Welcome to Pro Football Network’s 2021 NFL Mock Draft Simulator! In creating this, we envisioned a process that allows users to have a nuanced draft experience on both your desktop and mobile device. Best of all, it is 100 percent free of charge. No paywall. No limited trial. It is free now and will always be free.

Although the 2021 NFL Draft is months away, it is never too early to start building your favorite team with future draft prospects. Want to do a series of quick drafts for comparing cohorts? You can do that. Want to have a two-hour long, methodical draft and recreate the realism of the NFL Draft? Done. With user-to-sim and sim-to-sim trades, no two drafts are the same!

Note: The draft order in the simulator has been determined by Las Vegas odds as of April 25, 2020. We will continually update the draft order as the odds change.

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Begin your mock draft experience

Your mock draft experience begins when you select the team – or teams – you want to control. Select as many as you’d like or select none at all. Once you’ve decided who you want to control, click on the Start Simulation link. From there, you’ll be able to choose how many rounds you want to draft along with the speed of how you want the draft to play out.

Once you’ve sorted that out, you’ll enter the PFN Draft Room. There, you’ll see the player selection column, the pool of available players, and four icons to help you navigate your experience in PFN’s NFL Mock Draft Simulator.

Keep track of who you and other teams have drafted

Before we get into the four main icons, we want to mention that you can see who you and other teams have drafted at that point in the draft. Additionally, you can see the team’s future picks. Simply click the team icon to the left of the player they selected. 

Trade current and future year draft picks

This might be the best feature of the PFN’s NFL Mock Draft Simulator. Not only can you trade current year draft picks, but you can also dive into 2022 draft picks to trade away or acquire. But it’s just more than you – the user – proposing trades to the simulator. In fact, we have coded the draft machine to have the sim-controlled teams trade with each other. Now, you risk being jumped by another team if you wait too long to select the guy you want to draft.

We use the Rich Hill Model Trade Chart, which is a modernized version of the original Jimmy Johnson Trade Chart. The chart, hosted by DraftTek.com, can be found here and you can reference it when trying to trade up or down the board. While the current chart won’t be updated until the final draft order is set, the values for each pick remains the same.

Please note that not only have we placed a higher premium on the top 10 picks in the draft (meaning it will cost a bit more than what the trade chart suggests) but we have also configured the algorithm in such a way that if a team you want to trade with is eyeing a certain player in that particular simulation, it will cost more than what the trade chart suggests is a fair price. This is done to maintain the unpredictability of the PFN’s NFL Mock Draft Simulator, ensuring that you get a different experience each time you press the play button.

Click here to start drafting in PFN’s NFL Mock Draft Simulator!

Team Needs

2021 team needs have been updated. PFN will continue to monitor the team needs once the 2020 NFL season gets underway and progresses throughout the weeks.

Pause/Resume Draft

This one is self-explanatory. Click this to stop or begin the simulator, allowing you to think of new trade possibilities and customize the experience as much as you see fit.

Restart Draft

Not liking the way the board is playing out? Made a mistake in selecting one player over the other? Click this button to immediately restart your draft experience.

All feedback is appreciated

PFN will continue to update code and add complexities over time to our mock draft simulator. Our goal is to give you the best mock draft simulator experience in cyberspace. If you have any feedback for us, please be sure to email us at [email protected].

Click here to start drafting in PFN’s NFL Mock Draft Simulator!

This isn’t the finish line for us, but the beginning of the race. You can expect to have optimized mobile displays and a commitment to a streamlined process of feedback and implementation. You can expect a dedicated team that combines football education with savvy programming to give you an unrivaled way of engaging with the NFL Draft — to be a step ahead of the pack. You can expect a premium product, and any developments to achieve a better product, at no cost. EVER.


  1. I had real fun but the problem was anytime I hit the screen the wrong way I’d be exited out of my tramp and it probably took me five times to finally get through the whole thing

  2. Great simulator.Interesting to see the rankings on this site versus other simulator sites. One issue I have found is it will out of nowhere auto pick selections for me on occasion for some reason. usual at a spot I traded for.

  3. To see your previous picks… when the draft is paused at your current selection, tap draft results, then tap your team helmet… and voila… as far as rejected trades, your asking price must be too steep… I can get six picks from Miami for the number 2 pick… or I can get Detroit’s 1, 2 and 3 for the number 2 overall

  4. Always refreshes midway through drafts I scroll down too fast & the page refreshes & it’s gone, very frustrating. Would be great on a laptop but smartphone, big clumsy fingers & a sensitive screen don’t mix. Would be nice if I could get back to the draft I had in progress. Just advice not complaints, free is free

  5. Good simulator!
    Would like the ability to see my previous picks while the simulator is running.

  6. I feel like some players need to be updated. For instance, Chase Claypool can be drafted in the fourth round in this simulator, which is extremely unlikely. He has made a dramatic increase and is now projected late first round early second.

  7. I think the trading is too strict. Moving down from the top 5 I’m only able to get a 3rd round pick. Seems like low value compared to real trades in the past

  8. I cant seem to make trades,and when i try to cancel it is unresponsive and I lose all my progress and have to restart.

  9. Good, free product! I ran through a few drafts and didn’t run into the refreshing issues that others have mentioned. Agree with others that a “My Picks” feature is absolutely needed.

  10. Very good with one suggestion – add a “my picks” feature so you can keep track of who I chose while the simulator is running.

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