Cummings’ 2023 NFL Mock Draft: What if Anthony Richardson, Tyler Van Dyke go back to school?

Anthony Richardson and Tyler Van Dyke have both been projected as high picks in 2023 NFL Mock Drafts at various points, but what if they go back to school?

Cummings’ 2023 NFL Mock Draft: What if Anthony Richardson, Tyler Van Dyke go back to school?

We tend to think that the college football season will give us answers for these 2023 NFL Mock Drafts. And in some cases, it has provided some clarity. But for the vast majority, the early weeks of the 2022 season have only churned up more questions. In a way, it’s a freeing development. It allows us to explore more and more potential outcomes in the NFL draft. That’s what we’ll do today.

2023 NFL Mock Draft | Round 1

1) Houston Texans: C.J. Stroud, QB, Ohio State

Until Davis Mills proves he’s the guy — or rather, stops proving he isn’t the guy — the Houston Texans should be projected a quarterback in 2023 NFL Mock Drafts.

There’s still time for Mills to right the ship and show growth after a lopsided start to the latest campaign. But some things, like his lack of pocket poise and eye discipline, may prevent him from realizing his full potential.

You never want to stall out with mediocrity at QB. If you’re in position to get a better option, and a better option is out there, you take it. The Texans have that opportunity here with C.J. Stroud.

Stroud was my QB1 in the preseason, and he’s only solidified his place there. He has the necessary arm talent and athleticism. But he’s also very poised, accurate, and an extremely advanced processor who actively anticipates and manipulates defenders. He’s a franchise quarterback.

2) Seattle Seahawks: Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

Geno Smith has been good for the Seattle Seahawks. Let’s not gloss over that. But he’s been good within his role and relative to the expectations that were placed upon him.

Smith hasn’t flamed out, and he’s been very efficient under center for Pete Carroll’s squad. But at the same time, you can tell the ceiling is lower with Smith. He’s an excellent backup and spot-starter to have, but a long-term answer still eludes the Seahawks.

Luckily, the Seahawks may be in position to add that long-term answer in the 2023 NFL Draft. Bryce Young may fall on some boards due to his size. He’s 6’0″ — if that — and under 200 pounds.

Even so, however, he hasn’t suffered an injury in college, and he consistently fights through adversity to bring his Crimson Tide to victory. With elite athleticism, improvisational ability, and poise under pressure, Young is a true creator, at a position where creation is everything.

3) Atlanta Falcons: Will Anderson Jr., EDGE, Alabama

There’s a realistic scenario where quarterbacks go 1-2-3 here. Marcus Mariota has, predictably, been uninspiring for Atlanta. And as much as we need to see Desmond Ridder get his shot, he wasn’t quite the caliber of prospect that would preclude a team from taking a worthy talent at third overall.

Nevertheless, I digress. We do still need to see what Ridder can do. And after two QB selections, Atlanta has a prime window to go BPA.

The best player available remains Will Anderson Jr., just as it was before the 2022 campaign. Anderson is a tremendous fit in Atlanta’s scheme with his stand-up ability opposite Arnold Ebiketie, and he remains a menace in both phases with his mix of traits.

He’s explosive, exceedingly agile, unnaturally strong for his weight, and has a motor that runs as hot as a blue hyper-giant.

4) New York Jets: Paris Johnson Jr., OT, Ohio State

In the Jets’ defense, it’s hard to imagine they expected to get to this point. Ideally, New York would have ridden out the 2022 season with Mekhi Becton and George Fant as their starting tackles.

Then, when Becton went down, they would’ve at least had veteran Duane Brown to lean on. Instead, all three are on injured reserve, and New York is somewhat in limbo at the tackle position. It’s not a great spot to be in, especially with Zach Wilson at risk.

Becton has talent, but he’s by no means assured security. And banking on things getting better in 2023 could instead lead the Jets to critical failure on the line. It’s very much worthwhile for the Jets to consider investing once again in high-level tackle talent in the 2023 NFL Draft.

If they choose to do so, they could add a franchise LT in Paris Johnson Jr. at fourth overall. Johnson is an elite athlete with power, strength, and wicked hand speed, and can demolish defenders alongside Alijah Vera-Tucker.

5) Chicago Bears: Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Situations make themselves in the NFL. That’s where we’re at with Justin Fields. I was a fan of Fields coming out, and the talent still remains visible. But a few games into his second year, he still has issues at times with processing.

His environment in Chicago is doing nothing to help him. The lack of talent on the offensive line and in the receiving corps has led to predictable ineffectiveness. And with a new regime in charge, we’ve seen this story before.

It isn’t all Fields’ fault, and he’ll get more time to recover. But odds are, if his situation keeps preventing him from taking the necessary steps, he’ll get a change of scenery.

Does Will Levis have processing issues in his own right as a prospect? Yes. Is Levis only a few months younger than Fields? Also yes. But Levis isn’t damaged yet. Fields might be. And even with his flaws, Levis has elite arm talent, steely toughness, and exceptional athleticism at 6’4″, 230 pounds. The tools are worth banking on.

6) Pittsburgh Steelers: Bryan Bresee, DT, Clemson

The Steelers added to their interior rushing group by selecting DeMarvin Leal on Day 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft. But a few weeks into the 2022 season, that interior group has underwhelmed.

Leal will get time to develop, and a change at nose tackle could help reinvigorate the front. But perhaps Pittsburgh needs another first-round talent to pair with Cameron Heyward and improve the depth of the rotation as a whole.

He’s not as well-leveraged as Jalen Carter, but Bryan Bresee has the high-end athletic tools to eventually be considered as the top DT in the 2023 NFL Draft. Leverage acquisition remains a point of emphasis for him, but Bresee challenges Carter for being the most explosive and most agile interior rusher in the class.

Bresee’s ankle flexion, at his size, is uncanny. It allows him to splice around blocks and finish plays in pursuit, in ways that simply don’t compute.

7) Carolina Panthers: Myles Murphy, EDGE, Clemson

Anthony Richardson can play himself back into this territory with a few good weeks. But right now, even with his strong showing against Tennessee, it’s hard to bank on him declaring in 2023.

