AAC Scouting Reports for 2021 NFL Draft

2021 NFL Draft | AAC Scouting Reports: Tulane Green Wave

For information on Tulane defensive tackle Cameron Sample, check out his 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

Cory Dublin NFL Draft Scouting Report | Offensive Line

Positives: Two-year starter used at both guard and center. Tough, strong blocker who is best in a small area. Keeps his head on a swivel, works well with linemates, and stays square. Explosive at the point and turns defenders from the action run blocking. Controls opponents once engaged at the point and anchors in pass protection. Bends his knees, sinks his butt, and starts with terrific leverage.

Negatives: Consistently overextends into blocks, which hurts his balance. Labors out to the second level and is ineffective blocking in motion. Struggles to adjust.

Analysis: Dublin was a productive starter and showed versatility at Tulane, but he has average size, limited athleticism, and minimal upside for the next level.

Jaylon Monroe NFL Draft Scouting Report | Cornerback

Positives: Two-year starter at cornerback for Tulane who was also productive on special teams. Tough, instinctive and works hard. Runs downfield with opponents, works to get his head back around, and positions himself against receivers to defend the throw. Effectively works with safeties to bracket receivers over the middle of the field. Displays good route recognition in zone coverage, plays within the system, and gives effort defending the run.

Negatives: Possesses poor size/speed numbers. Lacks a second gear and deep speed. Lack of size creates mismatch problems for him.

Analysis: Monroe is a feisty defensive back who gets the most from his ability, but he lacks great upside and comes with minimal physical skills. He could make it as a dime back if he continues to play well on special teams.

Mykel Jones NFL Draft Scouting Report | Wide Receiver

Positives: Athletic receiver who flashed big-time ability on occasion. Quickly releases off the line of scrimmage, sells routes, and tracks the pass in the air. Displays himself as a solid vertical receiver, makes the over-the-shoulder reception in stride, and possesses eye/hand coordination. Nicely makes the catch on crossing patterns, adjusting to the errant throw, and grabbing the ball from the air.

Negatives: Displays only average run-after-the-catch skill. Marginally productive throughout his college career.

Analysis: Jones has flashed big-time ability the past couple of years yet never really took his game to the next level or consistently produced on the field. He possesses a good amount of upside potential but must learn to play at a high level on a consistent basis.

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2021 NFL Draft | AAC Scouting Reports: Tulsa Golden Hurricane

For information on Tulsa linebacker Zaven Collins, check out his 2021 NFL Draft Profile.

Allie Green NFL Draft Scouting Report | Cornerback

Positives: Nice-sized corner who was a consistent starter the past two years. Instinctive, plays heads-up football, and quickly reads and diagnoses coverage assignments. Effective facing the action, fires up the field, and wraps up tackling.

Negatives: Possesses average play speed and quickness. Shows little burst to the ball out of his plant. Possesses suspect deep speed and does a lot of chasing downfield.

Analysis: Green is a physical defensive back with nice size but poor speed. His wherewithal and physicality could lead to a move inside to safety.

Corey Taylor NFL Draft Scouting Report | Running Back

Positives: Nice-sized running back who was the primary ball carrier at Tulsa last season. Displays excellent vision and finds the hole then turns it upfield. Works runs, uses an effective straight arm, and gets a lot of momentum going up the field. Tough to bring down, rarely tackled by a single opponent, and falls forward for extra yardage. Shows a burst through the hole. Stays with blocking assignments and gives effort.

Negatives: Struggles running east and west or trying to turn the corner. Not a smooth or quick cutback runner. Rarely used as a receiver out of the backfield.

Analysis: Taylor comes with limitations and is a bit one-dimensional, but he could make an NFL roster as a fifth back used in short-yardage situations.

Cristian Williams NFL Draft Scouting Report | Safety

Positives: Two-year starter and one of the best run defenders on the Tulsa defense. Quick to read and diagnose, instinctive, and fires up the field. Wraps up ball handlers. Stays with coverage responsibilities and does a good job recognizing assignments.

Negatives: Lacks recovery speed and shows a limited burst. Only effective facing the action and does a lot of face-guarding in man-coverage situations.

Analysis: Williams was a solid college safety who plays best when he’s facing the action but has physical limitations.

Keylon Stokes NFL Draft Scouting Report | Wide Receiver

Positives: Three-year starter with experience returning kicks. Reliable pass catcher with the ability to consistently separate from defenders. Runs good routes, comes back to the ball, and extends to make the reception away from his frame.

Nicely adjusts to the errant throw and displays strong hands. Fights with his hands to separate from opponents. Possesses solid eye/hand coordination as well as focus and concentration. Has a smooth and fluid style.

Negatives: Struggles in battles and isn’t a big-bodied receiver. Lacks deep speed and a second gear.

Analysis: Stokes was a consistent receiver at the college level but possesses no outstanding physical element to his game. His reliable hands and ability to consistently get separation could help him get drafted in the late rounds and find a spot in the NFL as a fifth receiver.

TieNeal Martin NFL Draft Scouting Report | Cornerback

Positives: Junior college transfer who moved into the starting lineup last season and has gone unnoticed in scouting circles. Possesses good size, plays physical football, and gives effort defending the run or covering screen throws. Keeps the action in front of him, defeats blocks, and displays a decent burst to the ball.

Wraps up tackling and brings opponents down in the open field. Quick to read and diagnose the action, breaks down well, and works to get his head back around to locate the pass in the air. Effectively tracks the ball and works well with teammates in the secondary.

Negatives: Possesses average deep speed and does not have a closing burst. May not have the natural quickness to stay at cornerback.

Analysis: Martin was ungraded by scouts coming into the year but possesses the size and ball skills to be used in dime packages at the next level.

Zach Smith NFL Draft Scouting Report | Quarterback

Positives: Baylor transfer who started the past two seasons for Tulsa. Patient in the pocket, scans the field, and possesses a quick release. Puts speed on passes and throws with good velocity. Goes through progressions and possesses the ability to drive deep passes in front of receivers and lets them run to the ball. Remains poised under the rush as the pocket collapses around him and keeps his eyes downfield looking for open wideouts.

Negatives: Does not consistently follow through over his top foot and sprays throws. Passes can be all over the place. Makes some questionable decisions under the rush.

Analysis: Smith possesses the arm talent to play at the next level but needs a lot of work on his overall game. More than anything else, he must improve his accuracy and pass placement.

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