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Chris Smith

In 2005, I was the prototypical blogger. A single, unemployed, 26 year old male, quite literally living in his mom’s basement. During that time I began charting my weekly NFL picks on my now defunct “Bad Choice Milk” blog. Fast forward nearly 15 years later and I’m now married with two children of my own, but I haven’t stopped picking games. The last two years I’ve been tracking picks using the Action Network App and posting the results on my Twitter handle (@badchoicemilk). I have over 1.2K tracked bets with a nearly 60% winning percentage over that time, including a 139-106-11 NFL record the past two seasons. My claim to fame is winning a staggering amount of plays last season betting against my beloved Miami Dolphins and UConn Huskies. Hopefully, our luck continues this NFL season and you too can join the #FreeCashCrew! ??
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