2021 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft: Where to draft this year’s top rookies

In what seemed like a whirlwind 72 hours, the 2021 NFL Draft is now behind us. The next step on the fantasy football calendar is seeing where the 2021 dynasty rookies land in drafts. Now that we finally have landing spots for our favorite players, let’s dive into a 2021 Superflex dynasty rookie mock draft and see how it has shaken up the ADP.

2021 Dynasty Superflex Rookie Mock Draft | First Round

From 1.01 to the end of the fourth round, we will begin things in the same way the 2021 NFL Draft began.

1) Trevor Lawrence (QB1 – Jacksonville Jaguars)

Absolutely no surprise here. Trevor Lawrence is the first overall section in this 2021 Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft and has been for quite some time. He has been the pick for managers and the Jaguars for quite some time, and nothing has changed here. The Jaguars made some solid additions to their team, especially on the offense. One of which we will touch on very soon. 

Lawrence is the most valuable of all 2021 dynasty rookies, and there has not been a pick this valuable since maybe Saquon Barkley. Heading into the NFL Draft, I tried to move off the 1.01 for a king’s ransom. If given a chance, I would still highly consider it as the value is astronomical for the next anointed rookie superstar.

2) Trey Lance (QB2 – San Francisco 49ers)

Honestly, all 2021 rookie drafts begin here at pick No. 2. And really, there is no wrong answer. Both Trey Lance and Justin Fields are incredible talents and equally deserve this draft selection.

Amongst the 2021 rookies for dynasty, Lance might very well have the highest ceiling and lands in literally the perfect situation. The 49ers are loaded on offense, and Lance was built to run the Kyle Shanahan offense. Yes, I know how many games he played and the competition, but I don’t care, and neither did the 49ers when they selected him as the third overall player. 

3) Justin Fields (QB3 – Chicago Bears)

This is the easiest pick of the entire draft. If you are in the third slot, all you do is select whichever QB falls to you in your 2021 dynasty rookie mock drafts. You literally can not go wrong. As I said for Lance, both he and Justin Fields are worthy of the 1.02, and I would not fault anyone for deciding one way or the other. What helps to push Lance over Fields is the stability on the team. 

Fields might be the most talented QB to play for the Bears in, well, ever. But how will the team fair around him? Allen Robinson will surely be gone after this year, and if they struggle, so will Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace. Although now that I think about it, maybe that’s a good thing? Fields’ talent is undeniable, and he could be a top-six QB in dynasty formats in a very short time. 

4) Najee Harris (RB1 – Pittsburgh Steelers)

I know I said pick No. 3 was the easiest pick, but maybe it is this one. How could you go wrong with Najee Harris or Lance/Fields? Use judgment on which position on your team needs the most help. If you choose an RB, Harris is by far and away the top running back in 2021 dynasty rookie mock drafts and remains the same here.

If not for Superflex, he is the clear and easy 1.01 selection. The Steelers needed an RB desperately. Since 2017, they have been bottom five in nearly all rushing statistics. Harris was born to be Pittsburgh’s RB and will see a massive touch count from Day 1. He is by far the most valuable running back of all 2021 dynasty rookies.

5) Ja’Marr Chase (WR1 – Cincinnati Bengals)

The Bengals actually did it. Choosing weapons over protection, they selected Ja’Marr Chase and paired him with his former LSU QB in Joe Burrow. Chase came into the NFL Draft the WR1 and exits in the same position. The pair of him and Tee Higgins is as dangerous as it gets and will also slide Tyler Boyd into the slot. The Bengals banked on OTs falling into the second, which did happen, but we will see if it is enough. 

Receivers are the foundation of dynasty rosters, as they maintain their value for a more extended time period. No one at the position is more valuable than Chase and could quickly become of the best receivers in the NFL.

6) Kyle Pitts (TE1 – Atlanta Falcons)

All I can say is good luck to the NFC South stopping the Falcons offense. Sure, they might allow 35 points every week, but they can score 49 just as quickly. Kyle Pitts is a transcendent talent at the tight end position.

TE falls off a cliff beyond the first handful of players, so being able to add a dynamic weapon like Pitts at pick No. 6 is too good to pass up. I don’t care if I have Travis Kelce and George Kittle on my team already. I’m taking Pitts in every 2021 rookie mock draft when given a chance. His potential trajectory is higher than all other 2021 dynasty rookies. 

7) Zach Wilson (QB4 – New York Jets)

Up to this point, this 2021 Superflex rookie mock draft has followed my rookie rankings. But given the format, we see it deviate. Quarterbacks are the most valuable position in this league, and any time you can select a starting QB, you have to do it. Zach Wilson captivated the NFL with his play at BYU and secured his No. 2 overall selection in the NFL Draft at his pro day. 

Wilson is at his best making off-platform throws, and the Jets have sneakily built a solid wide receiver corps. Robert Saleh has quickly worked to mitigate the damage of the previous regime, and I’m willing to bet on Wilson being the real deal.

8) DeVonta Smith (WR2 – Philadelphia Eagles)

Selected at pick No. 12 in the NFL Draft, DeVonta Smith slipped a bit further than most expected. However, he lands on a team with a massive need at wide receiver and will be a fantasy contributor from Week 1. Smith forms an incredibly explosive tandem with 2020 first-round pick Jalen Reagor.

Jalen Hurts will progress in his second season, and Smith should be his first read in his progression. While he won’t reproduce his 1,856 yards and 23 touchdown campaign that brought home the Heisman Trophy, Smith will be a target monster for the Eagles and have no issue returning value for years to come.

9) Travis Etienne (RB2 – Jacksonville Jaguars)

Heading into the NFL Draft, it was a coin flip between Travis Etienne and Javonte Williams. However, it is hard to ignore the upside of Etienne here. Urban Meyer pairs him with his former QB in Lawrence, and Etienne should fit in perfectly in the system Meyer wants to run in Jacksonville. The only concern is James Robinson. After an incredible rookie season as a UDFA, the question is how will both RBs split the carries. 

With that being said, that was not with Meyer as the head coach. And you do not spend the 25th overall selection on a third-down back. Etienne will be the lead back for the Jaguars and the primary passing option vaulting him to the RB2 in this 2021 dynasty rookie mock draft.

10) Mac Jones (QB5 – New England Patriots)

Here is where draft order and the format making its presence felt. There is a massive fall off at running back but knowing there is a whole round worth of picks until we are back on the clock, the selection is Mac Jones. A starting QB in Superflex formats is too valuable to pass up. Jones has a massive chip on his shoulder after hearing for the last month-plus he would be the No. 3 overall pick. He is also one of the 2021 dynasty rookies with the widest variance of outcomes, but I am confident he can make it work in the NFL.

The landing spot is a perfect fit. He is as quick of a decision-maker as any we have seen, and his incredible short to intermediate accuracy. He will start the season behind Cam Newton, but how long that remains the case is anyone’s guess. Jones is a better QB than most give him credit for, and now he can prove it was not just the talent of Alabama that made him into the player that he was on film.