It’s still very much a possibility that he does declare, but it’s not a certainty, and a team like Carolina has to prepare for a scenario where a worthy QB isn’t on the board at seventh overall.

The Panthers could easily go with Carter here. But another very enticing option is Clemson edge rusher Myles Murphy. Opposite Brian Burns, who himself isn’t an overly imposing force in run defense, the Panthers need a more distinct edge presence.

At 6’5″, 275 pounds, Murphy is exactly that. He’s a wrecking ball with his explosiveness and power, and he has a degree of alignment versatility.

8) New York Giants: Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia

Quarterback is a common pick for the Giants in 2023 NFL Mock Drafts. But New York’s 2-1 start under Brian Daboll has thrown a potential wrench in the works. As of now, the Giants are projected to potentially play themselves out of position for a top-three QB.

What happens then? Daniel Jones hasn’t exactly impressed in 2022, but there also might not be a prime opportunity to pivot away from him in 2023 if the Giants win enough games.

For that reason, I decided to go the route of BPA in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. There’s an absolutely stellar value on the board in Georgia DT Jalen Carter. At 6’3″, 300 pounds, Carter is well-leveraged and very strong.

With his explosiveness and play strength, he can pry through gaps and implode offenses at will. A trio of Carter, Dexter Lawrence, and Leonard Williams up front could be devastating.

9) New England Patriots: Noah Sewell, LB, Oregon

The New England Patriots’ defense has always been respectable under Bill Belichick. But lately, there’s a sense that the unit could improve from a personnel standpoint at multiple levels.

There are playmakers present in Matthew Judon and Kyle Dugger, but the unit isn’t complete and hasn’t been for at least a couple years. Linebacker is one particular area of interest, and here, the Patriots can take their pick of the best ones.

Noah Sewell and Trenton Simpson are both on the board. But given his history with a similarly-built player in Dont’a Hightower, Belichick may gravitate to Sewell and what he provides.

Sewell brings rare size to the second level at 6’3″, 250 pounds, but he wears that weight incredibly well and flashes impressive range to go along with his size. He’s explosive and physical in the box, and can be a suffocating presence for opposing rushing attacks.

10) Washington Commanders: Tyree Wilson, DL, Texas Tech

There’s talk that the Washington Commanders have become predictable on defense. And after a start to the season in which both the Lions and Eagles barreled over Ron Rivera’s unit, it’s hard to argue.

Rushing four linemen is great if you can get pressure with four. But right now, the Commanders can’t consistently do that. It might be time to become more flexible with their personnel and alignments up front. Tyree Wilson is a talent who helps with that.

Wilson is a massive 6’6″, 275-pound edge rusher with arms near 36″ long. With his combined frame density and elite length, he’s a rare player with the amount of power he generates.

Beyond that, he’s explosive, strong-handed, alignment-versatile, and has flashed enough flexibility to work through the apex. A rotation with Montez Sweat, Chase Young, and Wilson, with Jonathan Allen wreaking havoc inside, could be tough to stop.

11) Detroit Lions: Trenton Simpson, LB, Clemson

One very important quality that the Lions’ coaching staff has shown is flexibility with their young talent. Aidan Hutchinson has taken reps both inside and outside.

Jeff Okudah has traveled with receivers both on the boundary and in the slot. Aaron Glenn knows how to use prospects who offer versatility. And that’s why Trenton Simpson‘s fit is so exciting here.

Simpson can play weak-side linebacker alongside Malcolm Rodriguez, but he can also rotate into the slot, play farther back in space, or rush off the edge. He’s the absolute wild card who can complete Detroit’s defensive cast.

12) Tennessee Titans: Olumuyiwa Fashanu, OT, Penn State

It’s a legitimate possibility that Taylor Lewan has played his final snap with the Tennessee Titans. It goes without saying that finding a successor at left tackle should be the Titans’ top priority in 2023.

Olumuyiwa Fashanu has emerged as an excellent value addition at this spot. Some are still catching up to his tape, but soon, he’ll be a common inclusion in first-round mocks.

He has true high-level starter traits with his athleticism, foot speed, balance, and strength. Already, he’s a very composed, technically-sound blocker, with patient hands and smooth footwork.

13) Las Vegas Raiders: Brian Branch, DB, Alabama

The Raiders have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball still, but the secondary is a particular area of concern. Rock Ya-Sin and Nate Hobbs are young enough to keep on the boundaries, but at safety and in the slot, Las Vegas has space to keep shoring up the unit.

Brian Branch profiles as an excellent addition in the nickel role. He’s an explosive, high-energy athlete who brings comparable energy as a competitor. He’s exceedingly physical in run support, but also has vital playmaking ability in coverage.

14) Philadelphia Eagles: Isaiah Foskey, EDGE, Notre Dame

Brandon Graham is set to be a free agent in 2023. With the way he’s playing, Philadelphia could reasonably extend him. But he’s also 34 years old and isn’t getting younger. Regardless of whether he stays or goes, the Eagles should add an early-round EDGE to their rotation.

If Isaiah Foskey is on the board here, he’s very tough to pass up. Foskey has elite explosiveness off the snap and also has a red-hot motor in pursuit. And with his active hand usage, he’ll be able to provide an impact right away.

15) Arizona Cardinals: Kelee Ringo, CB, Georgia

There’s something aesthetically pleasing about a player named Kelee Ringo playing in the Wild West, just a couple hundred feet from the nearest cactus. But even more aesthetically pleasing is the way Ringo plays the cornerback position and the way he moves on the field.

Ringo is 6’2″ and well over 200 pounds, with a rocked-up frame and visible play strength. But he’s also an incredibly fluid athlete with effortless throttle control, hip sink, and deep speed. Ringo is still developing the finer points at the position, but his CB1 traits are well worth the investment.

16) Jacksonville Jaguars: Jordan Addison, WR, USC

It’s surprising, but we’ve reached the point where it’s hard to make selections for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Their team is surprisingly well-rounded and has found new life under head coach Doug Pederson.

