College Football Recap, Week 6: The top storylines from the weekend

Looking for the Week 6 college football recap? Our live blog from Saturday provides you with all the analysis and news you need.

There were a lot of interesting college football games today on this second Saturday in October. And believe it or not, we are already into Week 6 of the 2020 college football season — the halfway point for the conferences that kicked off on time. Throughout the day, Tony Pauline and the PFN NFL Draft Crew provided analysis and updates for this Week 6 College Football Recap.

Week 6 College Football Recap with Tony Pauline, Ian Cummings, Matt Valdovinos, and Nick Farabaugh

All of the live college football Week 6 news and analysis got underway at noon and wrapped up after midnight ET in our College Football Live Game Day Blog. All of the analysis and updates have been kept in the order it was published (starting from the bottom) for the Week 6 College Football Recap.

Each update was followed by the initials of the analyst. “IC” is Ian Cummings, “MV” is Matt Valdovinos, “NF” is Nick Farabaugh, mand “TP” is me (Tony Pauline).

Week 6 College Football Recap: Trevor Lawrence proves why he will be the first overall pick (12:00 AM)

There is almost zero doubt that the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft will be the supremely talented Trevor Lawrence. While at Clemson, Lawrence’s dazzling arm talent and throws have been impeccable. There is zero doubt about the physical tools that are there. However, he showed a little something more against Miami.

For the first time that I can remember, we saw some real fire from Lawrence. Now make no mistake, Lawrence has always been tough, will lower his shoulder, and take a hit for his team. The guy is competitive. However, he openly talked back to Miami defenders today. There were motivation and heat really behind his play that had not shown up previously. That fire from the leader of an offense can really permeate throughout the team. Tonight, it did just that. I love seeing that from the future of an NFL franchise.

Even as a strict on the field performer, Lawrence made some incredible throws. His mobility is always the wild card in his game and makes him a legitimate threat on the ground. Lawrence really illustrated his ability to win outside the pocket as well. If scouts had any doubt about Lawrence, he certainly eased most detractors with his performance and fire tonight. NF

College Football Recap: D’Eriq King falls flat against Clemson (11:50 PM)

Houston transfer D’Eriq King has had a strong start to the season with the Miami Hurricanes. However, it was his big opportunity on Saturday to really silence his doubters as he faced a talented Clemson defense. Unfortunately, King did not have his best game.

With two interceptions and no touchdowns through the air, King was average at best. His accuracy was all over the map, and while lots of his receivers did not get open, it was clear that his wonky mechanics came into play. One of his interceptions was a sorely underthrown deep ball into the end zone.

If he had snapped through his core, it would have had a chance to be a touchdown. King still has been good to start off the season, but he will not raise this was his big chance to really raise his stock, and he did not come out and capitalize fully on that opportunity. NF

Asher O’Hara shines in Blue Raiders’ victory over FIU (11:35 PM)

Middle Tennessee has had a bit of a rough start to the year, but they have a gutsy and fun quarterback in Asher O’Hara. Against FIU today, he threw for two touchdowns and scampered for over 100 yards on the ground. That is the special dual-threat ability of O’Hara that makes him a blast to watch.

O’Hara has the elusiveness and football IQ to extend the play outside of structure and really make some special throws. The rocket arm he possesses on top of those wheels is impressive. O’Hara is erratic and lacks consistent accuracy. However, based on physical tools and projection, O’Hara is a fascinating prospect with a lot of upside to his skillset. NF

Marshall RB Brenden Knox making a name for himself (11:25 PM)

The Thundering Herd of Marshall has looked rather solid behind quarterback Grant Wells thus far on the year. However, running Brenden Knox is also experiencing a surge in his stock. He had yet another strong game today with 107 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

Knox brings toughness and sets a tone whenever he is out there on the field. There is a saying ‘to be your own blocker’ for running backs in short-yardage situations, and he is great in those areas. As a pure short-yardage back, Knox is as dependable as anyone in this class. He is just tough to bring down. Knox’s contact balance allows him to create a lot of yards after contact. As a guy to watch on day three, Knox is extremely intriguing.

