Shane G. Tyler

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I was born in Syracuse, New York, to a wonderful mother who did everything to raise me right--including watching football every Sunday. Husband to my loving wife, Jaclyn. Father to my daughter Josephine and son Isaiah. I fell in love with football at a young age which turned into a 12-year playing career from youth leagues through high school and Division III into the Northeastern Football Alliance (New York's premier amateur football league). I began coaching modified football in 2010 and was promoted to varsity in 2012, where I continue coaching to this day. Currently, I work for the family business, writing estimates for and coordinating residential remodeling projects. I'm a statistical sponge, and I watch film for fun. I hope to bring a perspective to all my writing that embodies the fan, player, and coach that I am.

NFL roster sizes and other 2020 season changes being considered

In the last 24-48 hours, multiple reports have surfaced surrounding the cancellation of the 2020 NFL supplemental draft and changes to the NFL's preseason schedule. According to Pro Football Network Chief...