Jamal Adams Trade Rumors: The latest from PFN Insider Tony Pauline

New York Jets safety Jamal Adams wants to be traded, but will they trade him? PFN Insider Tony Pauline has the latest from his sources around these rumors.

In an otherwise slow NFL news period, Pro Football Network Chief Draft Analyst/Insider Tony Pauline has received numerous intel into some of the league’s major headlines. In just the last 24-48 hours, Pauline has gained a sense of what many in the league think about New York Jets safety Jamal Adams’ trade request and the rumors that the Jets organization is to blame.

So, what are those close to the situation saying about the reality Adams gets dealt? Who or what could the Jets get in exchange for their disgruntled captain?

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The timing of Adams’ trade request has many perplexed

Before we get into the details of who the Jets may want in return, let’s start with the timing of Adams’ request. We’ve seen this story before. An NFL player is rumored to be on the trade block, doesn’t end up getting moved, and ultimately demands a new deal or a trade occurs. For Adams, the story hasn’t been as cut and dry.

Last fall, it was rumored that the Jets were shopping Adams when in reality, they were only listening to offers for the heralded All-Pro safety. While we know general manager Joe Douglas and the Jets mended the misunderstanding with their star defensive player, Adams saw an opportunity for renegotiation. And here we are.

But Pauline noted that “the timing of it [the trade request] is really suspect in a regular year, in a usual year. This is not a usual year.”

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That said, Pauline hears that it’s not necessarily Adams to blame. Those he’s spoken to around the league have shared a similar sentiment regarding the safety’s representation, saying that Adams is not getting good guidance from his agent.

With so much uncertainty involving the 2020 season playing out or team salary caps being a great unknown for the coming year or two, Adams could very well be doing himself more harm than good by seeking new deals and trades – especially requests with specific teams in mind.

Who do the Jets want in return if they traded Jamal Adams?

Right now, it appears that the Dallas Cowboys may be a logical landing spot for Adams due to his desire to be traded there and because they are rumored to have an affection for Adams. But even better? The Jets may be willing to do business with the Cowboys because they covet a player on their offensive line.

Pauline said, “I’m told right now that the player the Jets would ask for in a trade for Adams would be right tackle La’el Collins. That’s the player that they want. That’s the player that they’re going to target…If you’re a Jets fan, you know one thing – you can’t start the season with Chuma Edoga starting at right tackle.”

You can listen to the full conversation between Pauline and co-host Andy Herman, which takes place at the beginning of the podcast, in the embedded player below. Please note that this article continues after the player.

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There is also a financial incentive for the Jets to acquire Collins

Collins would immediately upgrade the right side of the Jets’ offensive line despite retooling the unit this offseason. The former LSU standout was anticipated to be a first-round selection in the 2015 NFL Draft. However, after being connected, even minorly, to a homicide around the time of the draft, Collins was never drafted. To be clear, he was never directly involved or considered a suspect.

In the end, Collins was in control of whom he signed with and elected to join Dallas’ stout unit on a three-year deal – pennies compared to that of a top ten draftee. But in 2017, Collins would finally earn his payday by signing a two-year, $15.4 million contract leading to a five-year extension last September.

If acquired by the Jets, Pauline believes it would be enough to pry Adams away. Many in the league feel Collins’ current deal, which is contractual through 2024, would be of great value and could ultimately make Collins an underpaid asset in the near future.

Does Jamal Adams have a bad relationship with Adam Gase?

When asked if he hears of problems within the organization or Adams’ camp, Pauline put plainly – this is strictly about Adams wanting out.

“You can blame the Jets for a lot of things, and the Jets are a good punching bag, but you can’t blame the Jets for this,” Pauline said. “You can’t blame Adams for asking for the big money. You can’t blame the Jets for listening to offers….You can’t blame the Jets for not acquiescing to Adams’ salary demands with so many variables.”

Will the Jets trade Jamal Adams?

So, why would the Jets consider trading the All-Pro safety to the Cowboys for Collins? Because of timing. With the 2021 salary cap up in the air and Adams demanding roughly $20 million per year as a safety, the Jets are trying to be reasonable in an unreasonable time.

In short, the Jets are doing their due diligence with the situation. However, that begs the question – will Adams get traded? With the timing of the request along with the salary demands, what are the chances the Jets actually move Adams to the Cowboys for Collins?

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Pauline has his own feelings on a trade being executed, saying that he is kind of skeptical about it looking at the entire situation. However, a source close to the situation told Pauline that, “they believe it could or will happen.”

Either way, it seems the trade rumors involving Jamal Adams are heating up as more information becomes available. The question remains whether or not the current climate the NFL finds itself in with the likes of salary cap cuts and uncertainty surrounding the 2020 season will play a role in Adams’ future.

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