NFL Win-Loss Predictions 2024: All 272 Games, Playoffs, Final Standings, Super Bowl Winner, and More

Which teams will win their divisions? Who'll make the playoffs? Will the Chiefs win the Super Bowl? Let's dive into some NFL win-loss predictions.

With Wednesday’s NFL schedule reveal now out of the way, nearly every major offseason variable has been solved.

We know where free agents went. We know which players were and weren’t traded. We know which prospects were selected in the 2024 NFL Draft. And now we know the dates, times, and locations of all 272 games on the regular-season calendar.

Obviously, there’s still a long way to go in the offseason. Big trades still could happen, and teams won’t start laying their real foundations until training camps begin in late July. But with most of the pieces in place, we fired up the Pro Football Network Playoff Predictor and made win-loss predictions for the entire NFL season.

NFL Win-Loss Predictions: Every Game, Final Standings, Playoff Results, Draft Order

To keep things simple, we broke the season up into four sections: after Week 4, after Week 8, after Week 12, and after Week 18. We then picked each playoff game, including Super Bowl 59, and finished by generating the order for the 2025 NFL Draft.

NFL Standings Through Week 4

NFL Schedule Predictions
Pro Football Network

Key Games

  • Ravens beat Chiefs (Week 1)
  • Jets beat 49ers (Week 1)
  • Bills beat Dolphins (Week 2)
  • Chiefs beat Bengals (Week 2)
  • Cowboys beat Ravens (Week 3)
  • Rams beat 49ers (Week 3)
  • Texans beat Jaguars (Week 4)
  • Ravens beat Bills (Week 4)

C.J. Stroud and the Texans justify the preseason hype by getting off to a 3-1 start. Same for Jordan Love and the Packers, who win their first four games.

The rest of the seeds are somewhat expected, aside from the Panthers holding a postseason spot over the Eagles and 49ers (that won’t last), and the Chiefs sitting outside the playoff picture after a sluggish start.

NFL Standings Through Week 8

NFL Schedule Predictions
Pro Football Network

Key Games

  • Ravens beat Bengals (Week 5)
  • Bills beat Texans (Week 5)
  • Rams beat Packers (Week 5)
  • Browns beat Eagles (Week 6)
  • Lions beat Cowboys (Week 6)
  • Bengals beat Browns (Week 7)
  • 49ers beat Chiefs (Week 7)
  • Ravens beat Browns (Week 8)
  • Jets beat Patriots (Week 8)
  • 49ers beat Cowboys (Week 8)

Water finds its level in the NFC as the Panthers crater and the Niners rattle off four straight wins. The Cowboys are still searching for consistency, but they’re nearing a breakout.

In the AFC, the Chargers outperform expectations — including a win over the Chiefs — but wins over the Steelers, Cardinals, and Saints inflate their record. The Ravens also take over the top spot in the conference, a position they’ll hold at the end of the season.

NFL Standings Through Week 12

NFL Schedule Predictions
Pro Football Network

Key Games

  • Texans beat Jets (Week 9)
  • Bills beat Dolphins (Week 9)
  • Packers beat Lions (Week 9)
  • Ravens beat Bengals (Week 10)
  • Cowboys beat Eagles (Week 10)
  • Texans beat Lions (Week 10)
  • Rams beat Patriots (Week 11)
  • Chiefs beat Bills (Week 11)
  • Cowboys beat Texans (Week 11)
  • 49ers beat Packers (Week 12)

It’s a tough stretch for the Lions, who lose games to the Packers and Texans. The Eagles also continue to spin their wheels at 6-5, but they show what they’re made of with wins over the Jaguars and Rams. The Chiefs get back on track and establish themselves as the team to beat, and the Dolphins have Miami fans dreaming of a Super Bowl after an 8-3 start.

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At this point, you might be wondering why the Patriots are 6-6. Aren’t they supposed to stink and win, like, three games? Well, maybe, but we think their defense will give them a high floor and keep them competitive in a top-heavy AFC. They could surprise some people if they can receive adequate quarterback play and offensive coaching.

