Best NFL Schedule Release Videos: Chargers, Cowboys Steal the Show While Titans Flop Badly

We break down the best and worst of the 2024 NFL schedule release videos, including a hilarious video by the Chargers and a miss by the Titans.

The 2024 NFL schedule release is just as much a chance for the team’s creative staff to flex their abilities as much as it is for fans to start planning their fall trips.

While we’re providing wall-to-wall schedule release coverage, we also watched all 32 NFL schedule release videos to determine the best and worst the NFL has to offer.

The Best NFL Schedule Release Videos of 2024

Every year, it’s clear to see which teams have been preparing for this day the most, and it shows off in the production they put out to their fans.

Not every video is a hit, but this list highlights teams who went above and beyond and are the best of the best for 2024.

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers’ social media team is top-tier, and they remind us every year with their schedule release videos.

Fresh off a strong performance in 2023, Los Angeles came back around with another strong showing in 2024.

Using the popular video game “The Sims” to get their message across, the Chargers do their classic bit of making fun of relevant topics surrounding their weekly opponent.

From Cam Newton’s 7-on-7 brawl video that went viral to poking fun of Kansas City’s Chiefsaholic and his situation that is soon becoming a Netflix special, the detail and length they went to make their fans laugh, inform on the schedule, and be creative all at the same time while keeping relevant pop culture moments intertwined is why the Chargers are consistently at the top of the league in this category.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys’ social media team thought outside the box with their 2024 NFL schedule release, as they were able to rope in celebrities and athletes spanning all walks of life to hop on a FaceTime call as an ode to the viral internet trend.

From Jake Paul to Calvin Johnson and everyone in between, the likes of Post Malone, Jerry Jones, and even Dak Prescott hopped on a call to quietly elicit a funny reaction from the recipient.

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Atlanta Falcons

Using the classic video game “NFL Street” as their inspiration, the Falcons were able to take gamers and football fans alike back to the good ole days to announce their schedule.

Cartoon Bijan Johnson and Drake London, among others, are seen playing street ball around the country as they announce their opponents.

While they threw more humorous jabs than uppercuts, the Falcons simply knocked a cool concept out of the park and made a great production by doing so.

Baltimore Ravens

Enlisting the hilarious comedic styles of Ravens superfan and professional comedian Stavros Halkias, the Ravens let him run wild at the trust of coach John Harbaugh with the company credit card.

Harbaugh puts the comedian on a mission to do the right thing, and Halkias hilariously does everything but. From getting a Week 1 tattoo to jumping in the bed of an anti-Steelers truck, the comedian finally finds his way to LA to deliver a message to the other Harbaugh brother.

It’s funny, creative, and just wild enough to keep Ravens fans entertained as they learn when their team will play their opponents this season.

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New England Patriots

The Patriots kept it in Boston with their ode to “Good Will Hunting,” only their version is “Good Jules Hunting,” starring former WR Julian Edelman.

If that wasn’t enough Boston for you, they cap it off with another classic cinematic scene from the movie “The Town,” ensuring that this was easily one of the best NFL schedule releases of the year.

It was clever, unique, and just the perfect amount of New England to draw their fans in and keep them engaged. They pulled out all the stops, and it was an absolute home run for the Patriots’ social media team this year.

The Worst NFL Schedule Release Videos of 2024

There are so many good ones to choose from that it makes it hard to hone in on the best.

However, on the other hand, as we examine some of the videos that missed the mark, it becomes a little more clear who may have had the worst videos of the year.

While the Texans and Chiefs could both be mentioned for copying one another’s idea, they just missed out on making this list.

So let’s take a look at a couple that just did not cut it this time around.

Miami Dolphins

With a roster and coaching staff full of hilarious characters, the Dolphins had a chance to create one of the best videos for this year’s schedule release.

While using their team’s speed as a focal point isn’t a bad idea, it was simply too short and uncreative to warrant much praise.

With Tyreek Hill and Raheem Mostert editing and submitting “the schedule video,” naturally it was going to be built around speed. However, it was so fast it made it hard to read the schedule.

Yes, that was the point, but with other teams doing three-minute-long videos and getting in-depth creatively, this fell short and flat compared to their counterparts.

Tennessee Titans

What the Titans did in 2023 was an instant classic. To take it to the streets of Broadway and enlist the general public for the best guesses and reactions was a huge success.

However, when you default and try to do the same thing again the next year, it comes off as a sequel that was probably better off left alone.

There were some funny moments in the video, as any time you have random people on video it’s bound to produce some laughs.

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However, we just can’t get over the fact we have already seen this before. For that lack of creativity, it had to sit amongst one of our worst schedule release videos of the year.

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