Week 12 Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 1QB, PPR, and Superflex fantasy players

Not every week in the NFL is built the same. Few have more significance or meaning than the week of Thanksgiving. Now we continue the annual tradition of sitting back, eating way too much while watching the top players in the rankings perform well for our fantasy teams in Week 12. If you’re looking to get an edge over the competition around your table, look no further than our PPR Fantasy Football Week 12 Rankings for both 1QB and Superflex leagues.

Week 12 Locks of the Week

Patrick Mahomes, QB

When looking at the Week 12 schedule, some players, I believe, are absolute locks at their positions. It kicks off with Patrick Mahomes. In Week 12, the Kansas City Chiefs play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a potential Super Bowl preview. Currently ranked 10th in fantasy points allowed to opposing quarterbacks, the Buccaneers have been good, but they haven’t played against anyone with firepower like this, though.

Mahomes is the number two QB in passing yards per game and has been included on 29 of the team’s 35 total touchdowns, or 82%. No one has scored more points than the Chiefs offense, so it makes sense to want to tie yourself to one of the top players like Mahomes in Week 12 of fantasy football, even if he puts ketchup on his turkey.

Dalvin Cook, RB

After failing to score for the first time of the season in their last game, Minnesota Vikings RB Dalvin Cook got back in the scoring column, rushing 27 times for 115 yards and a touchdown while catching all five targets for 45 more yards. Now with 13 touchdowns on the season, he extends his lead to three over QB Kyler Murray.

Over the last four weeks, Cook has finished as the RB1 in PPR three of the last four weeks, thanks in part to his 750 all-purpose yards during that stretch. Cook gets one of the best matchups in Week 12 as he takes on the Carolina Panthers, who give up the fifth-most points to running backs in 2020 with 26.81 per game.

Keenan Allen, WR

What Keenan Allen has done over the last five games is incredible. Allen has 62 targets, 47 receptions for 479 yards, and four touchdowns. In last week’s game, he had over ten targets in the first half. Allen has been a top-10 WR in four of the last five-week, and I see no reason to have him other than a top play in the fantasy rankings for Week 12.

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One player I do want to add as I feel he is a safe player is Michael Pittman Jr. It’s very rare in fantasy that you can pick up a team’s WR1 off waivers in Week 12 of a season but you can with Pittman. He is currently available in 57% of Yahoo fantasy leagues. He has a team-high 18 targets, 14 receptions, and 233 receiving yards in his last three games.

Travis Kelce, TE

The TE1 on the season by a 56.16-point margin, Travis Kelce is the week in and week out TE1 in fantasy football. As we said with Mahomes, even when taking on the Buccaneers, there is no need to overthink his fantasy ranking for Week 12.

He leads the team in targets (90), receptions (66), yards (896), and is second in touchdowns (7). With George Kittle injured, there is no other tight end in fantasy football that can hold a candle to the value of Travis Kelce and his impact on his team. I don’t know if another player is a larger lock when it comes to his position against the rest of his contemporaries than Kelce in Week 12.

PPR Fantasy Football Week 12 Rankings: 1QB and Superflex

These fantasy football rankings for Week 12 were last updated on November 29, 2020, at 13:00 PM ET. Below, you can sort our PPR Fantasy Football Week 12 Rankings by league type (1QB or Superflex), position, scoring format, and rank. Mobile users: Please note that the rankings are best viewed in landscape mode.

