, and strength to be a disruptive force as a pass rusher and against the run.

    44) Pittsburgh Steelers: Siaki Ika, DT, Baylor

    Plugging in a double-team-eating, gap-filling, 6’4″, 358-pound monster like Siaki Ika into the heart of the Steelers’ offensive line should allow T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith — plus another EDGE addition later in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft — to thrive. Meanwhile, the Baylor DT possesses his own pass-rush threat.

    45) Detroit Lions: Henry To’oTo’o, LB, Alabama

    The Lions found a late-round LB gem in Malcolm “Rodrigo” Rodriguez last year, but don’t leave it so long to find him a partner in crime in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Alabama’s Henry To’oTo’o offers Detroit an instinctual player with a high football IQ, physicality, and the attributes to be a high-level run defender at a significant position of need.

    46) Las Vegas Raiders: Cooper Beebe, G, Kansas State

    Kansas State guard Cooper Beebe starts a run on offensive linemen in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. A key component of the Wildcats’ run to a Big 12 title, Beebe is a former offensive tackle whose transition to the phone booth that is the interior has allowed him to dominate. He’s strong with a nasty demeanor, weaponized by excellent hand timing and placement.

    47) New England Patriots: Jaelyn Duncan, OT, Maryland

    With question marks at both bookends moving forward, the Patriots add a highly regarded offensive tackle in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Jaelyn Duncan is a strong, athletic OT who is equally adept in pass protection as run blocking. Duncan has fast feet, is explosive out of his stance, and showcases strength with a vice-like grip.

    48) Los Angeles Chargers: Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio State

    While teammate Johnson has earned considerable attention from the start of this draft cycle, Dawand Jones has grown as the year has progressed. Jones is a 6’8″, 359-pound behemoth, who is extremely powerful with above-average athleticism. Meanwhile, he offers the Chargers a natural solution to their RT problem.

    49) Washington Commanders: Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia

    The selection of Darnell Washington in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft gives Washington their most dangerous weapon at the tight end position since Jordan Reed. The Georgia prospect is a ludicrous 6’7″, 270-pound mismatch, with freakish athletic capability, excellent pass-catching upside, and almost tackle-like blocking tendencies.

    50) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Olusegun Oluwatimi, C, Michigan

    The loss of Ryan Jensen really hurt Tampa Bay this season, and they can’t afford to be in a similar position again. Michigan center Olu Oluwatimi has been outstanding this season, with his combination of upper body strength and lower body power. Oluwatimi is a genuine people mover with the football intelligence to maximize his physical tools.

    51) Tennessee Titans: Blake Freeland, OT, BYU

    With Taylor Lewan’s future up in the air, the Titans sticker for a long-term replacement in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. While providing violence and a solid anchor as a pass protector, Blake Freeland has the athleticism to get out and act as a roadblock for Derrick Henry. The BYU baller is a 6’8, 300-pound monster.

    52) New York Jets: JL Skinner, S, Boise State

    While the addition of Clemson Swiss Army Knife in Round 1 gives the Jets a versatile chess piece, JL Skinner gives them a no-nonsense, hit-you-in-the-mouth, bruiser at the safety position. A 6’4″, 220-pound secondary weapon in the mold of Kyle Hamilton, the Boise State DB is blessed with dangerous closing speed and ferocity.

    53) Seattle Seahawks: Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee

    While Smith’s ascension to viable NFL starter means that the Seahawks don’t need to overspend at quarterback, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t add one to their roster. They’re only an injury away from a Drew Lock start, after all.

    Hendon Hooker‘s sensational season might have ended prematurely, but his arm talent, toughness, and creativity should make sure that he’s in the “best of the rest” group behind Young, Levis, Stroud, and Richardson.

    54) New York Giants: Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois

    The Giants need a playmaker in the defensive secondary, and there hasn’t been a more impactful cornerback in college football this fall than Devon Witherspoon. Anchoring an Illinois defense that has been one of the best in the nation, Witherspoon is a physical corner who isn’t afraid to catapult into the backfield. His physicality and top-tier ball skills could see the Illinois CB hear his name called on Day 2 of the 2023 NFL Draft.

