Carson Beck’s Draft Profile | Georgia, QB Scouting Report

With his scouting report, can Georgia's Carson Beck become QB1 of the 2025 NFL Draft? He has the talent, and the intangibles, to get it done.

Juxtaposed with the 2024 NFL Draft quarterback class, the 2025 NFL Draft‘s quarterback class appears underwhelming on the surface. But Georgia QB Carson Beck is a prospect who could change that with his scouting report. After a career year, does Beck have the momentum to become QB1?

Carson Beck’s Draft Profile and Measurements

  • Height: 6’4″
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • Position: Quarterback
  • School: Georgia
  • Current Year: Redshirt Senior

Stetson Bennett left big shoes to fill at Georgia. He was a two-time National Champion and led the Bulldogs to a 15-0 season in 2022. Bennett was a good college QB — but Beck has already made him a distant memory.

Beck arrived at Georgia with plenty of fanfare. He was a four-star recruit who’d led the Mandarin High School team to its first-ever Florida state championship. But in 2020, he was behind Bennett and JT Daniels on the depth chart and redshirted his first season. Then Bennett kept the reins in 2021 and 2022.

Beck flashed promise ahead of 2023 — he completed 26 of 35 passes for 310 yards and four scores in limited action in 2022 — but it took him longer to become the full-time starter than it normally does for highly-touted recruits.

Nevertheless, Beck used that time behind the scenes to learn and grow as a player, and he carried that growth through a 2023 campaign that saw him complete 302 of 417 attempts (72.4%) for 3,941 yards, 24 touchdowns, and just six interceptions.

With just one year as a full-time starter under his belt, Beck already looks like a natural QB and a potential franchise talent in a 2025 class that desperately needs one. But how exactly does he profile at the next level? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

Beck’s Scouting Report


  • Sports a tall, prototypical frame with good, lean mass.
  • Nimble pocket operator who can use light feet and short-area burst to manage space.
  • Has enough mobility and straight-line speed to sneak through gaps for solid gains.
  • Uses easy velocity generation to push passes past trailing defenders into tight windows.
  • Has the arm elasticity to maintain velocity off-platform on PA rollouts and scrambles.
  • Can use his composite arm talent to layer pace and touch on anticipatory darts.
  • Possesses an extremely quick, compact, and efficient release on rhythm throws.
  • Has a wide velocity gradient and can throw with touch or laser-like pace at will.
  • Can diagnose pre-snap, anticipate breaks, and trigger on middle-of-field opportunities.
  • Knows how to manipulate flat and hook zone defenders with his eyes, then capitalize.
  • Can read high-to-low and hit checkdowns in a timely manner with his discretion.
  • Accurate QB who can use controlled shoulder tilts to throw with situational precision.
  • Keeps his base narrow on pocket navigation to allow for easy rotational torque.
  • Able to slide away from pressure and stay poised while rolling his hips on release.
  • Good ball handler and offensive conductor who can play under center or in shotgun.


  • Tall, slightly high-cut frame yields moderate hip stiffness on direction changes.
  • Doesn’t have the agility or flexibility to be a consistent threat as a creator.
  • Arm strength, while great, may fall a notch below the quantifiably elite mark.
  • Sometimes idles his eyes on boundary verticals, keying in safeties over the top.
  • Is occasionally a tick late to trigger on double-moves, throwing WRs into coverage.
  • Blitz threats sometimes goad him into drifting too far back and throwing off back foot.
  • Interior pressure sometimes causes him to clutch and hesitate when targets are open.
  • On occasion, misses open WRs on crossing routes, losing time inside the pocket.
  • Can be quicker to sense interior pressure and adjust his positioning to stay in rhythm.
  • At times, gets happy feet when in phase, which can impact his ability to channel torque.
  • Shoulder misalignment can tug off-platform passes high when rolling to the left.
  • Occasionally clutches his release too early on short passes, causing throws to sink.
  • Sometimes overestimates placement when anticipating, leading WRs too far ahead.

Current Draft Projection and Summary

To open the 2025 NFL Draft cycle, Beck grades out as a late-first-round QB prospect on my board. He’s in the same tier as Bo Nix and Michael Penix Jr. from the 2024 cycle on my grading scale, and he has a chance to be an early first-round pick and the unquestioned QB1 of the 2025 group with another year.

Beck isn’t the same creative force that other top prospects have been in years past, but he compensates with a near-elite combination of accuracy and processing ability, made more potent by a high-level arm, with the arm strength and elasticity to drive pace from different platforms.

With his anticipation and situational precision, Beck can capitalize on leverage mismatches over the middle and up the seam and drive throws to his targets with impressive velocity and touch. On the other end of the spectrum, he’s a pinpoint-accurate short-game passer with efficient mechanics and a crisp, clean release.

Overall, with his accuracy, pre-snap and post-snap processing, arm talent, competitive toughness, versatility from shotgun and under center, and his ability to conduct the offense and keep plays on schedule, Beck has the potential to be a franchise QB who can elevate an NFL team from within the system.

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