FormatScoring FormatNameTeamPositionOverall RankPositional RankOpponent
1QB0.5 PPRDavante AdamsGBWR01WR1@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRDerrick HenryTENRB02RB1@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRAaron JonesGBRB03RB2@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRJames RobinsonJACRB04RB3vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRD.K. MetcalfSEAWR05WR2vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRTravis KelceKCTE06TE1@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRTyreek HillKCWR07WR3@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRChris CarsonSEARB08RB4vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRKeenan AllenLACWR09WR4vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRDalvin CookMINRB10RB5@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRRonald Jones IITBRB11RB6vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRDavid MontgomeryCHIRB13RB7vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRCalvin RidleyATLWR14WR6@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRAdam ThielenMINWR15WR7@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRAustin EkelerLACRB16RB8vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRNick ChubbCLERB17RB9vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRAllen Robinson IICHIWR18WR8vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRJustin JeffersonMINWR19WR9@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRStefon DiggsBUFWR20WR10vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRDarren WallerLVTE21TE2vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRMike DavisCARRB22RB10vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRDeAndre HopkinsARIWR23WR11@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRTyler LockettSEAWR24WR12vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRMichael ThomasNOWR25WR13@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRRobby AndersonCARWR26WR14vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRTerry McLaurinWASWR27WR15@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRAlvin KamaraNORB28RB11@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRCorey DavisTENWR29WR16@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRChris GodwinTBWR30WR17vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRRobert WoodsLARWR31WR18vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRDiontae JohnsonPITWR32WR19@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRMike EvansTBWR33WR20vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRJonathan TaylorINDRB34RB12@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRCooper KuppLARWR35WR21vs NE
1QB0.5 PPREzekiel ElliottDALRB36RB13@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRKeke CouteeHOUWR37WR22@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRJosh JacobsLVRB38RB14vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRKenyan DrakeARIRB39RB15@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRWayne GallmanNYGRB40RB16vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRAmari CooperDALWR41WR23@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRJ.K. DobbinsBALRB42RB17@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRBrandon AiyukSFWR43WR24vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRMarvin Jones Jr.DETWR44WR25vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRDeVante ParkerMIAWR45WR26vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRD.J. Chark Jr.JACWR46WR27vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRCurtis SamuelCARWR47WR28vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRMelvin Gordon IIIDENRB48RB18@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRClyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB49RB19@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRDeebo SamuelSFWR50WR29vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRJames ConnerPITRB51RB20@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRJuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR52WR30@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRDeAndre WashingtonMIARB53RB21vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRT.Y. HiltonINDWR54WR31@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRChase ClaypoolPITWR55WR32@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRCole BeasleyBUFWR56WR33vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRJarvis LandryCLEWR57WR34vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRCam AkersLARRB58RB22vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRGiovani BernardCINRB59RB23vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRTee HigginsCINWR60WR35vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRD'Andre SwiftDETRB61RB24vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRAntonio BrownTBWR62WR36vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRT.J. HockensonDETTE63TE3vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRTyler BoydCINWR64WR37vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRCeeDee LambDALWR65WR38@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRJ.D. McKissicWASRB66RB25@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRBreshad PerrimanNYJWR67WR39@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRTim PatrickDENWR68WR40@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRRobert TonyanGBTE69TE4@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRMike WilliamsLACWR70WR41vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRMichael Pittman Jr.INDWR71WR42@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRMarquise BrownBALWR72WR43@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRRussell GageATLWR73WR44@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRAllen LazardGBWR74WR45@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRKareem HuntCLERB75RB26vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRSterling ShepardNYGWR76WR46vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRDuke Johnson Jr.HOURB77RB27@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRJerry JeudyDENWR78WR47@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRDarius SlaytonNYGWR79WR48vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRNelson AgholorLVWR80WR49vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRChad HansenHOUWR81WR50@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRRaheem MostertSFRB82RB28vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRNyheim HinesINDRB83RB29@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRMichael GallupDALWR84WR51@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRMark AndrewsBALTE85TE5@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRMiles SandersPHIRB86RB30vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRRashard HigginsCLEWR87WR52vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRHunter HenryLACTE88TE6vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPREvan EngramNYGTE89TE7vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRRob GronkowskiTBTE90TE8vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPREric EbronPITTE91TE9@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRChristian KirkARIWR92WR53@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRSammy WatkinsKCWR93WR54@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRTodd Gurley IIATLRB94RB31@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRJamaal WilliamsGBRB95RB32@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRMike GesickiMIATE96TE10vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRDamien HarrisNERB97RB33@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRNoah FantDENTE98TE11@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRJakobi MeyersNEWR99WR55@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRDevin SingletaryBUFRB100RB34vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRPeyton BarberWASRB101RB35@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRHayden HurstATLTE102TE12@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRLaviska Shenault Jr.JACWR103WR56vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRLatavius MurrayNORB104RB36@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRChase EdmondsARIRB105RB37@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRDallas GoedertPHITE106TE13vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRGabriel DavisBUFWR107WR57vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRHenry Ruggs IIILVWR108WR58vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRGolden TateNYGWR109WR59vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRLogan ThomasWASTE110TE14@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRHunter RenfrowLVWR111WR60vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRFrank GoreNYJRB112RB38@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRJonnu SmithTENTE113TE15@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRWillie Snead IVBALWR114WR61@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRMarquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR115WR62@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRDalton SchultzDALTE116TE16@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRCollin JohnsonJACWR117WR63vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRJamison CrowderNYJWR118WR64@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRKJ HamlerDENWR119WR65@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRTony PollardDALRB120RB39@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRDarnell MooneyCHIWR121WR66vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRJalen ReagorPHIWR122WR67vs NO
