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Best NFL Jerseys of All Time: Chargers, Patriots Throwbacks Headline Top 6

What are the best NFL jerseys of all time? We offer our top six, which includes iconic throwbacks worn by the Chargers and New England Patriots.

You don’t need to be a football fan to know a great NFL jersey when you see one. Some jerseys are great, others are terrible. Some are somewhere in the middle, neither eye candy nor eyesore. However, some uniforms rise above the rest and stand the test of time.

But what are the best NFL jerseys of all time? We came up with six, along with six honorable mentions.

6 Best NFL Jerseys of All Time

Honorable mentions: Miami Dolphins (throwback white), Dallas Cowboys (home white), Houston Oilers (light blue), Raiders (black), New York Giants (throwback white), Ravens (all black)

6) Green Bay Packers (Green)

You could make a case for this jersey being higher on the list, as it’s one of the more iconic jerseys in all of sports. Regardless, it lands on the No. 6 spot.

The Packers’ road white jerseys are great, too, but the home greens are a cut above. If someone asked you what colors come to mind when they think about the NFL, the Packers’ green and yellow jerseys probably would be among the answers.

The uniforms are synonymous with the history of the NFL, like Yankee Pinstripes are to Major League Baseball and Le Bleu, Blanc et Rouge are to the NHL.

5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Creamsicle)

Reminder: This is a subjective list.

Some believe the Buccaneers’ creamsicle jerseys are among the ugliest in sports; others believe they’re beautiful. We fall into the latter camp.

These jerseys undoubtedly look weird, especially when Tom Brady wore them late in his career. But something about them feels perfect for the Gulf Coast setting and makes them one of the coolest NFL jerseys of all time.

4) New England Patriots (Home Red)

The Patriots’ modern uniforms are among the worst in the NFL. Really, their jerseys haven’t looked cool since the 1990s. But the throwback “Pat Patriot” reds? They’re some of the best jerseys in NFL history.

The red, blue, and white all pop and combine to make a color scheme perfect for a franchise called the Patriots. Thankfully, New England recently resurrected these jerseys for special throwback game days. Here’s hoping they use them even more in 2024.

Best NFL Jerseys of All Time: Chargers, Patriots Throwbacks Headline Top 6

3) Philadelphia Eagles (Kelly Green)

These are so, so good. Thank goodness the Eagles brought them back.

Worn during the Randall Cunningham/Reggie White era, the Kelly Green jerseys are immeasurably better than Philly’s modern look, which is fine but unremarkable. The Kelly Greens strike the enviable balance of looking simultaneously fresh and classic.

2) San Francisco 49ers (Scarlet Red)

There’s nothing fancy about these uniforms. They’re just clean, beautiful, and timeless. And it helps that they were worn during some of the most memorable plays in NFL history.

Nearly all versions of 49ers jerseys are great — although the blacks are questionable — but the classic home jerseys are among the best in NFL history.

1) San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers (Powder Blue)

Let’s not overthink this.

The Chargers’ powder blue jerseys are the best in NFL history and on the short list of best sports jerseys of all time. The color scheme is as cool as it gets, and the bolt logo is the cherry on top. If only the Chargers could bring these jerseys to a Super Bowl.

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