North Texas WR Jaelon Darden is a great sleeper (11:10 PM)

To get nine touchdowns in four games is an impressive feat, and it is one that North Texas wide receiver Jaelon Darden has achieved thus far on the season. The Preseason All-Conference USA selection is proving he is one of the best receivers in the conference.

While he is only 5’9″, Darden’s quickness and route-running prowess make him a dangerous weapon. In addition, Darden’s elite hands are his best quality. He has not just been productive, but incredibly dependable for the Mean Green offense. Jaylen Guyton is having an impact with the Charges right now, and his former teammate in Darden could be the next Mean Green receiver to make his mark felt at the next level. His stock is surely on the upswing. NF

Week 6 College Football Recap proves that Jaylen Waddle is the best receiver in the 2021 NFL Draft (11:00 PM)

Alabama wide receiver Jaylen Waddle just caught a terrific out and up, and it showcased exactly why he is such a dynamic prospect.

Waddle’s route running is probably his most underrated trait. He sells this out and up with his eyes and hips. The cornerback will bite on that every time. A violent stick in the ground by his foot to get vertical is all it takes for him to get separation. Mac Jones underthrows the ball, but Waddle climbs the ladder and makes a great adjustment. Between his home-run speed and nuance in his routes, Waddle should be a Top-10 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. NF

Tamorrion Terry bounces back (10:50 PM)

The early-season struggles of star Florida State wide receiver Tamorrion Terry have been well-documented. Through three games Terry had 129 receiving yards and no touchdowns, but tonight against Notre Dame Terry has racked up 121 receiving yards and a touchdown.

Terry has been playing with awful quarterback play, and that much has been certain. However, he also has not been separating at a consistent rate and has a few costly drops thus far on the year. It is great to see the freaky Terry back to his explosive ways. His stock could soar after the combine, as he is a height-weight-speed freak. Terry’s upside will always be enthralling when looking at him as a prospect, and the production may now follow his talent this season with Jordan Travis at quarterback. NF

Najee Harris vs Travis Etienne: Who is better? Let’s find out in the Week 6 College Football Recap (10:45 PM)

It has been a fantastic night if you love running back play and the Week 6 College Football Recap is here to cover it. Between Travis Etienne and Najee Harris, both of them have put on a show. Etienne will be a special playmaker at the next level, but Harris has a complete skill set to be special too.

Really, if we are deciding between the two, it is honestly splitting hairs. Harris has a more impressive leg drive and power. The guy’s ability to grind out yards is uncanny. Meanwhile, Etienne has special acceleration and has improved his receiving skills greatly. Really, the one place where I can definitively separate these two is with their vision.

Etienne is still working through the nuances of vision as a running back, but Harris is elite. For that reason, I believe he is the best running back prospect in the draft. Regardless, both are fantastic prospects. NF

Braden Galloway emerging among Clemson weapons (10:35 PM)

Clemson has a bevy of offensive draft prospects this season including Trevor Lawrence, Amari Rodgers, and Travis Etienne. However, Junior Tight End Braden Galloway is ready to break out as another weapon to add to this group. He had a strong game against Wake Forest, but a two-touchdown game against Miami tonight will raise some eyebrows among evaluators.

Galloway has some serious gas. His athleticism is very noticeable once you see him work in the open field. That makes him a great mismatch weapon for the Tigers and they use him as a chess piece due to that athleticism. Even after the catch, Galloway is a tank that is tough to bring down. It feels like as of now he has been underutilized by the Tigers, but tonight is him at his best. In a tight end class that is already strong, Galloway could be another strong addition to the class. NF

On the flip side, the FSU d-line looks awful (10:20 PM)

The dominance of the Notre Dame offensive line has come at the expense of Florida State defensive line, specifically tackle Marvin Wilson, previously named as a Week 4 slider due to poor play.