1QB0.5 PPREmmanuel SandersNOWR123WR68@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRDamiere ByrdNEWR124WR69@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRJames WashingtonPITWR125WR70@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRAnthony MillerCHIWR126WR71vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRAdrian PetersonDETRB127RB40vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRCarlos HydeSEARB128RB41vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRJames WhiteNERB129RB42@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRJordan ReedSFTE130TE17vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRGreg WardPHIWR131WR72vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRKeelan Cole Sr.JACWR132WR73vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRDarrell HendersonLARRB133RB43vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRBraxton BerriosNYJWR134WR74@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRTy JohnsonNYJRB135RB44@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRJordan AkinsHOUTE136TE18@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRZack MossBUFRB137RB45vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRPhillip LindsayDENRB138RB46@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRIrv Smith Jr.MINTE139TE19@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRJosh ReynoldsLARWR140WR75vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRPatrick LairdMIARB141RB47vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRDanny AmendolaDETWR142WR76vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRDavid MooreSEAWR143WR77vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRTyler EifertJACTE144TE20vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRMohamed SanuDETWR145WR78vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRTravis FulghamPHIWR146WR79vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRJeff Wilson Jr.SFRB147RB48vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRAustin HooperCLETE148TE21vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRCole KmetCHITE149TE22vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRTyler HigbeeLARTE150TE23vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRBrandon ZylstraCARWR151WR80vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRMecole HardmanKCWR152WR81@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRKalen BallageLACRB153RB49vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRIto SmithATLRB154RB50@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRZach ErtzPHITE155TE24vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRCam SimsWASWR156WR82@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRLe'Veon BellKCRB157RB51@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRCam BatsonTENWR158WR83@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRJakeem GrantMIAWR159WR84vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRGus EdwardsBALRB160RB52@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRA.J. GreenCINWR161WR85vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRTrey BurtonINDTE162TE25@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRN'Keal HarryNEWR163WR86@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRJared CookNOTE164TE26@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRMo Alie-CoxINDTE165TE27@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRJacob HollisterSEATE166TE28vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRGerald EverettLARTE167TE29vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRSony MichelNERB168RB53@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRC.J. ProsiseHOURB169RB54@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRKendrick BourneSFWR170WR87vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRDemarcus RobinsonKCWR171WR88@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRZach PascalINDWR172WR89@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRMalcolm BrownLARRB173RB55vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRDan ArnoldARITE174TE30@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRBrian HillATLRB175RB56@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRCameron BrateTBTE176TE31vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRCordarrelle PattersonCHIWR177WR90vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRQuintez CephusDETWR178WR91vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRLynn Bowden Jr.MIARB179RB57vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRJeff SmithNYJWR180WR92@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRDevontae BookerLVRB181RB58vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRBoston ScottPHIRB182RB59vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRBrandon PowellATLWR183WR93@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRDonovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR184WR94vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRIan ThomasCARTE185TE32vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRJordan WilkinsINDRB186RB60@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRLuke WillsonBALTE187TE33@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRChristian BlakeATLWR188WR95@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRKerryon JohnsonDETRB189RB61vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRSamaje PerineCINRB190RB62vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRSteven Mitchell Jr.HOUWR191WR96@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRSteven SimsWASWR192WR97@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRDarren FellsHOUTE193TE34@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRJimmy GrahamCHITE194TE35vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRRodney SmithCARRB195RB63vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRJalen GuytonLACWR196WR98vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRTre'Quan SmithNOWR197WR99@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRDrew SampleCINTE198TE36vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRAlfred MorrisNYGRB199RB64vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRLarry FitzgeraldARIWR200WR100@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRMark Ingram IIBALRB201RB65@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRBenny Snell Jr.PITRB202RB66@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRTyler ConklinMINTE203TE37@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRAlex EricksonCINWR204WR101vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRChad BeebeMINWR205WR102@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRAnthony FirkserTENTE206TE38@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRKyle JuszczykSFRB207RB67vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRPharoh CooperCARWR208WR103vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRJordan HowardPHIRB209RB68vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRTevin ColemanSFRB210RB69vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRDevin DuvernayBALWR211WR104@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRAmeer AbdullahMINRB212RB70@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRWill DisslySEATE213TE39vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRKalif RaymondTENWR214WR105@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRCedrick WilsonDALWR215WR106@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRHarrison BryantCLETE216TE40vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRIsaiah McKenzieBUFWR217WR107vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRJerick McKinnonSFRB218RB71vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRDawson KnoxBUFTE219TE41vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRAlec IngoldLVRB220RB72vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRDurham SmytheMIATE221TE42vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRJalen RichardLVRB222RB73vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRVan JeffersonLARWR223WR108vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRJustice HillBALRB224RB74@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRMalcolm PerryMIAWR225WR109vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRJosh AdamsNYJRB226RB75@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRC.J. BoardNYGWR227WR110vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRAnthony McFarland Jr.PITRB228RB76@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRChris Herndon IVNYJTE229TE43@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRJames O'ShaughnessyJACTE230TE44vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRGunner OlszewskiNEWR231WR111@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRMiles BoykinBALWR232WR112@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRTyler KroftBUFTE233TE45vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRRoss DwelleySFTE234TE46vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRJesse JamesDETTE235TE47vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRMike ThomasCINWR236WR113vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRIsaiah WrightWASWR237WR114@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRMack HollinsMIAWR238WR115vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRDaeSean HamiltonDENWR239WR116@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRAlshon JefferyPHIWR240WR117vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRJeremy McNicholsTENRB241RB77@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRJack DoyleINDTE242TE48@ LV
