Hodgkinson’s 4-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

    Round 1 | Picks 17-32

    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=17 playerid=18986 team=”Las Vegas Raiders”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft useteam=n useteampos=n useteampla=n author=Oli pick=18 playerid=18078 team=”Miami Dolphins”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=19 playerid=19071 team=”Washington Football Team”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=20 playerid=17819 team=”Chicago Bears”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=21 playerid=19193 team=”Indianapolis Colts”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=22 playerid=16283 team=”Tennessee Titans”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft useteam=n useteampos=n useteampla=n author=Oli pick=23 playerid=17851 team=”New York Jets”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=24 playerid=19169 team=”Pittsburgh Steelers”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft useteam=n useteampos=n useteampla=n author=Oli pick=25 playerid=18417 team=”Jacksonville Jaguars”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=26 playerid=19008 team=”Cleveland Browns”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=27 playerid=18983 team=”Baltimore Ravens”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=28 playerid=19191 team=”New Orleans Saints”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=29 playerid=17804 team=”Green Bay Packers”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=30 playerid=19004 team=”Buffalo Bills”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=31 playerid=17842 team=”Tampa Bay Buccaneers”]
    [PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=32 playerid=17816 team=”Kansas City Chiefs”]

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