    55) Miami Dolphins: Blake Corum, RB, Michigan

    Dolphins fans have long-clamored for Texas’ Robinson, but in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft, they land a different exceptional rushing talent. With vision, physicality, explosion, agility, and decent long speed, Michigan’s Blake Corum has asserted himself as one of the most dominant running backs in college football. His season-ending knee injury might cause a red flag for some teams, but he’s expected to return to full health.

    56) Chicago Bears: Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee

    Operation Support Fields continues in Round 2 of this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Having locked up the OT1 of the class, the Bears add an explosive WR who won the Biletnikoff Award this week.

    Jalin Hyatt has the gaudy production to attract attention, but it’s his skill set that is most exciting. Elite speed and explosion are weaponized by an ability to vary his route tempo while possessing top-tier ball-tracking skills.

    57) Cincinnati Bengals: Dalton Kincaid, TE, Utah

    While the Bengals have a trio of pass-catching talents, adding another tight end is something they should consider next April. There aren’t many better pass catchers at the position than Utah’s Dalton Kincaid, who has elevated his play further this year with his teammate being injured. An explosive threat up the seam, Kincaid can create space for himself while proving proficient in contested-catch situations.

    58) Carolina Panthers: K.J. Henry, EDGE, Clemson

    The Panthers add some pass-rush juice to their roster with the selection of K.J. Henry. At 6’4″, 260 pounds, the underrated Clemson product has good size and combines it with long levers that he uses to punish at the point of attack.

    Henry uses his length to get off blocks, but often he doesn’t need to on account of an explosive first step that sees him penetrate the backfield. He can win with violence and finesse equally.

    59) Dallas Cowboys: Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

    The Cowboys are very much in the market for a wide receiver and have been consistently linked with Odell Beckham Jr. However, instead of shelling out for the former Giants pass catcher, they snag a rising star in Washington’s Rome Odunze in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. At 6’3″ and with impressive catch radius, Odunze is blessed with size but also has route-running savvy, explosiveness, and long speed to his game as a dangerous weapon.

    60) Kansas City Chiefs: Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee

    In Skyy Moore and Mecole Hardman, the Kansas City Chiefs have their yards-after-the-catch connoisseur and speedy pass catcher, respectively. What they need is a reliable boundary threat who can consistently haul in contested catches. At 6’3″ and 215 pounds, Cedric Tillman gives them that big-bodied threat, but he also poses a threat with some impressive athletic tendencies.

    61) Detroit Lions: Garrett Williams, CB, Syracuse

    Cornerback promises to be one of the Lions’ top needs in the 2023 NFL Draft, and in this mock, they land a top talent at the position. Garrett Williams has been the standout player of Syracuse’s defense for the past two seasons, with his blend of coverage capability and run-game physicality. He’s fast, fluid, and flows to the football with ferocity.

    62) Buffalo Bills: Ji’Ayir Brown, S, Penn State

    The two most valuable free agents on the Bills’ roster for the next two years are safety duo Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer. With both unlikely to stay, Buffalo looks to the 2023 NFL Draft for a replacement.

    Penn State’s Ji’Ayir Brown has been an ultra-productive ball hawk who has value in all facets of safety player. He’s equally adept coming downhill to hit you in the mouth as he is using his fluidity and explosion to impact the passing game in coverage.

    63) Philadelphia Eagles: Ruke Orhorhoro, DT, Clemson

    Another underrated prospect playing on Clemson’s dominant defensive front, Ruke Orhohoro has the potential to be an impact player for an Eagles interior that had to resort to bringing in veteran help during this season. Orhorhoro has the speed, power, and relentless pursuit of the ball carrier that makes him a dangerous player to overlook.

    Round 3

    64) Houston Texans: John Michael Schmitz, C, Minnesota

    One of the top interior offensive linemen in the nation, John Michael Schmitz will help pave the way for Dameon Pierce while proving a reliable protector for new quarterback Young.