Wilson has been manhandled by the two blockers just mentioned, left tackle Liam Eichenberg and guard Aaron Banks.  He’s yet to register a tackle tonight and despite a lot of effort, Wilson has been invisible. TP

College Football Recap: The Irish O-line looks good (10 PM)

The Notre Dame offensive line, which is rife with NFL talent, has looked really good and is pushing the Seminoles up and down the field.

Left tackle Liam Eichenberg and guard Aaron Banks, who’s been in and out of the line-up, have looked especially dominant.  Eichenberg is presently graded as an early fourth round pick on my board and I believe he may have to move to the right side on Sunday.

I absolutely love Banks as he’s a dominant mauler also effective blocking in motion.  I presently grade him as a mid third round prospect but if he’s healthy (Banks struggled with a foot injury last season) he could move into the initial 50 picks. TP

Yeboah announces his arrival (9:40 PM)

The prior three years at Temple tight end Kenny Yeboah was someone who flashed ability but showed a lot of inconsistency on the field when he was not dealing with injuries.

He’s taken like a duck to water at Ole Miss under Lane Kiffin and after a fast start during the initial two games, his game has been at another level tonight against Alabama.  Yeboah just took a reception 68 yards for a touchdown to tie the score 28-28.  It was his second trip to the end zone tonight and Yeboah has totaled 143 receiving yards on 4 catches.

He’s a big, athletic guy that scouts graded as a potential late round pick but he’s someone they wanted to see production from this year.  That’s exactly what they’re getting. TP

When will Costello get the hook? (9:20 PM)

I was critical of K.J. Costello during Week 1 of SEC play, despite the fact he engineered a victory over LSU.  In hindsight, putting up a lot of points against LSU is no big deal this year.

My criticism surrounded Costello’s interceptions and inability to protect the ball.  Against LSU he tossed two interceptions.  Last week in the loss to Arkansas it was three more picks.  During the first half of the game against Kentucky this evening the count is already two interceptions including one brought back to the goal line, which the Wildcats converted for a touchdown.

Thus far this season, it’s six touchdowns and seven interceptions for Costello.

Though physically talented, the inconsistent play at Stanford last season coupled with the inability to protect the ball this year will hurt Costello’s draft grade.  The more immediate question is how long will Bulldogs coach Mike Leach put up with this? TP

Week 6 College Football Recap: At what point do we start talking about Mac Jones? (9:10 PM)

When do we start talking about Mac Jones as a potential top 90 pick??  I think it will be sooner rather than later.

Jones continues to improve, impress and has undeniably stamped himself as the leader of the Bama offense since the departure of Tua.  He shows terrific field vision, makes good choices and shows enough physical skills and arm strength for the next level.  The way Jones has taken over the Bama team and commands the offense has been very impressive this season. TP

Sam Williams winning a lot of fans in the scouting community (8:55 PM)

The Alabama-Ole Miss game is turning into a much closer contest than anyone expected and defensive end Sam Williams is helping the Rebels cause.

The junior college transfer has tallied 3 tackles, 2 TFLs and 1 sack with six minutes remaining in the second quarter.  He’s displayed a lot of pass rush ability off the edge showing speed, balance, and agility.

Williams entered the season graded as a sixth round prospect by scouts despite the fact he’s not a consistent starter.  He measures slightly under 6-feet-3-inches and tips the scale around 245 pounds.  If Williams has good pre-draft workouts he should land in the late rounds then line up as a situation pass rusher at the next level. TP

College Football Recap: Etienne continues to prove he’s a three-down back (8:25 PM)

While I still have Najee Harris rated slightly higher on my running back board, Travis Etienne continues to close the gap and seems to improve weekly.

Etienne is doing it as a ball carrier and pass catcher this evening as Clemson looks to gain a two-touchdown advantage on Miami.  It’s been a common theme for the skilled prospect.  Etienne’s football intellect is as impressive as his physical skills as he shows excellent awareness, vision, and does the little things well. TP

Josh Ball continues to impress in the Week 6 College Football Recap (8:05 PM)

Week two riser Josh Ball has another big challenge tonight, and thus far, the Marshall left tackle has been up to the task.