Christian Kirk is living up to his contract value, and Zay Jones is a quality complementary threat alongside him. An addition like Jordan Addison would truly complete this WR corps and make it as dangerous as it can be. Addison is a threat both in the short and deep ranges, and the clashing presence of him and Kirk could place defenses in a constant state of tug of war.

17) Houston Texans (from CLE): Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR, Ohio State

Sometimes, we underestimate the impact that chemistry, or a lack thereof, can have on quarterback play — especially young QB play. Quarterbacks can obviously establish chemistry with receivers over time, but for rookies, in particular, having a weapon with pre-existing chemistry can be of great value when they’re acclimating to the NFL and the elevated pace.

Timing is everything in the passing game, and that’s one element that Stroud has locked down with Jaxon Smith-Njigba. A reliable slot weapon, Smith-Njigba can produce right out of the gate with Stroud as his QB.

18) Cincinnati Bengals: Michael Mayer, TE, Notre Dame

I like the idea of what adding Michael Mayer can do for the Bengals’ offense. Everyone knows how effective Mayer is as a receiving threat. He’s a solid separator with claws for hands and outstanding catching instincts. But he’s also a strong blocker and can take reps from in-line, in the slot, and elsewhere.

Mayer gives the Bengals a high-quality receiving threat at tight end. He also allows them to have more formation flexibility, mixing in more heavy sets to manipulate defenses into giving favorable passing looks.

19) Indianapolis Colts: Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia

Once a team with optimism heading into 2022, things have quickly deteriorated for the Indianapolis Colts, and a lot of that derives from poor offensive line play. It doesn’t help that Matt Ryan is visibly past his prime, but the Colts will need to strengthen their line regardless of who’s under center.

Picking the best available lineman might be the way to go in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Right now, that’s Broderick Jones. At 6’4″, 315, with length, power, physicality, and explosive athleticism, Jones has the talent and disposition to give Indianapolis a facelift on the left side.

20) Dallas Cowboys: Rashee Rice, WR, SMU

It’s poetic — one of the biggest stars in Dallas joining the Dallas Cowboys. But we promise we’re not just doing this for the style points. Rashee Rice is the first-round candidate that few are talking about as such. He has the talent to earn a spot in that conversation, and it’s especially true with the lack of production at the top of the WR class.

At 6’2″, 203 pounds, with arms over 33″, Rice has great size. He’s also explosive, twitchy, and energetic as an athlete. His best trait, however, is his absolute alpha ability at the catch point. He’s one of the most instinctive playmakers in the 2023 NFL Draft.

21) Minnesota Vikings: Jared Verse, EDGE, Florida State

Few knew who Jared Verse was when he burst onto the scene with the Florida State Seminoles earlier this year. But the former Albany standout has now effusively announced his presence on the 2023 NFL Draft stage and could follow in Jermaine Johnson II’s footsteps as an eventual first-round talent.

Diagnostically, Verse has a lot of the necessary traits. He has good size and length at 6’4″, 248 pounds. He’s also explosive, bendy, and can win with active hand usage around the apex.

22) Seattle Seahawks (from DEN): Siaki Ika, DT, Baylor

There’s a lack of clarity regarding the value of nose tackles in the modern NFL. Some say their mold is becoming outdated. But then you see Jordan Davis go as high as he does, and you see the positional flexibility having one less man on the defensive front can provide.

Two-gapping nose tackles with pass-rushing utility can be an unlocking force for modern defenses. That’s what Siaki Ika is. He still has room to be more consistent, but Ika’s strength in run defense, combined with his burst and powerful hands, puts him in that conversation.

23) Los Angeles Chargers: BJ Ojulari, EDGE, LSU

The Chargers will still have Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack in 2023. But both players are getting older, and as we’ve seen in the NFL, two good pass rushers is no longer enough on the edge. You need to have a strong rotation, and you always need to have young talent in the wings.

Selecting BJ Ojulari allows the Chargers to check that box in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. Ojulari is more of a finesse rusher at under 250 pounds, but his burst and flexibility can make life hard on opposing tackles.

24) Miami Dolphins (from SF): Bijan Robinson, RB, Texas

I’m sorry. I want to be original and mix things up, but every time Bijan Robinson falls to the Miami Dolphins, I can’t help myself. Mike McDaniel is a mad genius as a play-caller and play-designer, and Robinson is essentially a scientist with how he creates and dissolves angles at will as a runner.

He’s not the fastest or most explosive back, but Robinson has truly special short-area agility and instincts. Robinson’s also an excellent receiving threat with plus play strength at 6’0″, 220. His upside in Miami’s system is truly daunting.

25) Detroit Lions (from LAR): Kayshon Boutte, WR, LSU

There was a time when Kayshon Boutte was mocked as a top-10 selection in the 2023 NFL Draft class. A slow start to the 2022 season has cooled his projection a bit, but Boutte isn’t alone in his lack of production. And if we’re still scouting the talent and the traits, there’s no reason to remove him from the first-round conversation just yet.

Boutte’s mix of explosiveness, hip flexibility, and frame density grants him immense three-level upside. And alongside weapons like Amon-Ra St. Brown and Jameson Williams, he could be a true X-factor.

26) Baltimore Ravens: O’Cyrus Torrence, G, Florida

O’Cyrus Torrence made a name for himself as a 6’6″, 330-pound mauler at Louisiana. His high-level play helped him leverage an opportunity with the Florida Gators. And so far in 2022, he’s made the most of it.

Torrence’s strength and power are a tier above most of the opponents he faces, and he also has the athleticism to manage his lanes and make blocks in space. Shrine Bowl Director Eric Galko has referred to Torrence as a first-round talent and an NFL starter. The Ravens could use his displacement potential on the interior.

27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Cameron Ward, QB, Washington State

At this point, we can safely assume that Stroud, Young, and Levis will likely be the top three quarterbacks in the 2023 NFL Draft. Everyone’s wondering who will emerge after them. My money is on Washington State’s Cameron Ward.

