Who Should I Draft In Fantasy Football? (Updated 2024)

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Who Should You Draft for Fantasy Football?

Are you heading into your fantasy drafts uncertain about who you should be picking in each round? That is where Pro Football Network’s “Who Should I Draft” tool is here to help you. Our tool allows you to feel like you are taking our draft experts into the draft room with you. Simply plug in the options you are considering with your next pick and see who our experts recommend based on their consensus rankings.

Whether it is a redraft, dynasty, or rookie draft you are heading into, our Who Should I Draft” tool has the answers you need. Our experts are constantly updating their rankings to reflect the latest news and injuries coming out of the NFL, meaning you will have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips on draft day.

How To Use PFN’s Who Should I Draft Fantasy Tool

The tool could not be simpler to use during your draft. Type in the names of any players you are considering with your next pick, and our system will quickly tell you which is the top option based on our rankings. The tool’s interface is easy to use and allows you to quickly select the right players to ensure you are not under any time pressure to make your selection.

Additionally, if you want to add different variations, our tool makes it simple for you to switch between the results and the input screen. Therefore, if you are planning ahead only to see three of your options picked ahead of you, you can quickly change out those players for three more and get back to the results screen without breaking a sweat.

How Many Players Can I Compare?

Our “Who Should I Draft” tool allows you to compare anything from 2-6 players in a single comparison. However, the speed that you can get between the input and the result screen means it is easy to compare 10+ players by simply inputting six and then switching back to replace the lowest options with different players. You can then do this as many times as you want to build a comprehensive picture of every option available to you.

Why You Should Trust PFN’s Fantasy Rankings

Pro Football Network’s rankings that feed our tool are formed from a consensus of our three experts, Kyle Soppe, Derek Tate, and Jason Katz. Combined, our experts have over 20 years of fantasy experience and their rankings are curated by our Deputy Editor of Fantasy Sports, Ben Rolfe, who has a further 10+ years of experience providing fantasy analysis.