Against Western Kentucky, Ball is facing two pure edge rushers- DeAngelo Malone and Juwuan Jones, and the former is graded as a second-round prospect by scouts.  Still in the first quarter, The Herd is up 14-0, and Ball has been dominant.  He’s looked terrific in pass protection, strong as a run blocker, and has been very impressive blocking in motion or on the second level.

Ball continues to impress scouts and could end up being selected on day two. TP

Hurricanes putting the spotlight on Roche (7:55 PM)

Temple transfer Quincy Roche was a favorite of mine, and I graded him as a potential fourth-round pick- a full round higher than scouts.  The question everyone has about Roche is, where will he play at the next level? At 6-feet-2-inches and 250 pounds, he’s a bit light to come out of a three-point stance, and scouts question whether he has the athleticism for linebacker.

Yet the way the Hurricanes are using Roche- occasionally out of a three-point stance, sometimes rushing the passer standing over tackle and even dropping off the line into coverage, is answering a lot of questions. TP

College Football Recap Inside Info: More underclassmen DT’s heading to the ’21 draft? (7:35 PM)

As we get ready for kick-off of this evening’s games, let’s start with a bit of news.

During today’s pre-game, I highlighted Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis as a player to key this afternoon.  The junior was facing Trey Smith, the Tennessee guard graded by many scouts as the top senior prospect in the nation regardless of position.  I thought Davis played well and, for the most part, got the better of Smith when they went head-to-head.

Today sources told me the plans for Davis, who has shown a lot of improvement this season, include entering the draft after the season.  In fact, one source told me, “It’s a done deal,” on the matter of Davis entering the draft.  Presently Davis grades as a fourth-round prospect on my board, though he has upward momentum on his side.  Scouts I’ve spoken with believe he’s a late second, early third-round selection.

Ifeanyi Maijeh of Temple is another junior defensive tackle I expect will enter the draft.

Maijeh considered making the jump last April, after his redshirt sophomore season.  And while nothing is definite, the rumblings I’m hearing assure me Maijeh won’t return to college for the 2021 season.  Maijeh is a three-technique tackle as he’s undersized but explosive and mobile.  I consider him a poor man’s Jaylen Twyman, the Pittsburgh junior who opted out of the season to prepare for the draft and is expected to be a day two selection. TP

Star PITT Safety dealing punishment. (7:15PM)

Pittsburgh has a number of talented players on the defense. My personal favorite is defensive-end Patrick Jones, who is currently my top-ranked EDGE rusher in the 2021 class. However, the most exciting prospect on Pittsburgh’s defense isn’t Jones; it’s safety Paris Ford. Ford is lightning in a bottle, as he brings an energy and swagger to the defensive backfield.

Ford is a great athlete and has the movement skills to play as a single high free safety in the NFL. However, unlike most single high safeties, Ford is a sound and aggressive tackler against the run. Offensive players are forced to play with their head on a swivel, because if they don’t Ford might take it off. He’s one of the most vicious hitters we’ve seen in some time. –MV

College Football Recap: The breakout WR nobody is talking about! (6:45PM)

Coming into the season, the draft-eligible talent on Georgia’s offense was…lacking. Their best player, WR George Pickens, is a true sophomore and top receiver in the 2022 class. However, Pickens hasn’t been the team’s top wide-out this season; redshirt sophomore Kearis Jackson has been. Coming into today’s game, Jackson had registered 15 receptions for 209 yards this season. He is leading the team in both. Today, against Tennessee, he’s ramped up the production, recording four receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown.