    65) Chicago Bears: Luke Wypler, C, Ohio State

    As the Bears overhaul their offensive line, they add a piece in Luke Wypler, who offers impressive length, refined hand-fighting skills, and the athleticism to help extend the mazy runs that make Fields such an exciting quarterback.

    66) Denver Broncos: Carter Warren, OT, Pittsburgh

    OT is a definite need for the Broncos next April, and Pittsburgh’s Carter Warren offers potential at either bookend. Boasting excellent size, length, and explosiveness, Carter excels as a pass protector. Good news for Russell Wilson.

    67) Los Angeles Rams: Nolan Smith, EDGE, Georgia

    Injury has impacted Nolan Smith‘s potential to ascend in the 2023 NFL Draft class, resulting in a potential slide down boards. His bend capacity and surprising strength from his lightweight frame make him a dangerous situational pass rusher at the next level.

    68) New Orleans Saints: Cameron Ward, QB, Washington State

    Although he has some areas for development, the undeniable upside of Washington State QB Cameron Ward makes him a more exciting long-term prospect than Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton. Ward’s arm talent is exceptional while he’s an elite creator out of structure.

    69) Arizona Cardinals: Andre Carter II, EDGE, Army

    Based on talent alone, Army EDGE Andre Carter II is deserving of a Day 2 selection. An athletic anomaly at 6’7″ and 260 pounds, the Army EDGE is extremely explosive, arriving in the opposition’s backfield before the OT is even out of his stance.

    70) New England Patriots: Ivan Pace Jr., LB, Cincinnati

    The best Patriots teams have always had an impact-making LB at the heart of them. Few at the position have made as big of an impact as Ivan Pace Jr. has this year. He’s spent so much time in opposing backfields that he might as well buy a house there.

    71) Jacksonville Jaguars: Tyler Steen, OT, Alabama

    Tyler Steen is a 6’5″, 315-pound LT, who is powerful, athletic, and demonstrates an excellent understanding of winning with leverage. Some minor technical refinement could earn him Day 2 capital.

    72) Denver Broncos: Zak Zinter, G, Michigan

    Having added an offensive tackle in this round, the Broncos return to the line to address the interior. Zak Zinter produces power behind his pads that can end a man’s afternoon in dramatic style while having the explosion and speed to get out ahead of the ground game.

    73) Atlanta Falcons: Drew Sanders, EDGE, Arkansas

    Although he’s played LB for Arkansas, Drew Sanders’ elite athleticism and size could see him line up as a pure pass-rush presence off the edge in the NFL. His football instincts help weaponize his speed as a dangerous trigger man coming downhill.

    74) Green Bay Packers: Bralen Trice, EDGE, Washington

    A 6’4″, 269-pound defensive dynamo, Bralen Trice is an explosive athlete who springs into the opposing backfield like a coiled snake that is ready to pounce. With violence in his hands and heart, Trice can be a long-term pass-rush presence for the Packers at OLB.

    75) Pittsburgh Steelers: Steve Avila, G, TCU

    A versatile offensive lineman who’s seen time at center and guard, Steve Avila brings a wide frame that is difficult to deconstruct. Meanwhile, he has the length and power to overpower his opponent in small spaces.

    76) Detroit Lions: A.T. Perry, WR, Wake Forest

    At 6’5″, Wake Forest WR A.T. Perry adds a tall, jump-ball receiver for Stroud to aim at from this 2023 NFL Draft. Don’t be fooled into thinking that is all Perry offers, however, as the Demon Deacon dynamo has a twitchiness that leads to effortless separation.

    77) Las Vegas Raiders: Brandon Dorlus, DT, Oregon

    As the Raiders continue to rebuild, they’re building a bully in the trenches. Brandon Dorlus is a versatile defensive front phenom, with experience across the line. The Oregon DT is an explosive, agile, technically proficient chess piece who thrives in the backfield.

    78) Houston Texans: Jordan Battle, S, Alabama

    Jordan Battle gives the Texans important safety depth that could develop into a starting-caliber NFL talent. He’s equally impactful against the run and pass, reads the game extremely well, and has enough athleticism to act upon those instincts.

