NFL Schedule Release 2024: Which Teams Will Travel the Most Miles This Season?

    Which NFL teams will travel the most miles in 2024? Here are the clubs that should have their neck pillows and headphones ready next season.

    While every NFL team plays 17 games over 18 weeks, no two 2024 schedules were created equally. As outlined in Pro Football Network’s strength of schedule matrix, some clubs face more difficult opponents than others.

    Meanwhile, some teams will spend more time traveling than their compatriots. Which organizations will travel the most miles next season?

    Which NFL Teams Will Travel the Most Miles in 2024?

    The following teams should have their neck pillows and headphones ready. Here’s which NFL clubs will travel the most miles in 2024, according to betting analyst Bill Speros.

    1) Los Angeles Chargers | 26,803 miles

    Jim Harbaugh’s Chargers will travel a whopping 26,803 miles in 2024, the most in the league. Los Angeles will also travel through the most time zones (36) of any team.

    The Bolts will start traveling in Weeks 2 and 3 with road games against the Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Steelers, respectively. Three of the Chargers’ four post-bye week matchups will also be away contests.

    On the plus side, L.A. has the NFL’s second-easiest schedule.

    2) Miami Dolphins | 25,869 miles

    The Dolphins will take cross-country flights to face the Seattle Seahawks in Week 3 and the Los Angeles Rams in Week 10. Miami reportedly preferred those West Coast games in back-to-back weeks, but the NFL scheduled them months apart.

    Moreover, the Dolphins will have a 47-day stretch with one home game on the docket. From Weeks 3 through 7, Miami’s only appearance at Hard Rock Stadium will be a Week 4 Monday night game against the Tennessee Titans.

    3) Seattle Seahawks | 25,797 miles

    As the NFL’s only team in the Pacific Northwest, the Seahawks are always due for a lot of travel. That won’t change in 2024, when road games against the New England Patriots, New York Jets, and others will total 25,797 miles.

    Seattle’s mileage total is exorbitant, but the club will actually travel 5,803 fewer miles in 2024 than in 2023. That’s the fifth-highest raw decrease in the league next year, per Speros.

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    4) New England Patriots | 25,071 miles

    Nothing will be easy for the Patriots in 2024. Not only will they face the NFL’s hardest schedule, but they’ll also travel the fourth-most miles.

    Drake Maye and Co. will travel to England to play the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 7. New England also has a challenging stretch from Weeks 9 through 12 that includes three road games against the Titans, Chicago Bears, and Dolphins.

    5) San Francisco 49ers | 24,575 miles

    The defending NFC champions will spend plenty of time in the air next season. Road games against the Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Dolphins will require lengthy trips for the 49ers.

    The 49ers will cross the third-most time zones (28) among NFL teams in 2024. But like Seattle, San Francisco will see a significant reduction in mileage next year. The Niners will travel 5,383 fewer miles next season than in 2023.

    2024 NFL Miles Traveled

    Here’s how many miles every NFL team will travel in 2024, courtesy of Speros:

    1) Los Angeles Chargers: 26,803 miles
    2) Miami Dolphins: 25,869 miles
    3) Seattle Seahawks: 25,797 miles
    4) New England Patriots: 25,071 miles
    5) San Francisco 49ers: 24,575 miles
    6) Los Angeles Rams: 24,263 miles
    7) Las Vegas Raiders: 23,345 miles
    8) Philadelphia Eagles: 22,756 miles
    9) New York Jets: 22,397 miles
    10) Green Bay Packers: 22,209 miles
    11) Jacksonville Jaguars: 22,075 miles
    12) Carolina Panthers: 21,288 miles
    13) Arizona Cardinals: 21,064 miles
    14) Denver Broncos: 19,670 miles
    15) Chicago Bears: 19,558 miles
    16) New York Giants: 19,295 miles

    17) Minnesota Vikings: 19,030 miles
    18) Dallas Cowboys: 18,293 miles
    19) Houston Texans: 18,052 miles
    20) Kansas City Chiefs: 16,719 miles
    21) Buffalo Bills: 16,710 miles
    22) Baltimore Ravens: 15,424 miles
    22) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 14,303 miles
    23) Detroit Lions: 14,328 miles
    25) Cleveland Browns: 13,998 miles
    26) Tennessee Titans: 13,311 miles
    27) New Orleans Saints: 13,084 miles
    28) Atlanta Falcons: 12,416 miles
    29) Pittsburgh Steelers: 12,047 miles
    30) Indianapolis Colts: 11,497 miles
    31) Cincinnati Bengals: 10,611 miles
    32) Washington Commanders: 10,550 miles

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