Hodgkinson’s 4-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Amidst confusing declaration regulations and an uncertain NFL Combine procedure, the 2021 NFL Draft may be the hardest one ever to predict. Despite fewer “All-Star” games than usual, the Reese’s Senior Bowl next week should bring draft stock into focus. With the NFL season almost over, we’ll soon know the exact order for all 32 teams. Prior to that, this latest 4-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft attempts to predict what may happen in April.

As with previous versions of my 4-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft, I strive to marry team needs with prospects that fill them. As we progress through free agency and hurdle towards the draft, those needs will inevitably change. Just in the last week, the retirements of Philip Rivers and Drew Brees have altered the priorities for the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints. In the last 24 hours, it was announced that Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions are also set to part ways.

Do those needs get met in this 4-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft? Read on to find out!

2021 4-round NFL Mock Draft | Round 1

[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=1 playerid=4664 team=”Jacksonville Jaguars”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=2 playerid=14211 team=”New York Jets”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=3 playerid=17880 team=”Miami Dolphins”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=4 playerid=18955 team=”Atlanta Falcons”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=5 playerid=14087 team=”Cincinnati Bengals”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=6 playerid=17412 team=”Philadelphia Eagles”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=7 playerid=19170 team=”Detroit Lions”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=8 playerid=17798 team=”Carolina Panthers”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=9 playerid=17498 team=”Denver Broncos”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=10 playerid=18976 team=”Dallas Cowboys”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=11 playerid=19153 team=”New York Giants”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft useteam=n useteampos=n useteampla=n author=Oli pick=12 playerid=17555 team=”Detroit Lions”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=13 playerid=19064 team=”Los Angeles Chargers”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=14 playerid=19189 team=”Minnesota Vikings”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=15 playerid=17728 team=”New England Patriots”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=16 playerid=19186 team=”Arizona Cardinals”]

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