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    EA Sports Madden 25

    Latest News, Rumors, and Information Around 2024 Release

    Latest Madden 25 News

    Madden 25 Ratings

    Madden 25 Information

    Madden 25 Ratings

    Madden 25 Ratings

    Madden 25 Information

    Madden 25 Information

    Madden 25 FAQ

    The NFL is king — Madden NFL 25 will take to the video game kingdom to capture the pageantry of the game we all love. EA Sports is in the game, and so are we — here is the latest on Madden and everything surrounding the pop culture classic.

    When Does EA Sports Madden NFL 25 Come Out?

    The anticipation for the latest Madden is a big deal every year. With gamers and NFL fans eagerly waiting to play with their favorite teams and players, it is always calendar-marking worthy when the game is finally released.

    For this year, that date is Aug. 16, with early access beginning on Aug. 13 for those who purchase a special edition or the MVP Bundle for EA Sports College Football 25.

    How Much Will the NFL Video Game Cost?

    Madden fans looking to get the most football gaming action they can get can bundle the CFB game and the latest Madden for $150, while the deluxe edition and standard edition are $99.99 and $69.99, respectively.

    Can You Preorder EA Sports Madden NFL 25?

    Yes, for those who can’t wait to secure your copy, you may think about pre-ordering Madden NFL 25 and confirm that the game is yours — officially. If you are looking to do so, you’re in luck. As we speak the pre-order window is open and NFL fans can secure their copy right now.

    What Are the Different Versions of EA Sports Madden NFL 25?

    There are three editions of Madden NFL 25 fans can purchase. The standard version comes with the base game and standard pre-order bonuses if purchased ahead of time.

    The deluxe version, which only comes in the digital form comes with the base form as well as standard pre-order bonuses, 1 AKA Player Item – additional deluxe pre-order bonus, 3 day early access, early access Ultimate Team Challenges, and 4600 Madden Points.

    The third and final version is the most extensive option, the bundle option, which allows fans to buy both Madden and College Football 2025 at the same time as a package deal and includes the same things as the deluxe version.

    Who Is the Cover Athlete for the Game?

    Being picked to be the Madden cover athlete is a big deal for NFL players. Many have thought about being selected as a good thing, and very few have been given the honor over the years. EA Sports took to social media and announced the cover athlete will be unveiled on June 11 — San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey.

    What Platforms Can You Play EA Sports’ Madden Game On?

    Madden NFL 25 will be available for all next-generation consoles, including PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

    Who Are the Highest Rated Players in the Game?

    Madden NFL 25’s ratings have not been announced yet, and the date for which they will be has not been either. Last year, the ratings were rolled out during a weeklong marketing campaign that spanned from July 17 to July 23, setting up for fans to be on the lookout for a similar time frame this year.

    The highest-rated players in last year’s version included five members of the “99 Club.” Those players were Aaron Donald, Justin Jefferson, Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and Zack Martin.

    What Is the ’99 Club’ in Madden?

    The Madden NFL 99 Club is hard to achieve, and even harder to keep. A 99 Overall rating is not only a sign of an amazing player in the game, but the elite members with this title are among the best players in the NFL almost universally.

    Every year since the creation of the 99 Club, Madden has gone above and beyond to honor the players who have earned the status.

    What Is the Madden Curse?

    If you’re a football fan and believe in jinxes, then I’m sure you know what the Madden Curse is. The saying goes, the player featured on the cover of EA Sports’ annual NFL game is doomed to encounter something bad that season. Whether it is poor luck, a decline in play, or even a serious injury, the feeling is that a dark cloud follows over the player who is on that year’s cover.

    The most recognized ‘proof’ of the curse came in 2003 with Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick being on the cover of Madden NFL 04. The day after he was announced to be the cover athlete, Vick broke his fibula and missed 11 games that season.