Jackson had only produced a measly 79 receiving yards in 15 games coming into the season. He was on virtually no-one’s radar, but he should be climbing draft boards very soon. If he continues the pace he’s performing; he could be a Day 2 selection. – MV

New Contender for 2021 QB4? (6:30 PM)

One of the most hotly contested spots in the 2021 NFL Draft is the QB4 crown. The summer consensus was Iowa State Brock Purdy, and a guy like Kyle Trask has had the most buzz over the first few weeks of the season. However, another player starting to get a lot of notice is BYU quarterback Zach Wilson. Wilson had two very pedestrian seasons where he threw a combined 3,960 yards, 23 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions.

However, this season Wilson has taken a noticeable step of improvement, where he looks like an almost entirely new quarterback. He’s already thrown 949 yards and six touchdowns this season, and he’s already put up 259 yards and two touchdowns today. Could Wilson continue his development and take ahold of the QB4 title? – MV

SEC showdown showcases duel of draft prospects (6:15 PM)

Tennessee vs. Georgia has been an exciting and hotly contested match-up. The best individual match-up of this game? It’s happening at the line of scrimmage where standout Tennessee guard Trey Smith faces off against dominant Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis. Both players are listed at exactly 6’6 and 330lbs, and they’re both among the strongest players in the country. Smith is expected to be a first-round selection, and Davis shouldn’t be taken too far behind. They’ve put on a delightful battle of power so far today. – MV

Kenny Pickett again flashes traits in first half vs. Eagles (5:55 PM)

The Pitt Panthers find themselves down 14-17 at the half, and while Kenny Pickett hasn’t been perfect, he has again displayed the upside that scouts should be most focused on.

On one particular play, Pickett dropped back to pass, and when the play collapsed around him, he stepped up into the pocket, avoided a rusher, and looked like he was going to sprint up the middle of the field. Instead, however, Pickett had the awareness to realize that he’d attracted the linebacker’s attention, freeing up a receiver. He hit that receiver for a first down.

Off-script ability is one thing, but quarterbacks who have the ability to process quickly in those heat-of-the-moment instances are very valuable. IC

Patrick Jones II reinforcing status as a defensive playmaker (5:35 PM)

Pitt’s defense failed them last week against the NC State Wolfpack, but this week, there are signs of life again. Patrick Jones II just got a massive sack against Boston College’s Phil Jurkovec, and then contributed to another sack on third down, setting up Pitt with one last drive before the half.

Jones II has the potential to be a menace off the edge at the next level. He’s up to 5.5 sacks through four and a half games this season, and he’s amassed that number with his fearsome combination of athleticism, length, power, and motor. He’ll be key if Pitt wants to gain control in the second half. IC

Josh Palmer making plays for the Volunteers (5:15 PM)

If you’re a little-known senior wide receiver looking to leverage your final season into an NFL Draft selection, how can you do it? Well, one way is to catch two passes for 62 yards and two touchdowns in the first half, and that’s what Tennessee’s Josh Palmer has done.

Palmer displayed impressive body control on his first touchdown catch, contorting his upper body to reel in the football. On the second, he used his sideline awareness to tiptoe the boundary in the corner of the end zone. On the second play, Palmer managed to get separation against Tyson Campbell, who’s known for his size-speed combination.

Palmer only went for 34 catches, 457 yards, and a score last season, but in 2020, he’s already up to 12 catches, 219 yards, and a career-high three touchdowns. At 6-foot-2, 210, Palmer has solid size, and he’s proving that he can supplement that size with other beneficial traits as well. IC

Red River Showdown ends after epic final stanza (5:05 PM)

The Sooners emerged victorious after Texas forced an extended overtime period. The Longhorns helped deliver a legendary college football spectacle, but when quarterback Sam Ehlinger had a chance to separate himself as a closer, his hopes were extinguished by an errant throw that was picked in the end zone.

Opinions on Ehlinger will likely vary as the season continues, but as of now, he’s little more than a statistical standout, and although his dual-threat ability, toughness, and leadership are traits that NFL scouts will gravitate toward, his skill set isn’t yet conducive to passing success at the NFL level.

