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What Is A Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer?

A fantasy trade analyzer allows the user to examine whether a potential trade in a fantasy football league may be to their benefit or not. Judging the value of fantasy assets is always tough and somewhat user-dependent. By utilizing a fantasy trade analyzer, you can see how those players are valued by our experts when it comes to different league formats.

Whether that be a dynasty or redraft league, 1QB, or a Superflex format, the trade analyzer will calculate the merits of the trade across three standard scoring formats and tell you whether we would recommend making that deal or not.

Our fantasy experts, led by Kyle Yates, have over 35 years of fantasy experience. We regularly review our redraft and dynasty rankings to ensure they are up to date with the latest news and context from around the NFL.

How To Use PFN's Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer

Our fantasy trade analyzer is extremely simple to navigate for managers. Simply select whether you are playing in a redraft or dynasty league, your scoring system, and whether the league is a 1QB or Superflex format. The user inputs players on both sides of the potential trade before pressing the “Analyze Trade” button. The system will then convert each side of the trade into a relative value and recommend whether the user should or should not make the trade.

If you are playing in a dynasty league, our trade analyzer also allows users to see how future draft picks are valued compared to current assets. To include future draft picks, simply select "+Add Future Draft Pick" and find the relevant pick from the drop-down menu.

What Is the Difference Between Dynasty and Redraft Leagues?

In a dynasty league, users carry their roster across multiple seasons, making adjustments throughout, and supplementing the players with yearly rookie drafts. It’s feasible in a dynasty league to have a player on your roster from their first snap in the league through until they retire. That makes this the ultimate strategy game of balancing short-term and long-term value for players.

In contrast, redraft leagues are all about the current season. Each season, every fantasy manager drafts a new roster for that year. At the end of the season, all the players go back into the draft pool to be drafted all over again the following year. Managers can make changes to their roster throughout the season, but regardless of how good or how bad the team is, the next year brings a brand new look to that roster.

How Are the Dynasty Trade Calculator’s Rankings Decided?

The dynasty trade calculator values are determined using a consensus ranking from our panel of experts at PFN. Each analyst ranks all of the players individually, and then we take an average. From there, each player is given a value based on where they fall in the consensus ranking. The further down the rankings you go, the closer together the trade values become.

For dynasty leagues, fantasy managers can also see how rookie picks in the upcoming draft are valued in comparison to current players. The value of these picks is set based on how our experts value the incoming rookie classes in their overall dynasty picture.

Once the rookies are added to the player pool, the value of each pick is determined based on the trade value of the equivalent rookie. For example, if Marvin Harrison Jr. carries a trade value of 90 as the top rookie in the 2024 NFL Draft class, that will also be the value of the No. 1 overall pick.

PFN’s Updated Players To Watch for Dynasty

A.J. Brown, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

Critics can point to some peaks and valleys all they want, but a career-high 106 catches last season speaks for itself.

Brown has consecutive seasons with north of 1,400 receiving yards (he never reached 1,100 during three seasons with the Titans) and has established himself as the alpha target earner in one of the game's best offenses.

His size (6'1", 226 pounds) and youth (age 27 season) give us reason to suspect he can continue to produce at a WR1 level for years to come and that his touchdown equity is here to stay.

Breece Hall, RB, New York Jets

On an offense that struggled to move the ball, Hall finished his sophomore campaign with nearly 1,600 yards and nine scores. If that is the floor, he is the exception to the "avoid running backs early" mantra in dynasty.

I expect his touch total to decline a bit (299 last season), but with Aaron Rodgers under center, the value of each touch projects to improve and should more than offset the dip in volume.

It might look a little different, but I'm expecting a similar year-end stat line that he posted last season, not only for 2024 but for the foreseeable future.

Which Rookies Should You Target In Dynasty?

Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Arizona Cardinals

Another top rookie prospect settled into an ideal landing spot when the Arizona Cardinals selected Ohio State WR Marvin Harrison Jr. with the No. 4 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Harrison falls into a great situation where he immediately steps into a receiver room in which he's likely to see north of 130 targets in his rookie season and has competent QB play with Kyler Murray under center.

Harrison's rare blend of size, speed, exceptional route-running nuance, and body control are some of the common traits that you see from the elite pass catchers that have entered the NFL recently.

If you want to draft Harrison at 1.01 in Superflex, you won't hear a very big argument from me. But, ultimately, the positional value and extended shelf life of a top QB prospect slightly outshines even the best of receiver prospects.

Troy Benson, RB, Florida State

The top running back on my board heading into the draft process fell into the laps of the Arizona Cardinals in the third round. Trey Benson could see plenty of run in 2024 and projects favorably as the RB of the future behind veteran James Conner.

Benson is a big play waiting to happen and can contribute on all three downs. Conner is a solid player who may cap his immediate fantasy ceiling, but Benson could slide into a full-time role in the very near future in an offense that has very quickly been reinfused with young talent.