Ward is trending up with the Cougars, and his physical talent is clearly evident. He’s a quick athlete for his size with good corrective mobility, but his elite arm elasticity is what’s truly alluring. Ward can throw from any angle with velocity, create for himself when pressured, and make plays off-platform. You bank on that talent when it comes around.

28) Green Bay Packers: Antonio Johnson, DB, Texas A&M

It feels like he’s falling under the radar, but Texas A&M’s Antonio Johnson remains a high-quality DB prospect in the 2023 NFL Draft. He plays most often as the big nickel for the Aggies, but it’s reasonable to project some versatility with his incredibly long, lean 6’3″, 200-pound frame.

Johnson’s explosiveness can be overwhelming in the box, and he’s also shown to play in space and transition with ease. For the Packers, he helps maintain a hyper-athletic secondary with composite lockdown potential.

29) Kansas City Chiefs: Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma

Orlando Brown’s contract was a topic of discussion earlier in the summer, but it’s fallen under the radar with the season underway. Brown is set to be a free agent in 2023 — further confounding a rough tackle situation for the Chiefs that also extends to the right side.

They’ll need to address the position once again in 2023, especially if Brown leaves. Anton Harrison, a product of Brown’s school, has the athleticism, power, quick hand replacement, and physical edge to warrant a selection at this point.

30) Philadelphia Eagles: Josh Downs, WR, North Carolina

When Josh Downs is essentially a luxury pick for your team, you know you’re in a good spot. The Eagles have a very strong receiving trio already, but Downs can take this unit to the next level.

The North Carolina product has elite explosiveness and cylindrical twitch. Not only is he a deep threat with his speed, but he can put defenders in a blender at stems with his foot speed, throttle control, and spatial awareness. At the catch point, Downs can extend beyond his frame and make plays in acrobatic fashion.

31) Buffalo Bills: Jahmyr Gibbs, RB, Alabama

We know running backs don’t matter. But with the way he’s played in 2022, it’s hard to argue the possibility that Jahmyr Gibbs is more than an RB.

He’s an elite creator in both the running and passing game, with the explosiveness, lateral agility, and improvisational instincts to extend plays whenever he has space.

Buffalo could absolutely use this kind of catalyst in their backfield. Pick your comp — Alvin Kamara, Jamaal Charles, etc. — but the point stands. He’s a versatile, game-changing talent.

2023 NFL Mock Draft | Round 2

32) Houston Texans: John Michael Schmitz, C, Minnesota

Justin Britt has been dealing with injuries and isn’t getting any younger. With a new franchise QB to protect, Houston should take charge and get their man at the center position.

John Michael Schmitz has some of the best tape in this class and profiles as a decade-plus starter with plus athleticism and dominating strength.

33) Seattle Seahawks: Justin Flowe, LB, Oregon

Finally healthy, Justin Flowe has used the early 2022 weeks to his advantage. He’s still growing in some facets, but the natural talent and fast-play pace make him difficult to ignore.

The 6’2″, 245-pound LB brings elite explosiveness and physicality, and has moments of brilliance in the box. He’d be dangerous alongside Jordyn Brooks.

34) Atlanta Falcons: Quentin Johnston, WR, TCU

Quentin Johnston hasn’t been productive this year and could wind up not declaring. But even without the production, the elite combination of size and explosiveness is still there.

At this point, he’s too good of a value to pass up. At 6’4″, 215 pounds, he joins an Atlanta offense that’s loaded with an unnatural, overwhelming amount of length and athleticism.

35) New York Jets: Gervon Dexter, DT, Florida

Gervon Dexter hasn’t quite taken the first-round leap some expected from him in 2022. Nevertheless, he has the tools to warrant early-round consideration in 2023 NFL Mock Drafts.

Particularly for the Jets, who need to expand their interior rotation, Dexter’s burst, length, and leverage acquisition can be a disruptive combination.

36) Chicago Bears: Peter Skoronski, OL, Northwestern

The Bears should’ve made a larger point to improve the offensive line in 2022. But regardless of whether Fields or someone else plays at QB in 2023, it remains a top priority moving forward.

Peter Skoronski is an excellent value at this point. He has the balance, athleticism, and core strength to play tackle, but he also translates very well inside.

37) Pittsburgh Steelers: Henry To’oTo’o, LB, Alabama

Things have been up and down for Pittsburgh’s linebacker duo of Devin Bush and Myles Jack this year. The talent is clearly there, but Pittsburgh may need to search for an LB who can improve the position group’s overall instincts.

Henry To’oTo’o fits the bill in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft. He flows across the second level and has great physicality at contact.

38) Carolina Panthers: LaDarius Henderson, G, Arizona State

The 2022 offseason was a step in the right direction for Carolina on the offensive line, but there’s still room to improve the unit, especially at left guard.

LaDarius Henderson gives the Panthers the high-upside talent they need to take the next step. He’s long, explosive, and incredibly powerful, and has had more than eye-opening reps in 2022.

39) New York Giants: Emmanuel Forbes, CB, Mississippi State

Few 2023 NFL Draft cornerbacks have been more productive across their careers than Emmanuel Forbes. Forbes still needs to add weight to his frame, but at a position where natural talent is so valuable, he has it in spades. He’s energetic and fleet-footed, but also explosive closing on the ball, and his high-level playmaking instincts stand out.

40) New England Patriots: Joey Porter Jr., CB, Penn State

Through four games, no cornerback has more pass deflections than Penn State’s Joey Porter Jr., who has nine. Even without counting his six-deflection outing against Purdue, Porter has been dominant at the catch point. His combination of fluidity and length is hard to match, and it’s something the Patriots have been seeking at CB for a long time.

41) Washington Commanders: Cam Smith, CB, South Carolina

Kendall Fuller and William Jackson III are simply not living up to their contract values. And at a position like CB, complacency isn’t an option. In Cam Smith, the Commanders get a well-rounded competitor with foot discipline, closing burst, length, and physicality. What’s more — he knows how to find the ball in the air when it comes his way.