    79) Los Angeles Chargers: Zaach Pickens, DT, South Carolina

    While boasting some incredible EDGE talent, the Chargers could use an injection of competition on the defensive front. South Carolina’s Zaach Pickens has flown under the radar but boasts a stout frame from which emanates speed, violence, flexibility, and explosion.

    80) Miami Dolphins: Cody Mauch, OT, North Dakota State

    One of the top FCS prospects in this 2023 NFL Draft class, North Dakota State offensive tackle Cody Mauch is a high-level technician who also boasts impressive movement ability and the footwork to effortlessly redirect against the fastest pass rushers he’s faced to date.

    81) Indianapolis Colts: Mekhi Garner, CB, LSU

    LSU cornerback Mekhi Garner is one of the most physical defensive backs in the game. Meanwhile, he has the size, length, and athleticism to pose a threat at the catch point. The Shrine Bowl-bound DB provides a significant upgrade to the Colts’ secondary.

    82) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Clayton Tune, QB, Houston

    Tom Brady isn’t getting any younger. Kyle Trask hasn’t proven he’s it. Clayton Tune has Brady-esque on-field leadership, as proven by his relentless efforts this season. Meanwhile, Tune’s an accurate passer with a good arm and the functional mobility to extend plays.

    83) New York Jets: Connor Galvin, OT, Baylor

    Baylor has been at the forefront of offensive line play for multiple seasons, and Connor Galvin is one of the reasons why. Galvin’s refined handwork in pass protection, his excellent footwork, and decent overall athleticism should prove alluring for an NFL team, especially a team like the Jets who need depth at various spots.

    84) Seattle Seahawks: Sedrick Van Pran, C, Georgia

    Austin Blythe is out of contract at the end of the season, and the Seahawks are in position to select his replacement in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Sedrick Van Pran has been a pivotal part of Georgia’s success, with his power, football smarts, and hyper-athletic profile belying his young age.

    85) Tennessee Titans: Nick Hampton, EDGE, Appalachian State

    Appalachian State’s Nick Hampton is a speed rusher who is able to generate impressive power from a lightweight 6’3″, 235-pound frame. He’s been able to be productive due to his combination of physical traits and a toolbox that boasts several combo moves.

    86) New York Giants: Bo Nix, QB, Oregon

    Oregon QB Bo Nix went from an SEC laughing stock to a legitimate NFL draft prospect this fall. If he continues to showcase that his physical tools outweigh some mental lapses — while working on the latter — then there’s every chance he could challenge Daniel Jones in New York.

    87) Miami Dolphins: Tommy Eichenberg, LB, Ohio State

    The addition of Bradley Chubb removes an immediate edge need for the Dolphins so they instead turn to ILB in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Tommy Eichenberg gives Miami a high-level processor whose football instincts help deploy his physical tools to make an explosive, heavy-hitting force from the LB position.

    88) Cincinnati Bengals: Jaylon Carlies, S, Missouri

    With multiple potential departures from the secondary, adding depth there should be an offseason priority. Jaylon Carlies is an underrated safety prospect whose speed and physicality help him to be an enforcer in coverage, against the run, and on special teams.

    89) Carolina Panthers: Tank Bigsby, RB, Auburn

    Tank by name, tank by nature. Auburn RB Tank Bigsby has a physical playstyle that allows him to be a bulldozer on the ground. However, he also offers impressive vision as a rusher, and receiving upside that should prove alluring come April.

    90) Baltimore Ravens: Jordan Morgan, OT, Arizona

    The Ravens have to keep adding OL pieces with so much uncertainty over the future of Ronnie Stanley. Arizona OT Jordan Morgan is an underrated prospect with requisite NFL size, who is quicker than you’d expect for a man of his size while being powerful and technically astute.

    91) Dallas Cowboys: Owen Pappoe, LB, Auburn

    Injury removed Owen Pappoe from last year’s LB class, and he’s already using this season to reinforce his alluring athletic tendencies. The Auburn LB is a dangerous sideline-to-sideline threat who offers upside in coverage and against the run, something the Cowboys would benefit greatly from.