1QB0.5 PPROlabisi JohnsonMINWR243WR118@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRGeoff SwaimTENTE244TE49@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRLeSean McCoyTBRB245RB78vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRRoyce FreemanDENRB246RB79@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRLaquon TreadwellATLWR247WR119@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRMaxx WilliamsARITE248TE50@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRMarcedes LewisGBTE249TE51@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRJoshua KelleyLACRB250RB80vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRKe'Shawn VaughnTBRB251RB81vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRJason WittenLVTE252TE52vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRDion LewisNYGRB253RB82vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRAntonio CallawayMIAWR254WR120vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRAdam ShaheenMIATE255TE53vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRBryan EdwardsLVWR256WR121vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRJakob JohnsonNERB257RB83@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRDevine OzigboJACRB258RB84vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRDarrel WilliamsKCRB259RB85@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRTrayveon WilliamsCINRB260RB86vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRDontrelle InmanWASWR261WR122@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRDare OgunbowaleJACRB262RB87vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRRichard RodgersPHITE263TE54vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRKeeSean JohnsonARIWR264WR123@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRDeeJay DallasSEARB265RB88vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRAdam TrautmanNOTE266TE55@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRCharlie WoernerSFTE267TE56vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRFoster MoreauLVTE268TE57vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRMyCole PruittTENTE269TE58@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRRyan GriffinNYJTE270TE59@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRLee SmithBUFTE271TE60vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRDavid NjokuCLETE272TE61vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRTrenton CannonCARRB273RB89vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRRyan NallCHIRB274RB90vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPREquanimeous St. BrownGBWR275WR124@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRC.J. HamMINRB276RB91@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRAJ DillonGBRB277RB92@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRDonald Parham Jr.LACTE278TE62vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRFreddie SwainSEAWR279WR125vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRMike BooneMINRB280RB93@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRBlake BellDALTE281TE63@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRKahale WarringHOUTE282TE64@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRDalton KeeneNETE283TE65@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRKaden SmithNYGTE284TE66vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRCorey ClementPHIRB285RB94vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRChris ConleyJACWR286WR126vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRDonte MoncriefNEWR287WR127@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRTyron JohnsonLACWR288WR128vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRRussell WilsonSEAQB289QB1vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRPatrick Mahomes IIKCQB290QB2@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRAaron RodgersGBQB291QB3@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRJustin HerbertLACQB292QB4vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRLamar JacksonBALQB293QB5@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRJosh AllenBUFQB294QB6vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRRyan TannehillTENQB295QB7@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRTaysom HillNOQB296QB8@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRDeshaun WatsonHOUQB297QB9@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRTom BradyTBQB298QB10vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRKyler MurrayARIQB299QB11@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRKirk CousinsMINQB300QB12@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRBen RoethlisbergerPITQB301QB13@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRPhilip RiversINDQB302QB14@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRMatthew StaffordDETQB303QB15vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRMitchell TrubiskyCHIQB304QB16vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRMatt RyanATLQB305QB17@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRDerek CarrLVQB306QB18vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRTeddy BridgewaterCARQB307QB19vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRJared GoffLARQB308QB20vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRCam NewtonNEQB309QB21@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRAndy DaltonDALQB310QB22@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRBaker MayfieldCLEQB311QB23vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRJalen HurtsPHIQB312QB24vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRMike GlennonJACQB313QB25vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRTua TagovailoaMIAQB314QB26vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRDaniel JonesNYGQB315QB27vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRDrew LockDENQB316QB28@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRNick MullensSFQB317QB29vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRAlex SmithWASQB318QB30@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRSam DarnoldNYJQB319QB31@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRRyan FinleyCINQB320QB32vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRJacoby BrissettINDQB321QB33@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRRyan FitzpatrickMIAQB322QB34vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRBrandon AllenCINQB323QB35vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRColt McCoyNYGQB324QB36vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRCarson WentzPHIQB325QB37vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRSeattle SeahawksSEADST326DST1vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRNew Orleans SaintsNODST327DST2@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRLos Angeles RamsLARDST328DST3vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRKansas City ChiefsKCDST329DST4@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRDallas CowboysDALDST330DST9@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRCarolina PanthersCARDST331DST5vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRGreen Bay PackersGBDST332DST7@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRTennessee TitansTENDST333DST8@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRTampa Bay BuccaneersTBDST334DST6vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRSan Francisco 49ersSFDST335DST10vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRArizona CardinalsARIDST336DST11@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRBaltimore RavensBALDST337DST12@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRIndianapolis ColtsINDDST338DST13@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRPittsburgh SteelersPITDST339DST14@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRWashington Football TeamWASDST340DST15@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRLos Angeles ChargersLACDST341DST23vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRNew England PatriotsNEDST342DST16@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRNew York GiantsNYGDST343DST17vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRHouston TexansHOUDST344DST18@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRChicago BearsCHIDST345DST19vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRCincinnati BengalsCINDST346DST22vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRCleveland BrownsCLEDST347DST20vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRAtlanta FalconsATLDST348DST21@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRLas Vegas RaidersLVDST349DST24vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRDenver BroncosDENDST350DST25@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRBuffalo BillsBUFDST351DST26vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRMinnesota VikingsMINDST352DST27@ TB
1QB0.5 PPRJacksonville JaguarsJACDST353DST28vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRPhiladelphia EaglesPHIDST354DST29vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRMiami DolphinsMIADST355DST30vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRNew York JetsNYJDST356DST31@ SEA
1QB0.5 PPRDetroit LionsDETDST357DST32vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRYounghoe KooATLK358K1@ LAC
1QB0.5 PPRJason MyersSEAK359K2vs NYJ
1QB0.5 PPRRyan SuccopTBK360K3vs MIN
1QB0.5 PPRHarrison ButkerKCK361K4@ MIA
1QB0.5 PPRRodrigo BlankenshipINDK362K5@ LV
1QB0.5 PPRStephen GostkowskiTENK363K6@ JAC
1QB0.5 PPRMason CrosbyGBK364K7@ DET
1QB0.5 PPRJustin TuckerBALK365K8@ CLE
1QB0.5 PPRJoey SlyeCARK366K9vs DEN
1QB0.5 PPRWil LutzNOK367K10@ PHI
1QB0.5 PPRGreg ZuerleinDALK368K11@ CIN
1QB0.5 PPRDaniel CarlsonLVK369K12vs IND
1QB0.5 PPRTyler BassBUFK370K13vs PIT
1QB0.5 PPRMatt GayLARK371K14vs NE
1QB0.5 PPRJason SandersMIAK372K15vs KC
1QB0.5 PPRGraham GanoNYGK373K16vs ARI
1QB0.5 PPRKa'imi FairbairnHOUK374K17@ CHI
1QB0.5 PPRRobbie GouldSFK375K18vs WAS
1QB0.5 PPRMatt PraterDETK376K19vs GB
1QB0.5 PPRMike NugentARIK377K20@ NYG
1QB0.5 PPRChris BoswellPITK378K21@ BUF
1QB0.5 PPRMichael BadgleyLACK379K22vs ATL
1QB0.5 PPRCody ParkeyCLEK380K23vs BAL
1QB0.5 PPRBrandon McManusDENK381K24@ CAR
1QB0.5 PPRDustin HopkinsWASK382K25@ SF
1QB0.5 PPRCairo SantosCHIK383K26vs HOU
1QB0.5 PPRRandy BullockCINK384K27vs DAL
1QB0.5 PPRChase McLaughlinJACK385K28vs TEN
1QB0.5 PPRNick FolkNEK386K29@ LAR
1QB0.5 PPRDan BaileyMINK387K30@TB
1QB0.5 PPRJake ElliottPHIK388K31vs NO