42) Detroit Lions: Hendon Hooker, QB, Tennessee

Questions remain regarding Hendon Hooker‘s draft stock. He’ll be a 25-year-old rookie, and his offense at times dilutes his progression work. But Hooker has been productive and efficient, and he has the size, athleticism, and arm talent worth stashing for Detroit. He’s viewed by some as a potential NFL starter.

43) Tennessee Titans: Felix Anudike-Uzomah, EDGE, Kansas State

Losing Harold Landry III to a season-ending injury certainly hurt the Titans. But even with him, they had room to upgrade their EDGE rotation. Felix Anudike-Uzomah helps to accomplish that. Anudike-Uzomah is a natural stand-up rusher, who brings terrifying closing burst and twitch, excellent speed-to-power, and violent hands.

44) Las Vegas Raiders: Matthew Bergeron, OT, Syracuse

He still doesn’t quite have the mainstream early-round hype, but Matthew Bergeron certainly deserves it. Speaking to PFN about Bergeron recently, Galko raved about Bergeron’s natural athleticism, control, and balance. That, combined with Bergeron’s left-right versatility, is something Las Vegas needs.

45) New Orleans Saints: Rakim Jarrett, WR, Maryland

The Saints might not have an opportunity to swing at QB and move on from Jameis Winston in the 2023 NFL Draft. Thus, Plan B may entail adding a receiving weapon, to help both Winston or the presumptive new starter in 2024. Rakim Jarrett, with his dynamic ability from the slot, could be an exciting fit.

46) Arizona Cardinals: Bralen Trice, EDGE, Washington

Through four games, few edge rushers have been more productive than Washington’s Bralen Trice, who has 4.5 sacks and seven tackles for loss. Trice isn’t the most flexible rusher at 6’4″, 269 pounds, but his explosiveness, power, and red-hot motor make him a menace for opponents. He’s a destructive addition for Arizona in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

47) Jacksonville Jaguars: Layden Robinson, G, Texas A&M

The offensive line has been a pleasant surprise for Jacksonville in 2022. Brandon Scherff is playing at an All-Pro level, and most of the other pieces have been solid. There may be room to upgrade at left guard, however, where Ben Bartch hasn’t quite cemented himself. Layden Robinson brings the kind of length and power that can truly elevate this unit.

48) Cleveland Browns: Byron Young, DT, Alabama

The interior defensive line has been an area of concern for a while in Cleveland. This range doesn’t provide the greatest value at the position, but Byron Young is a safe, high-floor pick with some pass-rushing upside. With Young, you know you’re getting a high-level run defender. And he has the burst and hand strength to grow in other phases.

49) Cincinnati Bengals: Christian Gonzalez, CB, Oregon

His first season at Oregon hasn’t been without its lumps, but the talent is very visible with Ducks cornerback Christian Gonzalez. The 6’2″, 200-pound cover man has tantalizing athleticism for his size and has shown to use his length to convert at the catch point. Those are exactly the kind of traits to bank on in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft.

50) Indianapolis Colts: JL Skinner, S, Boise State

Veteran Rodney McLeod has been a solid addition for the Colts thus far, but he likely won’t be a long-term fixture. The Colts can add another flavor into the mix alongside Julian Blackmon and rookie Nick Cross with JL Skinner. Skinner has the size and physicality to roam the box in single-high looks but also has the athleticism to play in two-high.

51) Dallas Cowboys: SirVocea Dennis, LB, Pittsburgh

Getting maximum value from this pick is contingent on SirVocea Dennis developing in pass coverage. But it’s incredibly fun to think about Dennis and Micah Parsons rushing together on passing downs and the variety of ways they can be used. Dennis is a bolt of lightning as a blitzer and is also very instinctive traversing the box in run defense.

52) Minnesota Vikings: Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia

If the Vikings are going to see the Kirk Cousins era through to the end, they’ll need to keep the cupboard stocked with weapons. There’s still room to upgrade at tight end, and Darnell Washington is an easy choice at this point. Washington can simply overwhelm coverage defenders in the red zone and as a RAC threat. He’s an elite run blocker to boot.

53) Seattle Seahawks (from DEN): Brandon Dorlus, DL, Oregon

There is no Travon Walker in the 2023 NFL Draft, but if you’re looking for a Walker-lite with a similar brand of pure alignment versatility and power, Brandon Dorlus isn’t a bad consolation prize. At 6’3″, 285, with high-end proportional length and lateral agility, Dorlus can be a handful at almost any alignment. He can rush the edge or penetrate inside.

54) Los Angeles Chargers: Dawand Jones, OT, Ohio State

With Rashawn Slater out for the year, we’re going to see a lot more of Trey Pipkins III and Storm Norton. That may accelerate the Chargers’ timeline to set a new course at right tackle. Dawand Jones is an unorthodox choice with his massive frame. Some tackles struggle to manage that kind of size, but Jones doesn’t. He’s been phenomenal in 2022.

55) San Francisco 49ers: Jordan Battle, S, Alabama

Talanoa Hufanga has emerged as a stud for the 49ers at safety. And in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft, the 49ers have a nice opportunity to add a quality player alongside him. Jordan Battle isn’t elite in any area, but his well-rounded mix of size, solid athleticism, game IQ, and multi-phase utility would fit well in two-high looks.

56) Miami Dolphins: DJ Johnson, EDGE, Oregon

Adding DJ Johnson to an already productive pass-rushing unit that includes Emmanuel Ogbah, Jaelan Phillips, and Melvin Ingram feels unfair. But that’s what we’re doing anyway. Johnson, a former tight end, has an enticing combination of explosiveness, agility, power, and length. And his hot motor ensures that he’ll always be a threat to generate pressure.

57) Los Angeles Rams: Jaelyn Duncan, OL, Maryland

The Rams did extend their two starting tackles recently, but the offensive line still stands to gain from more fine-tuning. Jaelyn Duncan has been ascending as a tackle prospect, but without elite length, he could also field consideration to move across the front. He’s athletic and has the size and hand strength, and could better deal with timing on the interior.