    92) Kansas City Chiefs: Andrew Vorhees, G, USC

    A versatile offensive lineman with experience at LG, RG, and LT, Andrew Vorhees can provide valuable depth for the Chiefs’ offensive line. He’s a wide, nasty blocker, with excellent play strength, who has the footwork to be impactful in the phone booth.

    93) Minnesota Vikings: Mike Morris, DL, Michigan

    At 6’6″ and 292 pounds, Michigan’s Mike Morris is a BIG presence off the edge. His sheer size and strength make him a versatile defensive lineman, who is equally comfortable lining up on the interior of the front. Wherever Minnesota aligns him, Morris has the burst and length to be a force for evil.

    94) Buffalo Bills: Myles Brooks, CB, Louisiana Tech

    One year in the FBS was enough for Myles Brooks to show the NFL world what he was about. A 6’2″, nearly 200-pound CB, who competes at the catch point with impressive length and ball skills. He could be a starter opposite Tre’Davious White early in his NFL career.

    95) Philadelphia Eagles: Trey Palmer, WR, Nebraska

    The Eagles give Hurts a field-stretching weapon in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft in the form of ascending Nebraska WR Trey Palmer. A speedy weapon who can take the top off a defense, Palmer also showcases some route-running nuance and offers a pass-catching option either aligned from the slot or to the boundary.

    96) Cleveland Browns: Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma

    The Browns WR room has its share of bigger wide receivers. At 5’11” and 184 pounds, Marvin Mims certainly isn’t that. Instead, he offers a speed threat who can leave his coverage trailing in his wake, while possessing catch-point acrobatic ability that few can rival.

    97) San Francisco 49ers: Brandon Joseph, S, Notre Dame

    With Talanoa Hufanga providing the forceful, physical element, the 49ers select Brandon Jospeh to tandem off him in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. The Notre Dame safety has the intelligence to read the game at a high level, allowing him to be in position to produce.

    98) San Francisco 49ers: Byron Young, DT, Alabama

    Byron Young is not just another Alabama defensive lineman. He boasts an elite run-stopping profile at 6’3″ and 292 pounds, predicated on explosion and sheer strength. Young has the potential to elevate his draft stock even higher at the 2023 Senior Bowl.

    99) New York Giants: DeMarvion Overshown, LB, Texas

    Finishing off the third round in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft, the Giants select DeMarvion Overshown to provide LB competition. A former safety, Overshown is an impressive coverage linebacker with elite sideline-to-sideline speed, who is just some technical refinement away from elevating his draft stock beyond this range.

    Round 4

    100) Houston Texans
    Tyler Davis, DT, Clemson

    101) Chicago Bears
    Zach Harrison, EDGE, Ohio State

    102) New England Patriots
    Isaiah Land, EDGE, Florida A&M

    103) Denver Broncos
    Jaquelin Roy, DT, LSU

    104) New Orleans Saints
    Keeanu Benton, DT, Wisconsin

    105) Carolina Panthers
    Layden Robinson, G, Texas A&M

    106) Jacksonville Jaguars
    Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson, CB, TCU

    107) Arizona Cardinals
    Sean Tucker, RB, Syracuse

    108) Indianapolis Colts
    Isaiah McGuire, EDGE, Missouri

    109) Green Bay Packers
    Sam LaPorta, TE, Iowa

    110) Atlanta Falcons
    Devon Achane, RB, Texas A&M

    111) Minnesota Vikings
    Cory Trice, CB, Purdue

    112) Las Vegas Raiders
    Dorian Williams, LB, Tulane

    113) Cleveland Browns
    Jammie Robinson, S, Florida State

    114) Pittsburgh Steelers
    Jonathan Mingo, WR, Ole Miss

    115) New England Patriots
    Andrei Iosivas, WR, Princeton

    116) Los Angeles Chargers
    Tucker Kraft, TE, South Dakota State

    117) Washington Commanders
    Jarrett Patterson, OL, Notre Dame

    118) Jacksonville Jaguars
    Christopher Smith, S, Georgia

    119) Seattle Seahawks
    Xavier Hutchinson, WR, Iowa State

    120) Atlanta Falcons
    Warren McClendon, OT, Georgia

    121) New York Jets
    Colby Wooden, DT, Auburn

    122) New York Giants
    Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA

    123) Kansas City Chiefs
    Kyu Blu Kelly, CB, Stanford

    124) Carolina Panthers
    Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa

    125) Baltimore Ravens
    Dontayvion Wicks, WR, Virginia

    126) Cincinnati Bengals
    Derick Hall, EDGE, Auburn

    127) Dallas Cowboys
    Luke Schoonmaker, TE, Michigan

    128) Kansas City Chiefs
    Zach Evans, RB, Ole Miss

    129) Cleveland Browns
    SirVocea Dennis, LB, Pittsburgh

    130) Buffalo Bills
    Israel Abanikanda, RB, Pittsburgh

    131) Chicago Bears
    Tyrique Stevenson, CB, Miami (FL)

    Round 5

    132) Houston Texans
    Jordan McFadden, OT, Clemson

    133) Chicago Bears
    Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington State

    134) Denver Broncos
    Mohamoud Diabate, LB, Utah

    135) Cleveland Browns
    Jaxson Kirkland, OT, Washington

    136) New Orleans Saints
    Bryce Ford-Wheaton, WR, West Virginia

    137) Jacksonville Jaguars
    Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State

    138) Buffalo Bills
    Lukas Van Ness, EDGE, Iowa

    139) Carolina Panthers
    Omari Thomas, DT, Tennessee

    140) Indianapolis Colts
    Nathaniel “Tank” Dell, WR, Houston

    141) Las Vegas Raiders
    Jayden Reed, WR, Michigan State

    142) Green Bay Packers
    Parker Washington, WR, Penn State

    143) Las Vegas Raiders
    Kris Abrams-Draine, CB, Missouri

    144) Cleveland Browns
    Clark Barrington, G, BYU

    145) Seattle Seahawks
    Julius Brents, CB, Kansas State

    146) Detroit Lions
    Will McDonald IV, EDGE, Iowa State

    147) Los Angeles Chargers
    Adetomiwa Adebawore, EDGE, Northwestern

    148) Baltimore Ravens
    Kei’Trel Clark, CB, Louisville

    149) Washington Commanders
    DJ Johnson, EDGE, Oregon

    150) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    DJ Turner, CB, Michigan

    151) Tennessee Titans
    Alex Forsyth, C, Oregon

    152) New York Jets
    Viliami Fehoko, EDGE, San Jose State

    153) Seattle Seahawks
    Tavion Thomas, RB, Utah

    154) New York Giants
    Ricky Stromberg, C, Arkansas

    155) San Francisco 49ers
    Darrell Luter Jr., CB, South Alabama

    156) Chicago Bears
    Keondre Coburn, DT, Texas

    157) Cincinnati Bengals
    McClendon Curtis, G, Chattanooga

    158) San Francisco 49ers
    D’Anthony Jones, EDGE, Houston

    159) Dallas Cowboys
    Ronnie Hickman, S, Ohio State

    160) Kansas City Chiefs
    Mazi Smith, DT, Michigan

    161) Minnesota Vikings
    Jalen Graham, LB, Purdue

    162) Buffalo Bills
    Rakim Jarrett, WR, Maryland

    163) New Orleans Saints
    Deuce Vaughn, RB, Kansas State

    Round 6

    164) Houston Texans
    Nehemiah Pritchett, CB, Auburn

    165) Miami Dolphins
    Zion Tupuola-Fetui, EDGE, Washington

    166) Los Angeles Rams
    Jalen Moreno-Cropper, WR, Fresno State

    167) Detroit Lions
    Kenny Logan Jr., S, Kansas

    168) Houston Texans
    Shaquan Davis, WR, South Carolina State

    169) Arizona Cardinals
    Jerome Carvin, G, Tennessee

    170) New England Patriots
    Payne Durham, TE, Purdue

    171) Atlanta Falcons
    Mitchell Tinsley, WR, Penn State

    172) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Charlie Jones, WR, Purdue