1QB0.5 PPRSergio CastilloNYJK389K32@SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRRussell WilsonSEAQB01QB1vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRPatrick Mahomes IIKCQB02QB2@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRAaron RodgersGBQB03QB3@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRJustin HerbertLACQB04QB4vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRLamar JacksonBALQB05QB5@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRJosh AllenBUFQB06QB6vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRDavante AdamsGBWR07WR1@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRRyan TannehillTENQB08QB7@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRTaysom HillNOQB09QB8@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDeshaun WatsonHOUQB10QB9@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDerrick HenryTENRB11RB1@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRTom BradyTBQB12QB10vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRAaron JonesGBRB13RB2@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRKyler MurrayARIQB14QB11@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRD.K. MetcalfSEAWR15WR2vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRKirk CousinsMINQB16QB12@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRJames RobinsonJACRB17RB3vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRBen RoethlisbergerPITQB18QB13@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRPhilip RiversINDQB19QB14@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRChris CarsonSEARB20RB4vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRMatthew StaffordDETQB21QB15vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRMitchell TrubiskyCHIQB22QB16vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRDalvin CookMINRB23RB5@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRMatt RyanATLQB24QB17@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRDerek CarrLVQB25QB18vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRTeddy BridgewaterCARQB26QB19vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJared GoffLARQB27QB20vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRCam NewtonNEQB28QB21@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRTyreek HillKCWR29WR3@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRAndy DaltonDALQB30QB22@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRBaker MayfieldCLEQB31QB23vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRJalen HurtsPHIQB32QB24vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRKeenan AllenLACWR33WR4vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRRonald Jones IITBRB34RB6vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRA.J. BrownTENWR35WR5@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRDavid MontgomeryCHIRB36RB7vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRMike GlennonJACQB37QB25vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRCalvin RidleyATLWR38WR6@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRAdam ThielenMINWR39WR7@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRTravis KelceKCTE40TE1@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRAustin EkelerLACRB41RB8vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRTua TagovailoaMIAQB42QB26vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRAllen Robinson IICHIWR43WR8vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRJustin JeffersonMINWR44WR9@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRNick ChubbCLERB45RB9vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRStefon DiggsBUFWR46WR10vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRMike DavisCARRB47RB10vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRDaniel JonesNYGQB48QB27vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRAlvin KamaraNORB49RB11@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDeAndre HopkinsARIWR50WR11@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRDarren WallerLVTE51TE2vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRDrew LockDENQB52QB28@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRNick MullensSFQB53QB29vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler LockettSEAWR54WR12vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRMichael ThomasNOWR55WR13@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRAlex SmithWASQB56QB30@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRRobby AndersonCARWR57WR14vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRTerry McLaurinWASWR58WR15@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRCorey DavisTENWR59WR16@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRJonathan TaylorINDRB60RB12@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPREzekiel ElliottDALRB61RB13@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRChris GodwinTBWR62WR17vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRRobert WoodsLARWR63WR18vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRJosh JacobsLVRB64RB14vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRSam DarnoldNYJQB65QB31@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRDiontae JohnsonPITWR66WR19@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRMike EvansTBWR67WR20vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRRyan FinleyCINQB68QB32vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRKenyan DrakeARIRB69RB15@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRCooper KuppLARWR70WR21vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRKeke CouteeHOUWR71WR22@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRAmari CooperDALWR72WR23@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRWayne GallmanNYGRB73RB16vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRJ.K. DobbinsBALRB74RB17@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRBrandon AiyukSFWR75WR24vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRMarvin Jones Jr.DETWR76WR25vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRMelvin Gordon IIIDENRB77RB18@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRClyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB78RB19@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRDeVante ParkerMIAWR79WR26vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRJames ConnerPITRB80RB20@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRDeAndre WashingtonMIARB81RB21vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRD.J. Chark Jr.JACWR82WR27vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRCurtis SamuelCARWR83WR28vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRDeebo SamuelSFWR84WR29vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRCam AkersLARRB85RB22vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRGiovani BernardCINRB86RB23vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRJuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR87WR30@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRD'Andre SwiftDETRB88RB24vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRJ.D. McKissicWASRB89RB25@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRT.Y. HiltonINDWR90WR31@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRT.J. HockensonDETTE91TE3vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRChase ClaypoolPITWR92WR32@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRCole BeasleyBUFWR93WR33vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRRobert TonyanGBTE94TE4@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRJarvis LandryCLEWR95WR34vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRKareem HuntCLERB96RB26vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRTee HigginsCINWR97WR35vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRAntonio BrownTBWR98WR36vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler BoydCINWR99WR37vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRCeeDee LambDALWR100WR38@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRBreshad PerrimanNYJWR101WR39@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRTim PatrickDENWR102WR40@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRMark AndrewsBALTE103TE5@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRMike WilliamsLACWR104WR41vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRMichael Pittman Jr.INDWR105WR42@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRDuke Johnson Jr.HOURB106RB27@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRRaheem MostertSFRB107RB28vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRMarquise BrownBALWR108WR43@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRRussell GageATLWR109WR44@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRHunter HenryLACTE110TE6vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRNyheim HinesINDRB111RB29@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRMiles SandersPHIRB112RB30vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRTodd Gurley IIATLRB113RB31@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRAllen LazardGBWR114WR45@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRSterling ShepardNYGWR115WR46vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRJamaal WilliamsGBRB116RB32@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRJerry JeudyDENWR117WR47@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRDamien HarrisNERB118RB33@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPREvan EngramNYGTE119TE7vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRRob GronkowskiTBTE120TE8vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRDarius SlaytonNYGWR121WR48vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRNelson AgholorLVWR122WR49vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRChad HansenHOUWR123WR50@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPREric EbronPITTE124TE9@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRMichael GallupDALWR125WR51@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRMike GesickiMIATE126TE10vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRRashard HigginsCLEWR127WR52vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRChristian KirkARIWR128WR53@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRSammy WatkinsKCWR129WR54@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRDevin SingletaryBUFRB130RB34vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRNoah FantDENTE131TE11@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRHayden HurstATLTE132TE12@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRDallas GoedertPHITE133TE13vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRJakobi MeyersNEWR134WR55@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRLaviska Shenault Jr.JACWR135WR56vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRGabriel DavisBUFWR136WR57vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRLogan ThomasWASTE137TE14@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRJonnu SmithTENTE138TE15@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRHenry Ruggs IIILVWR139WR58vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRPeyton BarberWASRB140RB35@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRLatavius MurrayNORB141RB36@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRChase EdmondsARIRB142RB37@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRGolden TateNYGWR143WR59vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRHunter RenfrowLVWR144WR60vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRFrank GoreNYJRB145RB38@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRTony PollardDALRB146RB39@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRDalton SchultzDALTE147TE16@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRWillie Snead IVBALWR148WR61@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRMarquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR149WR62@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRCollin JohnsonJACWR150WR63vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJordan ReedSFTE151TE17vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRAdrian PetersonDETRB152RB40vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRJamison CrowderNYJWR153WR64@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRCarlos HydeSEARB154RB41vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRKJ HamlerDENWR155WR65@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRDarnell MooneyCHIWR156WR66vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRJames WhiteNERB157RB42@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRJalen ReagorPHIWR158WR67vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPREmmanuel SandersNOWR159WR68@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDamiere ByrdNEWR160WR69@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRJames WashingtonPITWR161WR70@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRJordan AkinsHOUTE162TE18@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRAnthony MillerCHIWR163WR71vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRDarrell HendersonLARRB164RB43vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRGreg WardPHIWR165WR72vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRIrv Smith Jr.MINTE166TE19@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRKeelan Cole Sr.JACWR167WR73vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler EifertJACTE168TE20vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRBraxton BerriosNYJWR169WR74@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRAustin HooperCLETE170TE21vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRJosh ReynoldsLARWR171WR75vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRTy JohnsonNYJRB172RB44@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRCole KmetCHITE173TE22vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRZack MossBUFRB174RB45vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRPhillip LindsayDENRB175RB46@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRPatrick LairdMIARB176RB47vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRDanny AmendolaDETWR177WR76vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRJeff Wilson Jr.SFRB178RB48vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRKalen BallageLACRB179RB49vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRDavid MooreSEAWR180WR77vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRIto SmithATLRB181RB50@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler HigbeeLARTE182TE23vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRMohamed SanuDETWR183WR78vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRTravis FulghamPHIWR184WR79vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRBrandon ZylstraCARWR185WR80vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRLe'Veon BellKCRB186RB51@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRZach ErtzPHITE187TE24vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRMecole HardmanKCWR188WR81@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRGus EdwardsBALRB189RB52@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRTrey BurtonINDTE190TE25@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRCam SimsWASWR191WR82@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRJared CookNOTE192TE26@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRCam BatsonTENWR193WR83@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRMo Alie-CoxINDTE194TE27@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRJakeem GrantMIAWR195WR84vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRSony MichelNERB196RB53@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRA.J. GreenCINWR197WR85vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRJacob HollisterSEATE198TE28vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRGerald EverettLARTE199TE29vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRN'Keal HarryNEWR200WR86@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRKendrick BourneSFWR201WR87vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRC.J. ProsiseHOURB202RB54@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDemarcus RobinsonKCWR203WR88@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRDan ArnoldARITE204TE30@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRMalcolm BrownLARRB205RB55vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRBrian HillATLRB206RB56@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRLynn Bowden Jr.MIARB207RB57vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRDevontae BookerLVRB208RB58vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRCameron BrateTBTE209TE31vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRZach PascalINDWR210WR89@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRCordarrelle PattersonCHIWR211WR90vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRQuintez CephusDETWR212WR91vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRJeff SmithNYJWR213WR92@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRBrandon PowellATLWR214WR93@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRDonovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR215WR94vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRChristian BlakeATLWR216WR95@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRSteven Mitchell Jr.HOUWR217WR96@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRSteven SimsWASWR218WR97@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRBoston ScottPHIRB219RB59vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRIan ThomasCARTE220TE32vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJalen GuytonLACWR221WR98vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRJordan WilkinsINDRB222RB60@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRLuke WillsonBALTE223TE33@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRTre'Quan SmithNOWR224WR99@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDarren FellsHOUTE225TE34@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRKerryon JohnsonDETRB226RB61vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRLarry FitzgeraldARIWR227WR100@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRSamaje PerineCINRB228RB62vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRRodney SmithCARRB229RB63vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJimmy GrahamCHITE230TE35vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRAlfred MorrisNYGRB231RB64vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRDrew SampleCINTE232TE36vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRAlex EricksonCINWR233WR101vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRMark Ingram IIBALRB234RB65@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRChad BeebeMINWR235WR102@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRPharoh CooperCARWR236WR103vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRDevin DuvernayBALWR237WR104@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRKalif RaymondTENWR238WR105@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler ConklinMINTE239TE37@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRAnthony FirkserTENTE240TE38@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRCedrick WilsonDALWR241WR106@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRWill DisslySEATE242TE39vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRBenny Snell Jr.PITRB243RB66@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRIsaiah McKenzieBUFWR244WR107vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRKyle JuszczykSFRB245RB67vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRVan JeffersonLARWR246WR108vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRJordan HowardPHIRB247RB68vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRMalcolm PerryMIAWR248WR109vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRC.J. BoardNYGWR249WR110vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRHarrison BryantCLETE250TE40vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRTevin ColemanSFRB251RB69vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRGunner OlszewskiNEWR252WR111@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRAmeer AbdullahMINRB253RB70@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRDawson KnoxBUFTE254TE41vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRDurham SmytheMIATE255TE42vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRMiles BoykinBALWR256WR112@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRChris Herndon IVNYJTE257TE43@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRJames O'ShaughnessyJACTE258TE44vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRJerick McKinnonSFRB259RB71vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRAlec IngoldLVRB260RB72vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRMike ThomasCINWR261WR113vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRIsaiah WrightWASWR262WR114@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRJalen RichardLVRB263RB73vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRMack HollinsMIAWR264WR115vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRDaeSean HamiltonDENWR265WR116@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler KroftBUFTE266TE45vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRJustice HillBALRB267RB74@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRAlshon JefferyPHIWR268WR117vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRJosh AdamsNYJRB269RB75@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPROlabisi JohnsonMINWR270WR118@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRLaquon TreadwellATLWR271WR119@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRAnthony McFarland Jr.PITRB272RB76@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRRoss DwelleySFTE273TE46vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRJeremy McNicholsTENRB274RB77@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRAntonio CallawayMIAWR275WR120vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRLeSean McCoyTBRB276RB78vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRBryan EdwardsLVWR277WR121vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRRoyce FreemanDENRB278RB79@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRJoshua KelleyLACRB279RB80vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRKe'Shawn VaughnTBRB280RB81vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRDontrelle InmanWASWR281WR122@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRJesse JamesDETTE282TE47vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRDion LewisNYGRB283RB82vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRKeeSean JohnsonARIWR284WR123@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRJakob JohnsonNERB285RB83@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPREquanimeous St. BrownGBWR286WR124@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRJack DoyleINDTE287TE48@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRGeoff SwaimTENTE288TE49@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRFreddie SwainSEAWR289WR125vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRChris ConleyJACWR290WR126vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRDevine OzigboJACRB291RB84vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRDarrel WilliamsKCRB292RB85@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRTrayveon WilliamsCINRB293RB86vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRMaxx WilliamsARITE294TE50@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRDonte MoncriefNEWR295WR127@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRTyron JohnsonLACWR296WR128vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRMarcedes LewisGBTE297TE51@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRRichie James Jr.SFWR298WR129vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRJason WittenLVTE299TE52vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRAdam ShaheenMIATE300TE53vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRDare OgunbowaleJACRB301RB87vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRDeeJay DallasSEARB302RB88vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRRichard RodgersPHITE303TE54vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRRay-Ray McCloudPITWR304WR130@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRAdam TrautmanNOTE305TE55@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRTrenton CannonCARRB306RB89vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRCharlie WoernerSFTE307TE56vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRJamal AgnewDETWR308WR131vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRRyan NallCHIRB309RB90vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRC.J. HamMINRB310RB91@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRFoster MoreauLVTE311TE57vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRMyCole PruittTENTE312TE58@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRAJ DillonGBRB313RB92@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRRyan GriffinNYJTE314TE59@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRLee SmithBUFTE315TE60vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRMike BooneMINRB316RB93@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRDavid NjokuCLETE317TE61vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRDonald Parham Jr.LACTE318TE62vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRCorey ClementPHIRB319RB94vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRAlex ArmahCARRB320RB95vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRBlake BellDALTE321TE63@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRKahale WarringHOUTE322TE64@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRDalton KeeneNETE323TE65@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRJustin JacksonLACRB324RB96vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRKaden SmithNYGTE325TE66vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRTheo RiddickLVRB326RB97vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRPatrick RicardBALRB327RB98@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRJonathan WilliamsDETRB328RB99vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRJaylen SamuelsPITRB329RB100@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRBuddy HowellHOURB330RB101@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRJacoby BrissettINDQB331QB33@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRRyan FitzpatrickMIAQB332QB34vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRBrandon AllenCINQB333QB35vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRColt McCoyNYGQB334QB36vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRCarson WentzPHIQB335QB37vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRSeattle SeahawksSEADST336DST1vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRNew Orleans SaintsNODST337DST2@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRLos Angeles RamsLARDST338DST3vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRKansas City ChiefsKCDST339DST4@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRDallas CowboysDALDST340DST9@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRCarolina PanthersCARDST341DST5vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRGreen Bay PackersGBDST342DST7@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRTennessee TitansTENDST343DST8@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRTampa Bay BuccaneersTBDST344DST6vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRSan Francisco 49ersSFDST345DST10vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRArizona CardinalsARIDST346DST11@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRBaltimore RavensBALDST347DST12@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRIndianapolis ColtsINDDST348DST13@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRPittsburgh SteelersPITDST349DST14@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRWashington Football TeamWASDST350DST15@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRLos Angeles ChargersLACDST351DST23vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRNew England PatriotsNEDST352DST16@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRNew York GiantsNYGDST353DST17vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRHouston TexansHOUDST354DST18@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRChicago BearsCHIDST355DST19vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRCincinnati BengalsCINDST356DST22vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRCleveland BrownsCLEDST357DST20vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRAtlanta FalconsATLDST358DST21@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRLas Vegas RaidersLVDST359DST24vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRDenver BroncosDENDST360DST25@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRBuffalo BillsBUFDST361DST26vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRMinnesota VikingsMINDST362DST27@ TB
Superflex0.5 PPRJacksonville JaguarsJACDST363DST28vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRPhiladelphia EaglesPHIDST364DST29vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRMiami DolphinsMIADST365DST30vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRNew York JetsNYJDST366DST31@ SEA
Superflex0.5 PPRDetroit LionsDETDST367DST32vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRYounghoe KooATLK368K1@ LAC
Superflex0.5 PPRJason MyersSEAK369K2vs NYJ
Superflex0.5 PPRRyan SuccopTBK370K3vs MIN
Superflex0.5 PPRHarrison ButkerKCK371K4@ MIA
Superflex0.5 PPRRodrigo BlankenshipINDK372K5@ LV
Superflex0.5 PPRStephen GostkowskiTENK373K6@ JAC
Superflex0.5 PPRMason CrosbyGBK374K7@ DET
Superflex0.5 PPRJustin TuckerBALK375K8@ CLE
Superflex0.5 PPRJoey SlyeCARK376K9vs DEN
Superflex0.5 PPRWil LutzNOK377K10@ PHI
Superflex0.5 PPRGreg ZuerleinDALK378K11@ CIN
Superflex0.5 PPRDaniel CarlsonLVK379K12vs IND