58) Baltimore Ravens: Zay Flowers, WR, Boston College

Lamar Jackson is putting the Ravens on his back this year. That’s what he does, being the MVP-talent that he is. But the Ravens can still do more to help him. Adding a new speed threat should be high on the list, and Zay Flowers qualifies late in Round 2. Flowers is explosive, twitchy, and a constant threat to take the top off the defense.

59) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Calijah Kancey, DL, Pittsburgh

Few fits in this 2023 NFL Mock Draft excite me more than this one. Calijah Kancey is one of my personal favorite prospects, provided that he finds the right role. Playing off of Vita Vea at 3-tech and beyond, Kancey’s explosiveness, flexibility, and prying strength could make him a nightmare.

60) Green Bay Packers: Dontayvion Wicks, WR, Virginia

Green Bay’s young receivers — particularly Romeo Doubs — have flashed promise. But that’s not an excuse for Green Bay to ignore the uncertainty at the position. Dontayvion Wicks provides an additional influx of talent. He’s a smooth, well-rounded three-level threat with exciting upside.

61) Kansas City Chiefs: Cedric Tillman, WR, Tennessee

The Chiefs reworked their WR corps this past offseason, but they might need to tinker some more. JuJu Smith-Schuster and Mecole Hardman will be free agents, and the Marquez Valdes-Scantling experiment has gone poorly so far. Cedric Tillman grants them a boundary WR in the alpha mold, who also brings the requisite hand strength.

62) Philadelphia Eagles: Zach Evans, RB, Ole Miss

The Eagles have gotten along just fine in 2022 without an elite RB room. But if and when Miles Sanders hits free agency in 2023, they’ll need to survey the 2023 NFL Draft board for new talent. At 6’0″, 215 pounds, Zach Evans is a smooth, fluid, and effortlessly dynamic back who can make the most of his wide-open lanes in Philadelphia.

63) Buffalo Bills: Ji’Ayir Brown, S, Penn State

Micah Hyde’s season-ending injury serves as an unfortunate reminder: While the duo of Hyde and Jordan Poyer has been superb for Buffalo, it won’t last forever. It’s important to get a worthy talent in the wings. Penn State’s Ji’Ayir Brown, with his range coming downhill and his high-end playmaking ability at 5’11”, 208 pounds, makes a lot of sense.

2023 NFL Mock Draft | Round 3

64) Houston Texans
Owen Pappoe, LB, Auburn

An athletic freak with high-end burst and range to go along with elite proportional length and physicality in the box.

65) Seattle Seahawks
Clark Phillips III, CB, Utah

A sticky, tenacious, but undersized coverage defender who could go on to be a top-tier slot cornerback.

66) Atlanta Falcons
Darnell Wright, OT, Tennessee

A sentient boulder at 6’6″, 335 pounds, with scary flashes of corrective twitch, elite power, and left-right versatility.

67) New York Jets
Brandon Joseph, S, Notre Dame

An embattled but talented safety prospect with superlative playmaking ability in space, but concerns in run support.

68) Chicago Bears
Blake Freeland, OT, BYU

A long, smooth athlete who’s trending up with his hand usage and gives Chicago flexibility and starting talent.

69) Pittsburgh Steelers
Andre Carter II, EDGE, Army

An incredibly tools-rich service academy prospect with an outrageous combination of length, agility, and flexibility.

70) New England Patriots
Warren McClendon, OT, Georgia

A natural fit to succeed Isaiah Wynn at right tackle, with power, solid athleticism, and a physical edge in space.

71) New York Giants
Charlie Jones, WR, Purdue

A breakout star in 2022, with an incredibly translatable skill set as a separator — deriving from burst, lateral quickness, and nuance.

72) Miami Dolphins
Nolan Smith, OLB, Georgia

A prospect stuck between positions, but incredibly impactful in run defense, with great upside as a pass rusher.

73) Indianapolis Colts
Jaren Hall, QB, BYU

An overaged but undeniable talent at QB, with the creation capacity, arm talent, and accuracy to be a factor.

74) Detroit Lions
Mekhi Garner, CB, LSU

An old-school CB mold at 6’2″, 217 pounds, who moves like a new-age CB with his fluidity and burst.

75) Tennessee Titans
Ricky Stromberg, C, Arkansas

An underrated, ever-so-steady talent at center, with the leverage acquisition and core strength to always control the point.

76) Las Vegas Raiders
Sedrick Van Pran, C, Georgia

An ascending young talent with eye-catching explosiveness off the line and a violent disposition in close quarters.

77) New Orleans Saints
Isaiah McGuire, EDGE, Missouri

An explosive, twitchy 6’4″, 271-pound sack artist with length and power, who fits the Saints’ desired mold of big EDGE.

78) Arizona Cardinals
Cooper Beebe, G, Kansas State

A tackle-turned-guard who’s been excellent to start 2022, and brings the athleticism, size, and tenacity to be a starter.

79) Jacksonville Jaguars
Ruke Orhorhoro, DT, Clemson

A Swiss Army Knife on the defensive front, who can play anywhere and everywhere with his flexibility, hand strength, and motor.

80) Houston Texans
Tyler Baron, EDGE, Tennessee

A young 6’5″, 260-pound talent with burst, power, lateral agility, and hand strength, as well as alignment versatility.

81) Cincinnati Bengals
Ivan Pace Jr., LB, Cincinnati

A hometown prospect who’s also a homing missile in the box, with 24 tackles for loss over the past two seasons.

82) Denver Broncos
Clayton Tune, QB, Houston

A toolsy gamer at QB with enough athleticism and arm talent to become something, and potentially help the Broncos ride away from the Russell Wilson era.

83) Dallas Cowboys
DJ Turner, CB, Michigan

A fleet-footed, explosive CB with high-end deep speed and equally impressive ball skills at the catch point.

84) Minnesota Vikings
Michael Penix Jr., QB, Washington

A talented lefty with legendary moments on his résumé, who’s shown enough development in 2022 to be on the Day 2 radar.