    173) Los Angeles Rams
    Jackson Mitchell, LB, UConn

    174) Tennessee Titans
    Steven Gilmore, CB, Marshall

    175) Cleveland Browns
    Jakorian Bennett, CB, Maryland

    176) Denver Broncos
    Zakhari Franklin, WR, UTSA

    177) Detroit Lions
    Mark Evans II, OT, Arkansas Pine-Bluff

    178) New England Patriots
    Devonnsha Maxwell, DT, Chattanooga

    179) New England Patriots
    Aidan O’Connell, QB, Purdue

    180) Los Angeles Chargers
    Charlie Thomas, LB, Georgia Tech

    181) Washington Commanders
    Jake Haener, QB, Fresno State

    182) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Tyler Nubin, S, Minnesota

    183) Jacksonville Jaguars
    Ali Gaye, EDGE, LSU

    184) Seattle Seahawks
    Jay Ward, S, LSU

    185) Los Angeles Rams
    Jaxon Player, DT, Baylor

    186) Houston Texans
    Brenton Cox Jr., EDGE, Florida

    187) Kansas City Chiefs
    Marques Cox, OT, Northern Illinois

    188) Cincinnati Bengals
    Sataoa Laumea, G, Utah

    189) Houston Texans
    Chase Brown, RB, Illinois

    190) Baltimore Ravens
    Malachi Moore, S, Alabama

    191) Las Vegas Raiders
    Nick Saldiveri, OT, Old Dominion

    192) New York Giants
    Caleb Murphy, EDGE, Ferris State

    193) Houston Texans
    Nick Broeker, G, Ole Miss

    Round 7

    194) Indianapolis Colts
    Matthew Jones, G, Ohio State

    195) Jacksonville Jaguars
    Isaiah Davis, RB, South Dakota State

    196) Philadelphia Eagles
    Aubrey Miller Jr., LB, Jackson State

    197) Chicago Bears
    Jadakis Bonds, WR Hampton

    198) San Francisco 49ers
    Jacky Chen, OT, Pace

    199) Green Bay Packers
    Nesta Jade Silvera, DT, Arizona State

    200) New Orleans Saints
    Steele Chambers, LB, Ohio State

    201) Carolina Panthers
    Lance Boykin, CB, Coastal Carolina

    202) Green Bay Packers
    Loic Ngassam Nya, G, Wake Forest

    203) Las Vegas Raiders
    Tyson Bagent, QB, Shepherd

    204) Indianapolis Colts
    Al Walcott, S, Baylor

    205) Kansas State Chiefs
    Xavier Gipson, WR, Stephen F. Austin

    206) Green Bay Packers
    Sam Hartman, QB, Wake Forest

    207) Pittsburgh Steelers
    Durrell Johnson, EDGE, Liberty

    208) Los Angeles Rams
    Jeremy Lucien, CB, Vanderbilt

    209) Atlanta Falcons
    Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

    210) Cleveland Browns
    Grayson McCall, QB, Coastal Carolina

    211) Los Angeles Chargers
    Brandon Barnes-Brown, CB, Fayetteville State

    212) Las Vegas Raiders
    Ty James, WR, Mercer

    213) Washington Commanders
    Cam Jones, LB, Indiana

    214) Indianapolis Colts
    Harrison Mevis, K, Missouri

    215) Houston Texans
    Dom Peterson, DT, Nevada

    216) Tennessee Titans
    Dallas Daniels, WR, Jackson State

    217) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Hunter Luepke, FB, North Dakota State

    218) New York Giants
    Jaiden Woodbey, S, Boston College

    219) Miami Dolphins
    Adam Korsak, P, Rutgers

    220) San Francisco 49ers
    Andre Szmyt, K, Syracuse

    221) New York Giants
    Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama

    222) Cincinnati Bengals
    Tory Taylor, P, Iowa

    223) Dallas Cowboys
    Bryce Baringer, P, Michigan State

    224) Kansas City Chiefs
    Jake Moody, K, Michigan

    225) Pittsburgh Steelers
    Joe Tippmann, C, Wisconsin

    226) Carolina Panthers
    Jacob Cowing, WR, Arizona

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