Do the New York Giants Have the Worst NFL Jerseys? Fans Rip New ‘Century Red’ Throwback Uniforms

NFL teams are getting more creative with uniforms nowadays, but did the New York Giants miss the mark with their latest throwback?

New doesn’t always mean better. Such is the case for the New York Giants and their latest unveiling of their latest “Century Red” throwback jerseys. It’s set to be an ode to the Giants teams of the past, with a fresh new twist.

However, once it hit the internet and people got a chance to give their opinions on the new threads, one begins to wonder if the Giants missed the mark with their new look.

Giants Unveil New Throwback Uniforms That Get Ripped on Social Media

Once social media gets going, that’s a train that usually doesn’t stop anytime soon. Such is the case with the instant reactions to the Giants’ new uniform they unveiled on Thursday morning.

Pro Football Network proposed the question: Is the new look fire or trash?

Naturally, the responses did not disappoint, unless you’re the Giants’ brass, in which case you may feel a bit disappointed by the answers.

“If Michigan and the Canadians had a baby, it would look like this 🤢,” says one X user. And after further review, he may be right.

Uniforms so bad that their new rookie WR may now decide to request a trade? At least one X user seems to think so.

“Malik Nabers has requested a trade.”

Some people decided to bypass the funny stuff and cut straight to the chase with their opinions on the new look.

“These are the most hideous uniforms in the league.”

If you’re looking for a silver lining, or maybe just a bit of misery-loving company, this may be the post for you. However, at least this X user concedes that the look makes sense for other teams, it just misses the mark in their opinion for the G-Men.

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“Ugly as sin like GB’s alternate, Phillys 2007 and the Bears alternate. This works for Michigan but dang they ugly on NFL teams 😂”

Sometimes a GIF is all that needs to be said. And in this case, the disgust on the face of Steve Carell says it all.

Look, are they objectively bad? Maybe. But do the Giants get kudos for trying and using their rich history to do so? I believe so.

They took a chance that they knew would be vastly different from anything the NFL has for uniforms today, but they were okay with it because of its meaning.

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Using their 1933 season jersey, 1938 helmets, and 1925 pants and socks, the Giants chose to represent and honor all of the teams and players that came before them. While the execution may have missed the mark for many, it’s the thought that counts. Right?

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