85) Denver Broncos
Carter Warren, OT, Pittsburgh

A late bloomer who had a career year in 2021, and offers left-right versatility, as well as tone-setting power and tenacity.

86) Los Angeles Chargers
Colby Wooden, DT, Auburn

A well-rounded — if unspectacular — player with a high floor, who’s tailor-made for roles outside the guard’s shoulder.

87) San Francisco 49ers
Joshua Gray, OT, Oregon State

A 2023 NFL Draft sleeper with the smooth athleticism in space, leverage, and knock-back power to win over Kyle Shanahan.

88) Miami Dolphins
Tucker Kraft, TE, South Dakota State

A well-built, versatile offensive weapon whose density and run-after-catch ability could yield explosive results in Mike McDaniel’s scheme.

89) Los Angeles Rams
Jarrett Patterson, G, Notre Dame

A reasonably athletic, composed, and steady collegiate lineman with experience at both guard and center.

90) Baltimore Ravens
Garrett Williams, CB, Syracuse

A multi-phase playmaker who’s still ironing out the details but has immense upside with his burst, corrective twitch, and proactivity.

91) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Bryce Ford-Wheaton, WR, West Virginia

A size-speed freak at 6’3″, 224 pounds, who’s awed onlookers in 2022 with his athleticism and body control.

92) Green Bay Packers
Gabe Hall, DT, Baylor

A sound investment alongside Kenny Clark and Devonte Wyatt with his explosiveness, length, power capacity, and motor.

93) Kansas City Chiefs
Blake Corum, RB, Michigan

A densely-packed runner who darts through lanes with vision and burst, and is a very natural receiving weapon.

94) Philadelphia Eagles
Kris Abrams-Draine, CB, Missouri

A natural talent at CB, with foot speed, discipline in coverage, but also needs to add mass to his frame.

95) Buffalo Bills
Steve Avila, OL, TCU

A boxy, powerful blocker with guard-center versatility, who brings great initial depth and eventual starting potential.

96) Cleveland Browns
Marvin Mims, WR, Oklahoma

A speedy big-play threat who flashes otherworldly catching instincts at the point, even if his hands can be stronger at times.

97) San Francisco 49ers
De’Corian Clark, WR, UTSA

A top producer thus far in 2022, with a strong 6’3″, 210-pound frame and utility both in contested and run-after-catch situations.

98) San Francisco 49ers
Tank Bigsby, RB, Auburn

A continuation of Shanahan’s tendency to spend third-round picks on RBs, Tank Bigsby makes this pick worth it with his foot speed, vision, and physicality.

99) Kansas City Chiefs
Mazi Smith, DT, Michigan

An athletic nose tackle with flashes of dominating strength and power on tape, and a high ceiling alongside Chris Jones.

2023 NFL Mock Draft | Round 4

100) Houston Texans
Sam LaPorta, TE, Iowa

101) Seattle Seahawks
Xavier Gipson, WR, Stephen F. Austin

102) Atlanta Falcons
Keeanu Benton, DT, Wisconsin

103) New York Jets
Emil Ekiyor Jr., G, Alabama

104) Chicago Bears
Jayden Reed, WR, Michigan State

105) Pittsburgh Steelers
Tyrique Stevenson, CB, Miami (FL)

106) Carolina Panthers
Cameron Latu, TE, Alabama

107) New York Giants
Joe Tippmann, C, Wisconsin

108) New England Patriots
Derick Hall, EDGE, Auburn

109) Washington Commanders
Tyler Davis, DT, Clemson

110) Detroit Lions
Jay Ward, S, LSU

111) Atlanta Falcons
Cameron Mitchell, CB, Northwestern

112) Las Vegas Raiders
Zacch Pickens, DT, South Carolina

113) New Orleans Saints
Cory Trice, CB, Purdue

114) Arizona Cardinals
A.T. Perry, WR, Wake Forest

115) Jacksonville Jaguars
Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State

