Who Should I Start This Week? Fantasy Start/Sit Tool 2024

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Winning your fantasy football league comes down to making the right lineup decisions week in and week out. It’s easier said than done, though, which is why Pro Football Network offers our completely FREE Start/Sit tool to make sure you’re prepared to dominate your league this season!

Introducing the Who Should I Start Optimizer

The Pro Football Network Start/Sit Optimizer allows the user to input multiple players from their fantasy football roster to determine who the best players to start that weekend would be. By utilizing a start/sit optimizer, you can see how those players are valued by our experts based on their respective matchups.

Our team of fantasy experts, led by Kyle Yates, have over 35 years of fantasy experience. We regularly review our projections and rankings to ensure they are up to date with the latest news from around the NFL, which can give you the edge you need in your fantasy football league.

Where Do the Start/Sit Fantasy Rankings Come From?

Pro Football Network’s start/sit fantasy football rankings are generated primarily from our consensus fantasy projections. These projections take into account projected pass/rush attempts, team-implied point totals from Vegas odds, opposing defensive difficulty, and much more.

All of these data points are compiled into one top-secret formula to generate the closest player projections possible to help make your lineup decisions easier with just a few clicks.

How To Use the Who Should I Start Tool

Whatever dilemma you are facing for your fantasy football lineup, our Start/Sit tool can help guide you to a decision. Simply select your scoring system, the number of players you need to start, and enter in your options. Then let our experts’ projections recommend who you should start each and every week.

Which Fantasy Formats Are Supported?

Our Start/Sit Optimizer supports scoring systems of non-PPR, half-PPR, and full PPR, as well as having the option to decide between four points or six points per passing touchdown.

What Is PPR?

PPR stands for “point per reception,” which means that each time a player reels in a target, they will get one full point for that catch. For other formats in fantasy football, these receptions can either count for .5 points (half-PPR) or zero points (non-PPR).

How Many Players Can I Compare at Once?

Our PFN Start/Sit Optimizer gives you the ability to compare a total of six players to find out who the best player to plug into your starting lineup would be. Additionally, you can easily compare across all positions to find the best FLEX option for the upcoming week to help dominate your fantasy football matchup!

How To Use the Fantasy Advice

While we’re confident these projections are as accurate as they can possibly be, fantasy football isn’t an exact science. These projections are meant to be utilized as a guide versus a hard-and-fast rule, so the decision is still ultimately yours to make!

What Is the FLEX Spot?

The majority of fantasy football lineups now offer a FLEX spot, which means that you are able to start any position – outside of a QB, which is known as a Superflex league – in your starting lineup. More often than not, these players are WRs due to the upside that they present, but the flexibility that this starting spot offers is critical for weeks where your bench has been hit with injuries. Unless your league specifies differently, you’re able to start any RB, WR, or TE in that spot.

Best Position to Play in the FLEX Spot?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so the FLEX spot may be simply all about who you can play from your lineup that’s actually healthy that given week. However, ideally, the FLEX spot should be a WR that is going to provide you with the opportunity to score big in their respective matchup.

One deep pass that’s reeled in from a WR is much easier to achieve than an RB that’s further down the rankings seeing 10+ carries to equal the same amount of points. However, make sure to utilize the Start/Sit Optimizer for your specific situation!