Connor Galvin, OT, Baylor | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Baylor OT Connor Galvin is the reigning Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year, but does his scouting report indicate 2023 NFL Draft success?

After being named the Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year in 2021, Baylor OT Connor Galvin is a hot name early in the 2023 NFL Draft cycle. Does his scouting report indicate that Galvin has the requisite traits to transition from imposing college football offensive tackle to NFL anchorman next April?

Connor Galvin NFL draft profile

An impactful offensive lineman for Katy High School, Galvin registered 63 knockdown blocks as a senior, helping lead the team to a state semifinal. He was a four-star OT prospect in the 2018 class, viewed as a top-50 player in the state of Texas according to 247 Sports. Attracting offers from over 15 programs across the nation that included Florida and Boston College, Galvin opted for Baylor amongst a number of other in-state offers.

After making 13 appearances as a true freshman that included six starts at left tackle, Galvin has gone on to make 37 starts on the Baylor offensive line. However, he did miss four games during the 2019 season due to a knee injury.

In his best season to date, Galvin helped lead Baylor to a Big 12 title in 2021. Anchoring an offensive line that paved the way for one of the best run games in the nation, the Baylor OT was named an All-American by multiple outlets. Furthermore, he earned first-team All-Big 12 honors while being named the conference’s Offensive Lineman of the Year.

  • Position: Offensive tackle
  • School: Baylor
  • Current Year: Fifth-year senior
  • Height/Weight: 6’7″, 310 pounds

Connor Galvin scouting report

Galvin has attracted early attention in the 2023 NFL Draft class, and it’s easy to see why. The strengths of his scouting report should ensure that the Baylor OT has plenty of suitors come April. Additionally, he’s extremely experienced, which adds value to his profile. However, it’s wise to temper expectations as there are some clear areas for improvement. Let’s begin Galvin’s scouting report by looking at what he brings to this class.

Galvin’s strengths

At 6’7″ and 310 pounds, Galvin has good size for the tackle position in the NFL. While his length isn’t elite like some of his OT contemporaries, it is more than sufficient to be classed as a strength. There aren’t many examples on film where he isn’t able to keep his opponent from getting into his chest. In fact, there are plenty of good examples of him being able to lock out his arms to manipulate his opponent.

While his length might not be elite, Galvin’s handwork shows signs of elite potential. He frequently lands his punches in pass protection with excellent placement and timing. Furthermore, he’s showcased flashes of being able to use independent hands rather than relying solely on two-hand punches. The Baylor OT demonstrates quick hands that can reset and redirect almost effortlessly.

Complimenting Galvin’s impressive handwork is a level of finesse in his footwork. The Baylor OT showcases smooth and fluid footwork, aided by decent lateral agility. He hits his markers in pass protection and always seems in control of his feet. As a result, you rarely see him cross over his feet or have balance issues related to his footwork. While he doesn’t always anchor on first contact, he’s showcased that once he’s set his feet, he possesses a decent anchor.

The lateral agility mentioned above is part of an impressive athletic profile for his size. Galvin is routinely quick off the snap, never getting beat for a lack of explosion. I wouldn’t describe him as possessing elite speed, but the Baylor OT gets out to the second level impressively quickly in the run game. He can change direction well for his size, with fluidity in his hips and a decent amount of lean capacity.

Meanwhile, his ability to recover and reposition himself if beaten early in a rep is a testament to his athletic capability. There were examples in the games studied (Iowa State 2021, TCU 2021, Texas 2021) where it would appear that Galvin had been beaten. However, he’d find a way to get back in position between the pass rusher and quarterback to provide a timely intervention.

While describing him as a “mauler” in the ground game might be a stretch, Galvin showcases some promise here. There are some examples of him driving his opponent into the ground to extend runs. Meanwhile, he uses a combination of blocks to help carve open running lanes.

Galvin’s areas of improvement

Although there are alluring elements to Galvin’s scouting report, there are some issues with the Baylor OT’s game. As a result, these could limit his ascension to the upper echelon of the 2023 NFL Draft class. Some are remediable by coaching, and he’s at a great program to facilitate those developments. However, others, sadly, are not.

One of the first things you notice when watching the Baylor offensive line is Galvin. At 6’7″, he’s easily distinguishable. His height poses significant issues from several perspectives. He struggles to maintain a low stance, failing to sink his backside. As a result, he plays with a high pad level that isn’t conducive to regularly winning in the trenches.

Another height-related issue is that Galvin bends at the waist rather than the knees. As a result, he is occasionally forced to reach and lunge when attempting to make contact. While he doesn’t frequently find the floor because of it, there are examples where he is taken to the ground. Moreover, his effectiveness in both the run game and pass protection can suffer.

Galvin isn’t the most powerful offensive line prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft class. Yes, there are some examples of him swatting away a pass rusher or driving a LB/DB into the dirt in the ground game. However, you’d like to see some additional strength in this final season for Baylor. He wins more with finessed handwork and footwork at present.

Current draft projection for Baylor OT Connor Galvin

At present, Gavin projects as an early Day 2 prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft. His refined handwork in pass protection and his excellent footwork and decent overall athleticism should prove alluring for an NFL team looking to add reliable and experienced tackle depth who can eventually become a starter in the NFL down the line.


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