Lurking in the shadows are the Bengals, who have wins over the Eagles, Chargers, and Browns. They’ve lost some big games to top contenders, but their championship potential is clear.

Final NFL Standings and Playoff Seedings

NFL Schedule Predictions
Pro Football Network

Key Games

  • Packers beat Dolphins (Week 13)
  • Jaguars beat Texans (Week 13)
  • Bills beat 49ers (Week 13)
  • Lions beat Packers (Week 14)
  • Jets beat Dolphins (Week 14)
  • Cowboys beat Bengals (Week 14)
  • 49ers beat Rams (Week 15)
  • Browns beat Chiefs (Week 15)
  • Bengals beat Browns (Week 16)
  • Chiefs beat Texans (Week 16)
  • Bills beat Patriots (Week 16)
  • Ravens beat Texans (Week 17)
  • Bills beat Jets (Week 17)
  • Cowboys beat Eagles (Week 17)
  • Lions beat 49ers (Week 17)
  • Browns beat Ravens (Week 18)
  • Bills beat Patriots (Week 18)
  • Dolphins beat Jets (Week 18)

The AFC North is the NFL’s best division, sending three teams to the postseason. The AFC East limps to the finish, as the Dolphins lose five of their final six games, and the Bills emerge as the division’s lone playoff participant. The Chiefs do what they’re supposed to do, and the Jaguars and Texans both hold onto playoff spots.

There aren’t many surprises in the NFC. All the teams that should make the playoffs ultimately do, and the Falcons prove that they’re overrated and not ready for prime time. Caleb Williams and the Bears also fade but show real promise. The Lions earn the top seed by way of a head-to-head tiebreaker over the 49ers.

NFL Playoff Results and Super Bowl LIX Winner

NFL Schedule Predictions
Pro Football Network

It’s Joe Burrow’s time.

In early May, we looked at each team’s roster weaknesses after free agency and the draft. We struggled to find any Achilles heels on the Bengals, who addressed their needs on the offensive and defensive lines.

Cincinnati is just loaded. And with Burrow back under center and motivated after a lost season, the Bengals win three road playoff games and top the Lions in Super Bowl 59.

2025 NFL Draft Order

Note: This order is based solely on final records and strength of schedule, as we didn’t input scores for each regular-season game. The final order likely would be slightly different to account for all tiebreakers.

NFL Schedule Predictions
Pro Football Network

Yes, it’s probably too early to talk about next year’s draft. We’re just a few weeks removed from the 2024 NFL Draft, after all. That said, our accuracy with this year’s big board and draft projections proves that getting a head start on film review and prospect gradings yields great results when the draft arrives.

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We don’t know how the teams will finish, but we have a good idea of which players will emerge as the top prospects in the 2025 draft class. To that end, here are the top 15 prospects on Ian Cummings’ 2025 NFL Draft Big Board:

  1. Luther Burden III, WR, Missouri
  2. Will Johnson, CB, Michigan
  3. Deone Walker, DT, Kentucky
  4. Tetairoa McMillan, WR, Arizona
  5. Benjamin Morrison, CB, Notre Dame
  6. Abdul Carter, EDGE, Penn State
  7. Walter Nolen, DT, Ole Miss
  8. James Pearce Jr., EDGE, Tennessee
  9. Harold Perkins Jr., LB, LSU
  10. Emeka Egbuka, WR, Ohio State
  11. Carson Beck, QB, Georgia
  12. Shedeur Sanders, QB, Coloardo
  13. Mason Graham, DT, Michigan
  14. Earnest Greene III, OT, Georgia
  15. Princely Umanmielen, EDGE, Florida

We’ve already completed our initial 2025 NFL Mock Draft. You can get in on the fun, too, by checking out our multi-user Mock Draft Simulator, which includes next year’s projected top prospects and draft order.

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