Will Johnson’s Draft Profile | Michigan, CB Scouting Report

    With his 2025 NFL Draft scouting report, could Michigan's Will Johnson be one of the best cornerback prospects over the past few cycles?

    Michigan cornerback Will Johnson has been one of the best players at his position for two seasons now, but how does his 2025 NFL Draft scouting report stack up? He’s only in his first year of eligibility — but already, he’s on track to be a potential game-changer.

    Will Johnson’s Draft Profile and Measurements

    • Height: 6’2″
    • Weight: 202 pounds
    • Position: Cornerback
    • School: Michigan
    • Current Year: Junior

    Johnson’s star potential was visible at the very start of his football career. And in high school, that potential started to manifest in reality.

    As a senior at Grosse Point South High School near Detroit, Michigan, Johnson excelled as a two-way player. He caught 42 passes for 667 yards and six touchdowns on offense, and on defense, he racked up an interception and 12 pass deflections.

    As a five-star recruit, Johnson had dozens of suitors. But his father — Deon Johnson — had played CB for the Michigan Wolverines in the 1990s. And so the prospect of playing in-state, as a legacy player — for a championship-caliber team — won over the younger Johnson.

    It didn’t take long for Johnson to outreach the legacy of his father with the Wolverines. As a true freshman, he acclimated right away and became a Freshman All-American while piling up 27 tackles, including two tackles for loss, three interceptions, and three pass breakups.

    In 2023, Johnson only got better. A key cog of Michigan’s National Championship squad, Johnson amassed 27 tackles, a TFL, four interceptions — including a pick-six — and four pass deflections. He famously went toe-to-toe with Marvin Harrison Jr. and helped Michigan win a ring under Jim Harbaugh.

    Now Harbaugh, and many others, are gone — but Johnson remains as a returning first-team All-American, first-team All-Big Ten performer, and a definite pro prospect.

    Johnson’s Scouting Report


    • Well-built CB with impressive height, lean mass, and proportional length.
    • Effortless accelerator with elite explosive capacity, both on attack and in recovery.
    • Has unnatural foot speed and plant-and-drive quickness for his size in off-man.
    • Rare corrective quickness and twitch allow him to adapt at multiple route levels.
    • Has the smooth fluidity to adjust hip leverage and undergo swift 180-degree transitions.
    • Quicks, malleability, and short-area burst form a stifling corrective failsafe in coverage.
    • Has shown he can shift from pedal to side-saddle to trail technique on a given rep.
    • Possesses smooth throttle freedom and control in side-saddle, with anti-stack speed.
    • Instinctively ascribes techniques based on depth and situation, with a limitless toolbox.
    • Instantly responds to stimulus to vary his technique and drive on route breaks.
    • Patient, disciplined zone defender who can monitor overlapping routes and blind spots.
    • Flashes patience and discipline in press and can tempo up to close gaps off releases.
    • Can jar WRs in press with length, strength, and willing physicality via two-hand jams.
    • Can use his frame to wall off receivers at the catch point and undercut throws.
    • Former WR who has ball-hawking tendencies and is a turnover-generating force.


    • Sometimes oversets laterally in press-man coverage, opening the gate inside too early.
    • Still learning how to modulate matching footwork and transition to drives from press.
    • Double moves and stop-and-go’s can bait him into diverting upright and hitching.
    • Despite high-level fluidity, lacks elite sink when breaking inside over slants and crossers.
    • Occasionally plays too tall on his backpedal, which can delay sharp redirections.
    • Is at times overzealous with his physicality and interferes with WR routes by wrapping.
    • At times, can get his head around quicker to track the ball when working vertical.
    • On occasion, can play the ball with more precision when working to disrupt in trail.
    • Can improve timing when working at full speed to close gaps and play the ball.
    • Sometimes fails to wrap up as a tackler and grazes past his opponents.
    • Is a willing, active support presence, but functions more as a safety blanket at this time.

    Current Draft Projection and Summary

    Entering the 2025 NFL Draft cycle, Johnson grades out as an early-to-mid first-round prospect who could be a blue-chip prospect when it’s all said and done. There are still ways he can grow, but his raw talent and instinct invite plenty of excitement.

    At 6’2″, 202 pounds, Johnson is a superlative physical talent who combines length, lean mass, and physicality with elite explosiveness, short-area agility, twitch, and venerable long speed. He also has exceptional fluidity for his size, which he can use to adapt and transition.

    Going beyond the physical category, Johnson shows off uncommon vision, reaction speed, and processing ability for his experience level. He’s a sharp and patient zone defender with a deep bag of techniques, one who has bug-like stimuli and reaction quickness in off-man and against layered routes.

    While Johnson has a definite playmaking gene and turnover-generating capabilities, there’s still room to perfect his craft as a playmaker. His tracking and timing as a disruptor at the catch point can improve, as can his tackling form and discipline at the contact point.

    Nevertheless, Johnson already has a complete profile with physical and operational prowess, as well as schematic versatility. He’s more potent in zone and off-man coverage, but he also has the tools to overwhelm WRs in press-man.

    The ceiling for Johnson is a high one. He has all of the tools to be a true blue-chip prospect, a top-five pick at the CB position, and one of the standard-bearers of the 2020s on the NFL Draft stage.

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