AAC Scouting Reports for 2021 NFL Draft

    2021 NFL Draft | AAC Scouting Reports: SMU Mustangs

    Beau Morris NFL Draft Scouting Report | Offensive Tackle

    Positives: Junior college transfer who started the past two seasons. Quickly sets up off the snap, stays square, and fights with his hands throughout the action. Smart, keeps his head on a swivel, and displays excellent blocking vision. Patient in pass protection and makes good use of body positioning as well as angles. Strong, knocks defenders from their angles of attack, and plays with a nasty attitude.

    Negatives: Lacks footwork, agility, and the ability to slide laterally and protect the edge from speed rushers. An average athlete who is often off-balance, struggles to adjust and displays stiffness in his game.

    Analysis: Morris is a nice-sized offensive tackle with growth potential, but he has athletic limitations. He’s a right tackle prospect who could kick into guard at the next level yet is nothing other than a backup.

    Brandon Stephens NFL Draft Scouting Report | Cornerback

    Positives: UCLA transfer who was a productive two-year starter at SMU. Fluid flipping his hips, battles larger opponents, and works to break up passes. Has a burst to the ball out of his break, shows the ability to stay on the receiver’s hip out of routes, and effectively reads and diagnoses the action. Shows good recognition of coverage assignments and gives effort against the run. Physical in all aspects.

    Negatives: Must improve the consistency of his backpedal. Does not play to his forty time and lacks range in the field.

    Analysis: Stephens is a terrific football player who aggressively defends the run and shows solid ball skills, as he broke up a lot of throws the past two years. He has strong-safety size and could line up in a zone system. Stephens also comes with a special teams mentality.

    Richard McBryde NFL Draft Scouting Report | Linebacker

    Positives: Auburn transfer who started the past two seasons at SMU. Smart, instinctive linebacker with athletic limitations who plays faster than his 40-time. Quick to read and diagnose plays, breaks down well, and effectively uses his hands. Fluid getting to the action, takes good angles, and chases hard. A tough run defender who also sells out on the blitz. Wraps up tackling.

    Negatives: Lacks lateral speed and a closing burst. Easily blocked from the action by a single opponent.

    Analysis: McBryde is a hard-working linebacker who primarily makes plays with his head but has physical limitations. His instincts and wherewithal could help him find a spot on the roster as a backup on the inside of a 3-4, but McBryde must do well on special teams.

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    Trevor Denbow NFL Draft Scouting Report | Linebacker

    Positives: Three-year starting safety who projects to linebacker at the next level. Quick to read and diagnose, gives a lot of effort, and works hard to make plays. Breaks down well, immediately locates the ball handler, and takes proper angles to the action.

    Negatives: Easily slowed by blocks. Lacks long speed and does not possess a closing burst.

    Analysis: Denbow was a productive college defender who got the most from his ability, but he lacks upside and a true position at the next level.

    Tyler Page NFL Draft Scouting Report | Wide Receiver

    Positives: Part-time starting receiver the past three seasons who also made a major impact on special teams. Plays smart football, knows where he is on the field, and uses the sidelines well or comes back to the ball. Possesses soft and strong hands, uses his frame to shield away defenders, and consistently snatches the ball away from his frame.

    Nicely adjusts to the errant throw. Keeps the play in bounds whenever the ball is in his hands, displays outstanding vision, and does a terrific job using downfield blocks.

    Negatives: Has a limited route tree. Never captured or secured a starting receiver position at SMU. Lacks a deep burst and true second gear.

    Analysis: Page has shown enough skill to make an NFL roster as a fifth receiver/return specialist. Underrated in scouting circles, I don’t expect Page to be selected in the draft, and he’ll have to make his way through the ranks as a free agent.

    2021 NFL Draft | South Florida Bulls

    K.J. Sails NFL Draft Scouting Report | Cornerback

    Positives: North Carolina transfer who started the past two seasons for South Florida. A nice-sized cornerback who adds value as a punt returner. Physical, mixes it up with receivers, and voluntarily defends the run. Tracks the pass in the air, stays with assignments, and works to get his head back around and locate the pass. Possesses a closing burst of speed and good hands for the interception.

    Negatives: Deep speed is a major concern. Gets a little grabby at times and not a strong wrap-up tackler.

    Analysis: Sails is a zone corner whose greatest value at the next level will be returning punts.

    Mike Hampton NFL Draft Scouting Report | Cornerback

    Positives: Three-year starter for South Florida. A well-built cornerback who flashes ability. Smooth flipping his hips in transition off the line, displays a closing burst of speed, and dives around the field working to break up passes. Physical, battles receivers throughout the route, and shows ability facing the action.

    Negatives: Slow getting his head back around and does a lot of face-guarding. Deep speed is a concern and loses out to bigger receivers.

    Analysis: Hampton has flashed ability the past three seasons but never really pulled together a complete game or elevated his play. He’s worth bringing into camp this summer but is a long shot to make it.

    2021 NFL Draft | Temple Owls

    Branden Mack NFL Draft Scouting Report | Wide Receiver

    Positives: Three-year starter for Temple. Large, strong possession receiver with reliable hands. Tracks the pass in the air, nicely adjusts to the errant throw, and uses his frame to shield away defenders. Plays to his size and comes away with the difficult reception when defenders are draped on him.

    Does a terrific job locating the pass in the air and making the deep reception in stride. Consistent target who pulls the fastball out of the air, gets vertical in a crowd, and comes down with the difficult reception. Outstanding downfield blocker who gets results.

    Negatives: Lacks a quick release off the line of scrimmage, displays no burst in his game, and plays to one speed. Struggles separating from opponents.

    Analysis: Mack was a productive three-year starter and a really good college receiver who will struggle separating in the NFL. He offers potential as a red zone or third-down target, but his lack of speed and quickness will hamper him.

    Danny Archibong NFL Draft Scouting Report | Defensive Line

    Positives: Three-year starter who also made an impact as a freshman. Athletic and versatile defensive line prospect who must improve his strength at the point of attack. Plays with good knee bend and proper pad level, covers a lot of area on the field, and works hard to get involved in the action.

    Fluid moving laterally and shows the ability to pursue out to the sidelines and make plays. Keeps his feet moving and penetrates the gaps behind the line of scrimmage. Works his hands throughout the action and possesses outstanding length.

    Negatives: Inconsistent getting off the snap and does not possess a great first step. Marginally strong and struggles to take on blocks.

    Analysis: Archibong is an athletic defensive line prospect with nice length as well as versatility. He must fill out his frame and significantly improve his strength, but at the very least he’s a practice-squad prospect who could make an active NFL roster in a year or two.

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