Why Is Peyton Manning in a Bud Light Commercial? This Super Bowl 58 Ad Full of Stars

    Bud Light has reached for the stars in their Super Bowl 58 commercial, which features Peyton Manning, among others.

    Peyton Manning is all over our TV screens right now. Fans can’t get enough of the former NFL quarterback, and now, he’ll be starring in a Bud Light commercial during Super Bowl 58.

    The ad will be one of the most talked about of all the Super Bowl commercials, with Manning headlining a star-studded line-up.

    Peyton Manning Stars in Bud Light Commercial at Super Bowl 58

    The Bud Light commercial is called “Easy Night Out” and revolves around a gathering of friends who get wishes from the Bud Light Genie.

    It’s 60 seconds long and opens with a man in a Denver Broncos No. 18 Manning jersey opening a fridge to a genie appearing out of a Bud Light bottle, dressed in a tracksuit with sunglasses on.

    The genie then grants a series of wishes before the group ends up in a karaoke bar. In this scene, the man wearing the Broncos’ jersey says, “I wish Peyton Manning would be my best friend,” before the genie grants the wish and Manning appears at the bar.

    Todd Allen, Bud Light’s vice president of marketing, spoke to USA TODAY and said, “We’re delivering the best names in sports, music, and entertainment and introducing a brand-new character to our Bud Light universe.

    “Bud Light’s long-standing partnership with the NFL is one of the most iconic relationships in sports, and we’re excited to be back on the Super Bowl stage this year to continue our long legacy of delivering iconic, breakthrough Super Bowl ads that rally fans year after year.”

    After a partial customer boycott in 2023, Bud Light is looking to reinstate itself as the top-selling beer in the country in 2024. To create more interest, the company has employed Manning — along with a host of other celebrities — to reinvent their brand.

    UFC CEO Dana White and rapper Post Malone — who is performing America The Beautiful before the Super Bowl — are also in the ad.

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    Manning spoke about his involvement in the commercial in a press release statement. “The Super Bowl is the highlight of the NFL season for any player, and it’s always been a highlight for the Bud Light team as well,” the former Broncos QB said.

    “We had a lot of fun making this commercial, and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be thinking through what they would wish for if they were lucky enough to meet the Bud Light Genie.”

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