Tony Pauline Mailbag: Redskins already set on their first round draft pick?

In this week's mailbag, we discuss some buzz on free agent cornerback Darius Slay, talk about some of the Atlanta Falcons' plans, provide additional detail on big offseason developments for the Washington Redskins, and much more.

Every week, I open up the mailbag for anyone to send me their questions on college football, the NFL, or the 2020 NFL Draft. With the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis getting underway next week, the news and rumors will only pick up from this point. This week’s mailbag includes information on the Washington Redskins’ plans, what the Atlanta Falcons might do in free agency, where Darius Slay may end up, and much more. But we start with some Seattle Seahawks talk.

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The Tony Pauline Mailbag

What are the Seahawks going do on the offensive and defensive lines? They have many free agents on both sides of the ball.

The team wants Jarran Reed back and re-signing him is a priority. After that, the expectations are the Seahawks will use their early draft picks to address both their offensive and defensive lines.

Where is Darius Slay most likely to land?

I am told right now the two teams at the top of the pack to land Slay are the Denver Broncos and Los Angeles Rams. The Rams are interesting considering they traded for Jalen Ramsey last year. The Broncos are expected to lose Chris Harris in free agency so Slay would slide right in.

What happens with the Kansas City Chiefs’ Chris Jones: Re-sign or a tag and trade?

Kansas City wants to keep Jones and I expect they will try and sign him to a decent long-term deal.

What positions do you hear the Bears might be focused on at the combine?

They will be looking hard at the tight ends and speed receivers. The Bears will also closely monitor the defensive backs. I would suspect linebackers will be focused on as well as they may lose some veterans to free agency.

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Hear any free agents the Washington Redskins are interested in at any position? What is the latest on Trent Williams?

Here are two updates from my previous reports on the Redskins:

1) Not only does Ron Rivera love Chase Young, but owner Daniel Snyder wants Young to wind up DC. It seems unanimous the owner and the coach are on the same page on drafting Young at this point.

2) I made mention during The Draft Insiders podcast the belief is Trent Williams is likely to return to the Redskins since they’ve cleaned house. A source told me outright Williams will return to Washington because of Ron Rivera.

If the Atlanta Falcons do not re-sign Austin Hooper, do you see them going after any free agents?

The Falcons won’t re-sign Hooper as he will cost Atlanta too much money, either via tag or via a multi-year deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is announced soon by the team. I’m told they hope to come out of free agency with a pass rusher. On February 4, I mentioned that the Falcons liked Dante Fowler and that he wanted to play in Atlanta.

Who are some of the deeper sleepers that you have your eyes on?

These are not Combine invitees, but last week, I mentioned Bronson Rechsteiner from Kennesaw State. I also like quarterback Ben DiNucci of James Madison and his teammate, edge rusher John Daka. Another player from the CAA I like as well is wide receiver Isaiah Coulter of Rhode Island.

Finally, Adam Rodriguez of Weber State is another smaller pass rusher that could fit in as a situational player at the next level.

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