On a separate note, Tre Brown, the Oklahoma defender who got the interception, is an intriguing NFL Draft prospect. Presently viewed as a late-round candidate at best, the undersized defensive back does have the speed and instincts to compensate, as evidenced by his ball production over the past few years. IC

Iowa State’s offense flourishing vs. Texas Tech (4:50 PM)

In other Power Five news, Iowa State, now ranked after beating the Oklahoma Sooners last week, is currently pulling away against Big 12 opponent Texas Tech. They’re doing so on the back of an offense led by Brock Purdy and a budding playmaker at running back.

Purdy, commonly known as a gunslinger, has instead opted for the efficient strategy so far, completing 17 of his 19 pass attempts and finding the end zone once. Sophomore running back, Breece Hall is also reprising his role after walloping Oklahoma last week; at 6-foot-1, 215, Hall has good athleticism and yards-after-contact propensity, and while he’s not draft eligible this year, he’ll certainly have attention in 2021. IC

Zach Wilson making case to rise up the QB rankings (4:30 PM)

We’ve talked about a couple of quarterbacks with off-script abilities, and while we’re on that topic, we can’t forget about BYU’s Zach Wilson.

Wilson has been one of the NCAA’s most efficient passers outside of the pocket so far in 2020, and against the UTSA Roadrunners, he’s carrying on that trend. He has 12 completions, 154 yards, and a touchdown on 14 attempts. He’s displayed excellent pocket maneuvering skills, rollout ability, and the arm elasticity necessary to generate velocity off-platform through the game so far.

The competition level should at least be noted, but Wilson is showing out so far, as should be expected from a rising quarterback prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft. IC

Hunter Long makes impression early for Boston College (4:15 PM)

It didn’t take long (pun unintended) for the Eagles’ new X-factor to make his presence felt against the Pittsburgh Panthers. Hunter Long kicked off Boston College’s first offensive possession with a 26-yard reception.

Long, standing at 6-foot-5, 253, already has 25 receptions for 270 yards and two touchdowns through three games, and he’s adding to that total early. With a big frame, solid athleticism, and the toughness to get yards after catch, he’s starting to move up in what becomes a relatively hazy tight end class after the top three players. IC

Kenny Pickett a must-watch NFL Draft prospect for Pitt (4:05 PM)

The Pitt Panthers have a surprising amount of draft prospects, especially on the defensive side of the ball, but one player who deserves extra attention rests on the offensive side of the ball: Senior quarterback Kenny Pickett.

The race for QB4 is still an open competition, and while Pickett has been overlooked thus far, he has a lot of the traits people look for. Pickett is a high-upside prospect with tons of arm talent, solid athletic ability, poise, and the mental quickness needed to perform off-script.

He’s strung together a couple of good games, and adding more is the only way he moves up the draft board. IC

Sam Ehlinger adds a page to enigmatic profile with comeback (3:55 PM)

Sam Ehlinger is a tough name for draft analysts to commit to as a legitimate prospect. He has the surface-level production that catches the initial attention of onlookers, but underneath that, he’s a relatively inconsistent passer who has some issues with accuracy and the mental components of the position.

With that being said, Ehlinger does have some things going for him. He’s above-average as an athlete, he has decent arm strength, and he’s no doubt a competitor. With both his running ability and his passing ability, he just rallied Texas from being down two touchdowns and sent the Red River Rivalry to overtime. He may not be an NFL starter, but that poise and grit will give him a floor in the eyes of NFL scouts. IC

Nick Bolton helps Missouri score massive upset of LSU (3:45 PM)

The Missouri Tigers managed to stave off a last-minute LSU drive and close out the defending champions, and a lot of the credit goes to draft-eligible linebacker Nick Bolton, who deflected a pass at the line of scrimmage, using his trademark speed and instincts.

Bolton is a tremendously underrated linebacker prospect in the 2021 NFL Draft; while he is a bit undersized at 6-foot-0, he’s very well-built, and he has the traits to be a game-changer on defense, as he just showed against the No. 17-ranked team in the nation. IC

Kadarius Toney having a game (3:25 PM)

If it’s not Kyle Pitts, it’s someone else on the Gator offense taking it to opponents. That someone else is Kadarius Toney today, the smallish receiver that’s also a vertical threat who has caught seven passes for 92 yards and two TD’s today.