116) Cleveland Browns
Wanya Morris, OT, Oklahoma

117) Cincinnati Bengals
Adetomiwa Adebawore, DL, Northwestern

118) Indianapolis Colts
YaYa Diaby, DL, Louisville

119) Dallas Cowboys
Fabien Lovett Sr., DT, Florida State

120) Cleveland Browns
Chase Brown, RB, Illinois

121) Denver Broncos
Sean Tucker, RB, Syracuse

122) Los Angeles Chargers
Jack Campbell, LB, Iowa

123) San Francisco 49ers
Jaheim Bell, TE, South Carolina

124) Kansas City Chiefs
Zach Harrison, EDGE, Ohio State

125) New England Patriots
Rashad Torrence II, S, Florida

126) Baltimore Ravens
Ikenna Enechukwu, DL, Rice

127) Jacksonville Jaguars
D’Anthony Jones, EDGE, Houston

128) Green Bay Packers
Zack Kuntz, TE, Old Dominion

129) Kansas City Chiefs
Myles Price, WR, Texas Tech

130) Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Whittington, WR, Texas

131) Buffalo Bills
Jermaine Burton, WR, Alabama

2023 NFL Mock Draft | Round 5

132) Houston Texans
Roschon Johnson, RB, Texas

133) Seattle Seahawks
Zach Charbonnet, RB, UCLA

134) Las Vegas Raiders
Steele Chambers, LB, Ohio State

135) New York Jets
Anfernee Orji, LB, Vanderbilt

136) Chicago Bears
Mitchell Tinsley, WR, Penn State

137) Seattle Seahawks
Nick Hampton, EDGE, Appalachian State

138) Carolina Panthers
Devin Leary, QB, NC State

139) New York Giants
Omar Speights, LB, Oregon State

140) Baltimore Ravens
Robert Scott Jr., OT, Florida State

141) Washington Commanders
Demani Richardson, S, Texas A&M

142) Detroit Lions
Israel Abanikanda, RB, Pittsburgh

143) Tennessee Titans
Jeremy Banks, LB, Tennessee

144) Las Vegas Raiders
Kyu Blu Kelly, CB, Stanford

145) New Orleans Saints
Trey Dean III, S, Florida

146) Buffalo Bills
Andrew Vorhees, G, USC

147) Jacksonville Jaguars
Jaylon Carlies, S, Missouri

148) Cleveland Browns
Mikel Jones, LB, Syracuse

149) Cincinnati Bengals
Dontay Demus Jr., WR, Maryland

150) Indianapolis Colts
Mohamoud Diabate, LB, Utah

151) Dallas Cowboys
Brenton Cox Jr., EDGE, Florida

152) Minnesota Vikings
Anthony Goodlow, DT, Tulsa

153) Denver Broncos
Drew Sanders, OLB, Arkansas

154) Los Angeles Chargers
Tayvion Robinson, WR, Kentucky

155) San Francisco 49ers
Zak Zinter, G, Michigan

156) Miami Dolphins
Olusegun Oluwatimi, C, Michigan

157) Cleveland Browns
Xavier Hutchinson, WR, Iowa State

158) Baltimore Ravens
Devon Achane, RB, Texas A&M

159) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cam Jones, LB, Indiana

160) Green Bay Packers
Zion Tupuola-Fetui, EDGE, Washington

161) Kansas City Chiefs
Jaylon Jones, CB, Texas A&M

162) New Orleans Saints
Jaxon Player, DT, Baylor

163) Buffalo Bills
Will McDonald IV, EDGE, Iowa State

2023 NFL Mock Draft | Round 6

164) Houston Texans
Dante Stills, DT, West Virginia

165) Seattle Seahawks
Loic Ngassam Nya, G, Wake Forest

166) Tennessee Titans
Elijah Higgins, WR, Stanford

167) New York Jets
Connor Galvin, OT, Baylor

168) Miami Dolphins
Sataoa Laumea, OL, Utah

169) Denver Broncos
Isheem Young, S, Ole Miss

170) New England Patriots
Ronnie Bell, WR, Michigan

171) Houston Texans
Jacob Cowing, WR, Arizona

172) New England Patriots
Noah Gindorff, TE, North Dakota State

173) Washington Commanders
Tatum Bethune, LB, Florida State

174) Detroit Lions
Ben Sims, TE, Baylor

175) Los Angeles Rams
Jacoby Windmon, EDGE, Michigan State

176) New England Patriots
Lew Nichols III, RB, Central Michigan

177) Houston Texans
Sam Hartman, QB, Wake Forest

178) Arizona Cardinals
Devon Witherspoon, CB, Illinois

179) Jacksonville Jaguars
Nehemiah Pritchett, CB, Auburn

180) Cleveland Browns
Clark Barrington, G, BYU

181) Cincinnati Bengals
Jaquelin Roy, DT, LSU

182) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Darrell Luter Jr., CB, South Alabama

183) Dallas Cowboys
Jerrick Reed II, S, New Mexico

184) Houston Texans
DeMarvion Overshown, LB, Texas

185) Detroit Lions
Kenneth Horsey, G, Kentucky

186) Los Angeles Chargers
Kenny Logan Jr., S, Kansas

187) Houston Texans
McClendon Curtis, G, Chattanooga

188) Kansas City Chiefs
Jovaughn Gwyn, G, South Carolina

189) Los Angeles Rams
Ali Jennings III, WR, Old Dominion

190) Baltimore Ravens
Grayson McCall, QB, Coastal Carolina

191) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Jordan Morgan, OT, Arizona

192) Los Angeles Rams
Moro Ojomo, DT, Texas

193) Kansas City Chiefs
Josh Whyle, TE, Cincinnati

2023 NFL Mock Draft | Round 7

194) Jacksonville Jaguars
Jalen Moreno-Cropper, WR, Fresno State

195) Buffalo Bills
Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson, CB, TCU

196) Philadelphia Eagles
DeMarcco Hellams, S, Alabama

197) Houston Texans
Keion White, DL, Georgia Tech

198) Atlanta Falcons
Tre Tucker, WR, Cincinnati

199) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tyson Bagent, QB, Shepherd

200) Chicago Bears
Brevin Allen, DL, Campbell

201) Pittsburgh Steelers
Javon Foster, OT, Missouri

202) Carolina Panthers
Myles Murphy, DT, North Carolina

203) New York Giants
Andrei Iosivas, WR, Princeton

204) Las Vegas Raiders
Isaiah Land, EDGE, Florida A&M

205) Washington Commanders
Gabe Wallace, G, Buffalo

206) Los Angeles Rams
Brevyn Spann-Ford, TE, Minnesota

207) Tennessee Titans
Elijah Chatman, DT, SMU

208) Atlanta Falcons
Kyle Hergel, OL, Texas State

209) New Orleans Saints
Antwane Wells Jr., WR, South Carolina

210) Las Vegas Raiders
Corey Crooms, WR, Western Michigan

211) Green Bay Packers
Hunter Luepke, RB, North Dakota State

212) Cleveland Browns
Al Walcott, DB, Baylor

213) Cincinnati Bengals
Earl Bostick Jr., OT, Kansas

214) Indianapolis Colts
Isaiah Williams, WR, Illinois

215) Dallas Cowboys
Kenny McIntosh, RB, Georgia

216) Pittsburgh Steelers
Daewood Davis, WR, Western Kentucky

217) San Francisco 49ers
Thomas Incoom, EDGE, Central Michigan

218) Los Angeles Chargers
Daniel Barker, TE, Michigan State

219) San Francisco 49ers
Devonnsha Maxwell, DT, Chattanooga

220) Miami Dolphins
Justin Eboigbe, DT, Alabama

221) Green Bay Packers
Jesus Gibbs, EDGE, Towson

222) New York Giants
Habakkuk Baldonado, EDGE, Pittsburgh

223) Indianapolis Colts
Titus Leo, EDGE, Wagner

224) Green Bay Packers
Tyler Steen, OT, Alabama

225) Kansas City Chiefs
Alex Forsyth, C, Oregon

226) Philadelphia Eagles
BJ Thompson, EDGE, Stephen F. Austin

227) Carolina Panthers
Micah Abraham, DB, Marshall