Miami Dolphins News: ‘Sick, Twisted’ Christian Wilkins Discusses His Contract, Trash Talk

Miami Dolphins IDL Christian Wilkins wants to "carry [the] torch" for those who came before him when it comes to helping reset the defensive tackle market.

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins met with reporters for the first time in months after Saturday’s stadium practice.

But he hasn’t exactly been silent in between news conferences. No Dolphins player yaps more between the lines, making Wilkins arguably both Miami’s best defensive player and their best trash talker.

Wilkins is in the final year of his rookie contract and, like every other player in his position would, wants the Dolphins to put their money where his mouth is. Will they?

What Miami Dolphins DT Christian Wilkins Said About Contract Talks

Wilkins is a top 10 player at his position and one of the 100 best players in football. He’s due $10.8 million this fall, playing under the fifth-year option.

That makes him roughly underpaid by half. Spotrac lists Wilkins’ calculated market value at $19.4 million. But unlike others in his position — like Chris Jones and Nick Bosa — Wilkins has shown up to every practice this summer. And he’s brought it every practice too.

Before calling himself a “sick, twisted individual” when asked about his nonstop, NSFW chatter during practice, Wilkins answered a series of questions about his contract situation.

Here were those questions, with Wilkins’ answers, in full:

Is contract totally out of your mind, and if so, how do you accomplish that because it seems very significant?

“The biggest thing with that, all that stuff, I just try to focus as much on ball as possible and leave all that other stuff up to the organization and my representation and just control what I can control with my guys and with this team.

“I definitely feel like I’ve done enough and done a lot to earn a new deal and a new contract, but again, I’m just focusing on ball and improving every day and just giving my all to this organization, and hopefully, they’ll give their all back to me.”

Is that something you’d like to have a deadline or timeline on, start of the season or something, where hey, I’d love to at least have an answer — yes or no — by a certain time?

“Again, I’m just trying to focus on the everyday, first and foremost, and be the best teammate I can be for my guys, be there for them and just stay in my lane there. Again, like I said, if I continue to be humble and do right by this game, I’m really big on respecting the game and doing right by the game.

“And if you do that, the football gods will always bless you. So that’s kind of my approach, and that’s how I approach each and every day.”

Have you had encouraging signs, talks in those negotiations?

“Again, like I said, I’ll keep all that between the organization and my representation. I just try to be the best that I can be every day, however I see fit.”

Speaking broadly, though, it’s got to feel great that defensive tackles are now being paid like quarterbacks — $20-25 million a year. What is your reaction when you see those kinds of deals?

“No, absolutely. I just love it for the evolution of the game and how far we’ve come as a position. Again, like I said, I’m big on respecting the game, so it’s my job to carry that torch for those Warren Sapps, those Vince Wilforks — all those guys that I grew up watching and learning from. I have a responsibility, so I love what we’ve been able to do as a position for the game, and hopefully, we’ll continue to do that.”

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