I gave Toney a seventh-round grade entering the season, which is in line with the grade scouts handed him.  He offers potential as a slot receiver/return specialist for the next level. TP

Week 6 College Football Recap: Is Cosmi really a first-round prospect? (3:10 PM)

Many label Texas left tackle Samuel Cosmi as a first-round prospect, but I have my concerns.

While I like Cosmi and have had him highly rated since his freshman season, my concern is Cosmi does not seem to be much better today than he was in 2018.  Cosmi plays uninspired football, doesn’t have a killer instinct, and does too much leaning on opponents versus fundamentally sound blocking.

As a result, I presently grade Cosmi as a bottom half of Round 2 prospect. TP

Kellen Mond continues to tease scouts (2:40 PM)

Coming into the season, Mond was graded as a possible top 45 selection by scouts, and he shows that potential at times.  He’s a terrific athlete with a big-time arm and the ability to make throws only a few can deliver.    That said, Mond also shows a lot of indecision and a lack of pocket awareness at times- intangibles which could determine whether or not Mond makes it at the next level.

My feeling on Mond three weeks into the TAMU season remain the same as they were over the summer- he’s a physically gifted prospect who will need time and a real good quarterback coach at the next level. TP

Who needs Ja’Marr Chase? (2:25 PM)

LSU and Missouri are hooked up in a surprising track meet as LSU just took a 38-31 lead with ten minutes left in the third quarter.  LSU is not the team they were a year ago, and there were additional concerns raised after sensational receiver Ja’Marr Chase opted out of the season.

Not to worry.  Terrace Marshall Jr. has picked up the slack, and the junior is watching his draft stock surge.

Putting aside his numbers thus far today, which include four receptions for 115 yards and 3 TD’s, Marshall continues to show he’s a complete receiver effective on underneath, crossing as well as deep routes.  If he enters the draft, which I’m told is very likely, expect Marshall to land somewhere in the second round. TP

Tar Heels beating Va Tech with a 1-2 punch (2 PM)

I mentioned UNC senior receiver Dazz Newsome earlier, a late-round prospect who helped the Tar Heels get off to a quick lead against the Hokies.  Not to be outdone, junior receiver Dyami Brown, who I presently grade as a third-round prospect, has again shown himself to be a big play, vertical receiver in this game.

Brown has three receptions to his credit for 86 yards with two TD’s.  Brown is a true vertical threat besides being a polished receiver with potential as a real good number three at the next level. TP

Keep an eye on Christian Darrisaw in the Week 6 College Football Recap (1:20 PM)

Virginia Tech has been playing from behind against North Carolina, as they move into the end zone to close the gap to seven points. Regardless, keep an eye on Hokies left tackle Christian Darrisaw.

The junior is someone I raved about over the summer and a lineman I graded as a second-round prospect. After conversations with league insiders this week, I’m told people in the scouting community are also taking notice. Darrisaw is a smooth, agile left tackle who blocks with terrific fundamentals, showing the ability to slide off the edge. He must improve his run blocking strength, but Darrisaw comes with a huge upside. TP

McNeill is a force in the middle of the line (1:10 PM)

North Carolina State has looked good this year, and presently, they are up 17 points over ACC foe Virginia as the first half is coming to a close. Through it all, nose tackle Alim McNeill has looked very impressive.

He’s a quick, explosive defensive lineman built low to the ground, and McNeill can be impossible to stop. Most impressive is the way he holds his ground against double team blocks, occupying opponents and allowing teammates to make plays on the ball. McNeill is also agile with a good change of direction, which helps him make plays on the ball. TP

The Gators’ other Kyle continues to impress in the Week 6 College Football Recap (12:45 PM)

Tight end Kyle Pitts has been the rage in the draft blogosphere this season and with good reason, but don’t sleep on the Gators’ other Kyle: Quarterback Kyle Trask. The senior has shown terrific improvement in his game and is really becoming the complete package at quarterback. Trask has the size and arm strength to play at the next level, but his ability to see the field, read the defense, and lead the offense has been off the charts in 2020.

Trask uses all his targets, makes a lot of NFL passes, and shows terrific accuracy.  Entering the season with Day 3 grades, Trask is moving into top 100 territory with his play this season as we move toward the 2021 NFL Draft. TP

College Football Recap: Odeyingbo can’t be stopped (12:35 PM)

Dayo Odeyingbo, a player I raved about over the summer during my Vanderbilt preview, continues to impress on the field.

He’s a nice sized (6-foot-5, 280 pounds) defensive end with terrific athleticism and playmaking ability.  Midway through the first quarter against South Carolina, Odeyingbo has already recorded a pair of sacks. He’s a scheme versatile defensive lineman opponents on the college level must game plan around. As I mentioned over the summer, I fully expect Odeyingbo to get second-round consideration next April. TP

UT defense displaying solid individual performances (12:30 PM)

The Longhorns defense has been maligned after giving up a ton of points to Texas Tech and TCU the past two weeks, but there have been individuals who’ve flashed.

Defensive back B.J. Foster, who just made a nice play to break up a third-and-goal to keep the Sooners out of the end zone, has had a lot of noticeable plays the past three weeks, as has nose tackle Keondre Coburn, who continually attracts double team blocks in the middle of the line. TP

Dazz has received draftable grades in the scouting community (12:20 PM)

UNC wideout Dazz Newsome, who had two important receptions on the Tar Heels’ opening drive which resulted in a score, is receiving late-round grades in the scouting community.

At 5-feet-11-inches and barely 190 pounds, as well as timing around 4.55 seconds in the forty, Newsome lacks the great physical skills but has enough pass-catching ability to grab a roster spot as the fifth wideout on an NFL depth chart. TP

Top-rated seniors Duke TE Noah Gray and Tennessee OG Trey Smith highlight afternoon action

From a scouting perspective, the Syracuse vs. Duke contest, which starts just after noon ET, offers a terrific matchup. Duke’s Noah Gray, rated as the top senior tight end prospect in the nation by scouts, squares off against another highly-rated player, junior safety Andre Cisco of Syracuse.

Cisco is small but explosive, feisty, and very much an opportunist. Gray is the consummate move tight end. Expect these two to face off several times during the game. Read more about Cisco and others in the ACC in my ACC Preseason Summer Scouting Preview.

The afternoon games feature another player rated atop the senior class, this one being offensive guard Trey Smith of Tennessee. Entering the season, Smith was graded as the top senior prospect in the nation regardless of position and handed first-round grades. He goes up against the Georgia duo of Jordan Davis and Devonte Wyatt, players with contrasting styles.

Just a junior, Davis is a wide-bodied mauler who has played very well during the opening weeks of the season. I presently grade him as a fifth-round prospect, which I noted in my SEC Summer Scouting Preview. Wyatt is rated a little higher by league scouts and he’s more of an undersized three-technique type.

#1 Clemson vs. #7 Miami puts Trevor Lawrence back in the national spotlight

The Week 6 College Football Recap kicks off with a preview of Saturday night’s game. There are several meaningful contests at night, none more than the ACC battle between Miami and Clemson. Trevor Lawrence has been unflappable this season and is off to a much better start than a year ago. He’ll be facing his biggest challenge of the year so far against a much-improved Miami Hurricane defense.

Despite the departure of Gregory Rousseau, who opted out of the season to prepare for the draft, the Hurricanes still have a solid defensive line led by Temple transfer Quincy Roche, an efficient linebacker unit, and a playmaking secondary.

It can be a statement game for the Hurricanes, or business as usual for the Clemson Tigers this evening. Next week, the Tigers will take on the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets while Miami will face off against Kenny Pickett and the Pittsburgh Panthers.

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