Superflex0.5 PPRTyler BassBUFK380K13vs PIT
Superflex0.5 PPRMatt GayLARK381K14vs NE
Superflex0.5 PPRJason SandersMIAK382K15vs KC
Superflex0.5 PPRGraham GanoNYGK383K16vs ARI
Superflex0.5 PPRKa'imi FairbairnHOUK384K17@ CHI
Superflex0.5 PPRRobbie GouldSFK385K18vs WAS
Superflex0.5 PPRMatt PraterDETK386K19vs GB
Superflex0.5 PPRMike NugentARIK387K20@ NYG
Superflex0.5 PPRChris BoswellPITK388K21@ BUF
Superflex0.5 PPRMichael BadgleyLACK389K22vs ATL
Superflex0.5 PPRCody ParkeyCLEK390K23vs BAL
Superflex0.5 PPRBrandon McManusDENK391K24@ CAR
Superflex0.5 PPRDustin HopkinsWASK392K25@ SF
Superflex0.5 PPRCairo SantosCHIK393K26vs HOU
Superflex0.5 PPRRandy BullockCINK394K27vs DAL
Superflex0.5 PPRChase McLaughlinJACK395K28vs TEN
Superflex0.5 PPRNick FolkNEK396K29@ LAR
Superflex0.5 PPRDan BaileyMINK397K30@TB
Superflex0.5 PPRJake ElliottPHIK398K31vs NO
Superflex0.5 PPRSergio CastilloNYJK399K32@SEA
1QBPPRDavante AdamsGBWR01WR1@ DET
1QBPPRDerrick HenryTENRB03RB1@ JAC
1QBPPRJames RobinsonJACRB05RB3vs TEN
1QBPPRChris CarsonSEARB07RB5vs NYJ
1QBPPRKeenan AllenLACWR09WR4vs ATL
1QBPPRCalvin RidleyATLWR10WR5@ LAC
1QBPPRTravis KelceKCTE11TE1@ MIA
1QBPPRAllen Robinson IICHIWR13WR7vs HOU
1QBPPRAdam ThielenMINWR14WR8@ TB
1QBPPRJustin JeffersonMINWR15WR9@ TB
1QBPPRRonald Jones IITBRB16RB6vs MIN
1QBPPRAustin EkelerLACRB17RB7vs ATL
1QBPPRDarren WallerLVTE18TE2vs IND
1QBPPRMichael ThomasNOWR19WR10@ PHI
1QBPPRDeAndre HopkinsARIWR20WR11@ NYG
1QBPPRStefon DiggsBUFWR21WR12vs PIT
1QBPPRRobby AndersonCARWR22WR13vs DEN
1QBPPRTyler LockettSEAWR23WR14vs NYJ
1QBPPRTerry McLaurinWASWR24WR15@ SF
1QBPPRAlvin KamaraNORB25RB8@ PHI
1QBPPRDavid MontgomeryCHIRB28RB10vs HOU
1QBPPRRobert WoodsLARWR29WR17vs NE
1QBPPRDiontae JohnsonPITWR30WR18@ BUF
1QBPPRChris GodwinTBWR31WR19vs MIN
1QBPPRCooper KuppLARWR32WR20vs NE
1QBPPRMike EvansTBWR33WR21vs MIN
1QBPPRAmari CooperDALWR35WR23@ CIN
1QBPPRBrandon AiyukSFWR36WR24vs WAS
1QBPPREzekiel ElliottDALRB37RB11@ CIN
1QBPPRMarvin Jones Jr.DETWR38WR25vs GB
1QBPPRJonathan TaylorINDRB41RB13@ LV
1QBPPRDeVante ParkerMIAWR42WR27vs KC
1QBPPRJuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR43WR28@ BUF
1QBPPRJosh JacobsLVRB44RB14vs IND
1QBPPRKenyan DrakeARIRB45RB15@ NYG
1QBPPRWayne GallmanNYGRB46RB16vs ARI
1QBPPRCurtis SamuelCARWR47WR29vs DEN
1QBPPRDeebo SamuelSFWR49WR30vs WAS
1QBPPRClyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB51RB19@ MIA
1QBPPRJames ConnerPITRB52RB20@ BUF
1QBPPRCole BeasleyBUFWR53WR31vs PIT
1QBPPRGiovani BernardCINRB54RB21vs DAL
1QBPPRT.J. HockensonDETTE57TE3vs GB
1QBPPRRobert TonyanGBTE58TE4@ DET
1QBPPRChase ClaypoolPITWR59WR33@ BUF
1QBPPRJarvis LandryCLEWR60WR34vs BAL
1QBPPRTee HigginsCINWR61WR35vs DAL
1QBPPRDeAndre WashingtonMIARB64RB23vs KC
1QBPPRAntonio BrownTBWR65WR38vs MIN
1QBPPRBreshad PerrimanNYJWR68WR40@ SEA
1QBPPRMichael Pittman Jr.INDWR69WR41@ LV
1QBPPRKareem HuntCLERB70RB25vs BAL
1QBPPRMike WilliamsLACWR71WR42vs ATL
1QBPPRRussell GageATLWR73WR43@ LAC
1QBPPRSterling ShepardNYGWR74WR44vs ARI
1QBPPRD'Andre SwiftDETRB75RB26vs GB
1QBPPRHunter HenryLACTE76TE6vs ATL
1QBPPRDuke Johnson Jr.HOURB77RB27@ CHI
1QBPPRMarquise BrownBALWR78WR45@ CLE
1QBPPRAllen LazardGBWR79WR46@ DET
1QBPPRNelson AgholorLVWR81WR47vs IND
1QBPPRNyheim HinesINDRB82RB28@ LV
1QBPPRJamaal WilliamsGBRB83RB29@ DET
1QBPPRRob GronkowskiTBTE84TE8vs MIN
1QBPPRDarius SlaytonNYGWR87WR49vs ARI
1QBPPRMike GesickiMIATE88TE10vs KC
1QBPPRMiles SandersPHIRB89RB30vs NO
1QBPPRRashard HigginsCLEWR91WR51vs BAL
1QBPPRMichael GallupDALWR92WR52@ CIN
1QBPPRChristian KirkARIWR93WR53@ NYG
1QBPPRSammy WatkinsKCWR94WR54@ MIA
1QBPPRHayden HurstATLTE97TE12@ LAC
1QBPPRRaheem MostertSFRB98RB32vs WAS
1QBPPRLogan ThomasWASTE99TE13@ SF
1QBPPRDevin SingletaryBUFRB100RB33vs PIT
1QBPPRDallas GoedertPHITE101TE14vs NO
1QBPPRJakobi MeyersNEWR102WR55@ LAR
1QBPPRPeyton BarberWASRB103RB34@ SF
1QBPPRGabriel DavisBUFWR104WR56vs PIT
1QBPPRLaviska Shenault Jr.JACWR105WR57vs TEN
1QBPPRDalton SchultzDALTE106TE15@ CIN
1QBPPRHenry Ruggs IIILVWR107WR58vs IND
1QBPPRGolden TateNYGWR108WR59vs ARI
1QBPPRJonnu SmithTENTE109TE16@ JAC
1QBPPRHunter RenfrowLVWR110WR60vs IND
1QBPPRJordan AkinsHOUTE111TE17@ CHI
1QBPPRWillie Snead IVBALWR112WR61@ CLE
1QBPPRJamison CrowderNYJWR113WR62@ SEA
1QBPPRMarquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR114WR63@ DET
1QBPPRDamien HarrisNERB115RB35@ LAR
1QBPPRCollin JohnsonJACWR116WR64vs TEN
1QBPPRJames WhiteNERB117RB36@ LAR
1QBPPRChase EdmondsARIRB118RB37@ NYG
1QBPPRDarnell MooneyCHIWR119WR65vs HOU
1QBPPRJalen ReagorPHIWR121WR67vs NO
1QBPPREmmanuel SandersNOWR122WR68@ PHI
1QBPPRJordan ReedSFTE123TE18vs WAS
1QBPPRLatavius MurrayNORB124RB38@ PHI
1QBPPRTony PollardDALRB125RB39@ CIN
1QBPPRDamiere ByrdNEWR126WR69@ LAR
1QBPPRJames WashingtonPITWR128WR70@ BUF
1QBPPRAnthony MillerCHIWR129WR71vs HOU
1QBPPRGreg WardPHIWR130WR72vs NO
1QBPPRDarrell HendersonLARRB131RB41vs NE
1QBPPRIrv Smith Jr.MINTE132TE19@ TB
1QBPPRTyler EifertJACTE133TE20vs TEN
1QBPPRAustin HooperCLETE134TE21vs BAL
1QBPPRBraxton BerriosNYJWR135WR73@ SEA
1QBPPRKeelan Cole Sr.JACWR136WR74vs TEN
1QBPPRDanny AmendolaDETWR137WR75vs GB
1QBPPRJosh ReynoldsLARWR139WR76vs NE
1QBPPRJeff Wilson Jr.SFRB140RB42vs WAS
1QBPPRTyler HigbeeLARTE141TE23vs NE
1QBPPRDavid MooreSEAWR142WR77vs NYJ
1QBPPRAdrian PetersonDETRB143RB43vs GB
1QBPPRCarlos HydeSEARB144RB44vs NYJ
1QBPPRPatrick LairdMIARB145RB45vs KC
1QBPPRMohamed SanuDETWR146WR78vs GB
1QBPPRTrey BurtonINDTE147TE24@ LV
1QBPPRTravis FulghamPHIWR148WR79vs NO
1QBPPRZach ErtzPHITE149TE25vs NO
1QBPPRBrandon ZylstraCARWR150WR80vs DEN
1QBPPRPhillip LindsayDENRB153RB48@ CAR
1QBPPRLe'Veon BellKCRB156RB50@ MIA
1QBPPRMecole HardmanKCWR157WR82@ MIA
1QBPPRJakeem GrantMIAWR159WR83vs KC
1QBPPRJacob HollisterSEATE161TE27vs NYJ
1QBPPRLynn Bowden Jr.MIARB162RB51vs KC
1QBPPRN'Keal HarryNEWR163WR85@ LAR
1QBPPRGerald EverettLARTE164TE28vs NE
1QBPPRJared CookNOTE165TE29@ PHI
1QBPPRKalen BallageLACRB166RB52vs ATL
1QBPPRKendrick BourneSFWR167WR86vs WAS
1QBPPRDemarcus RobinsonKCWR168WR87@ MIA
1QBPPRCameron BrateTBTE169TE30vs MIN
1QBPPRIan ThomasCARTE170TE31vs DEN
1QBPPRQuintez CephusDETWR171WR88vs GB
1QBPPRZach PascalINDWR172WR89@ LV
1QBPPRJordan WilkinsINDRB173RB53@ LV
1QBPPRBrandon PowellATLWR174WR90@ LAC
1QBPPRDevontae BookerLVRB175RB54vs IND
1QBPPRChristian BlakeATLWR178WR92@ LAC
1QBPPRDonovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR179WR93vs BAL
1QBPPRSteven Mitchell Jr.HOUWR180WR94@ CHI
1QBPPRGus EdwardsBALRB181RB56@ CLE
1QBPPRCordarrelle PattersonCHIWR182WR95vs HOU
1QBPPRSteven SimsWASWR183WR96@ SF
1QBPPRJalen GuytonLACWR186WR98vs ATL
1QBPPRBoston ScottPHIRB187RB57vs NO
1QBPPRLuke WillsonBALTE188TE33@ CLE
1QBPPRJimmy GrahamCHITE189TE34vs HOU
1QBPPRLarry FitzgeraldARIWR190WR99@ NYG
1QBPPRAlex EricksonCINWR191WR100vs DAL
1QBPPRSony MichelNERB192RB58@ LAR
1QBPPRMalcolm BrownLARRB193RB59vs NE
1QBPPRPharoh CooperCARWR194WR101vs DEN
1QBPPRTre'Quan SmithNOWR195WR102@ PHI
1QBPPRDarren FellsHOUTE196TE35@ CHI
1QBPPRKyle JuszczykSFRB197RB60vs WAS
1QBPPRKerryon JohnsonDETRB198RB61vs GB
1QBPPRDrew SampleCINTE199TE36vs DAL
1QBPPRChad BeebeMINWR200WR103@ TB
1QBPPRDevin DuvernayBALWR201WR104@ CLE
1QBPPRCedrick WilsonDALWR203WR105@ CIN
1QBPPRTyler ConklinMINTE204TE37@ TB
1QBPPRKalif RaymondTENWR206WR106@ JAC
1QBPPRAnthony FirkserTENTE207TE38@ JAC
1QBPPRWill DisslySEATE208TE39vs NYJ
1QBPPRSamaje PerineCINRB209RB64vs DAL
1QBPPRBenny Snell Jr.PITRB210RB65@ BUF
1QBPPRAmeer AbdullahMINRB211RB66@ TB
1QBPPRIsaiah McKenzieBUFWR212WR107vs PIT
1QBPPRVan JeffersonLARWR213WR108vs NE
1QBPPRHarrison BryantCLETE214TE40vs BAL
1QBPPRRodney SmithCARRB215RB67vs DEN
1QBPPRAlfred MorrisNYGRB217RB68vs ARI
1QBPPRGunner OlszewskiNEWR218WR110@ LAR
1QBPPRDurham SmytheMIATE219TE41vs KC
1QBPPRAlec IngoldLVRB220RB69vs IND
1QBPPRDawson KnoxBUFTE221TE42vs PIT
1QBPPRMike ThomasCINWR222WR111vs DAL
1QBPPRJames O'ShaughnessyJACTE223TE43vs TEN
1QBPPRMiles BoykinBALWR224WR112@ CLE
1QBPPRChris Herndon IVNYJTE225TE44@ SEA
1QBPPRTevin ColemanSFRB226RB70vs WAS
1QBPPRJordan HowardPHIRB227RB71vs NO
1QBPPRMalcolm PerryMIAWR228WR113vs KC
1QBPPRJalen RichardLVRB229RB72vs IND
1QBPPRIsaiah WrightWASWR230WR114@ SF
1QBPPRDaeSean HamiltonDENWR231WR115@ CAR
1QBPPRTyler KroftBUFTE232TE45vs PIT
1QBPPRJerick McKinnonSFRB233RB73vs WAS
1QBPPRRoss DwelleySFTE234TE46vs WAS
1QBPPRMack HollinsMIAWR235WR116vs KC
1QBPPROlabisi JohnsonMINWR236WR117@ TB
1QBPPRAlshon JefferyPHIWR237WR118vs NO
1QBPPRBryan EdwardsLVWR238WR119vs IND
1QBPPRJustice HillBALRB239RB74@ CLE
1QBPPRKeeSean JohnsonARIWR240WR120@ NYG
1QBPPRJesse JamesDETTE241TE47vs GB
1QBPPRAnthony McFarland Jr.PITRB242RB75@ BUF
1QBPPRDontrelle InmanWASWR243WR121@ SF
1QBPPREquanimeous St. BrownGBWR244WR122@ DET
1QBPPRRoyce FreemanDENRB245RB76@ CAR
1QBPPRFreddie SwainSEAWR246WR123vs NYJ
1QBPPRLaquon TreadwellATLWR248WR124@ LAC
1QBPPRJack DoyleINDTE250TE48@ LV
1QBPPRJakob JohnsonNERB251RB79@ LAR
1QBPPRDion LewisNYGRB252RB80vs ARI
1QBPPRAntonio CallawayMIAWR253WR125vs KC
1QBPPRKe'Shawn VaughnTBRB254RB81vs MIN
1QBPPRChris ConleyJACWR255WR126vs TEN
1QBPPRRichie James Jr.SFWR256WR127vs WAS
1QBPPRMaxx WilliamsARITE257TE49@ NYG
1QBPPRGeoff SwaimTENTE258TE50@ JAC
1QBPPRMarcedes LewisGBTE259TE51@ DET
1QBPPRJason WittenLVTE260TE52vs IND
1QBPPRJoshua KelleyLACRB261RB82vs ATL
1QBPPRAdam ShaheenMIATE262TE53vs KC
1QBPPRTrayveon WilliamsCINRB263RB83vs DAL
1QBPPRJeremy McNicholsTENRB264RB84@ JAC
1QBPPRRichard RodgersPHITE265TE54vs NO
1QBPPRRay-Ray McCloudPITWR266WR128@ BUF
1QBPPRJamal AgnewDETWR267WR129vs GB
1QBPPRDevine OzigboJACRB268RB85vs TEN
1QBPPRDarrel WilliamsKCRB269RB86@ MIA
1QBPPRAdam TrautmanNOTE270TE55@ PHI
1QBPPRDare OgunbowaleJACRB271RB87vs TEN
1QBPPRDeeJay DallasSEARB272RB88vs NYJ
1QBPPRDonte MoncriefNEWR273WR130@ LAR
1QBPPRTrenton CannonCARRB274RB89vs DEN
1QBPPRTyron JohnsonLACWR275WR131vs ATL
1QBPPRFoster MoreauLVTE277TE56vs IND
1QBPPRMyCole PruittTENTE278TE57@ JAC
1QBPPRRyan GriffinNYJTE279TE58@ SEA
1QBPPRDonald Parham Jr.LACTE281TE60vs ATL
1QBPPRDavid NjokuCLETE282TE61vs BAL
1QBPPRPatrick RicardBALRB284RB92@ CLE
1QBPPRKahale WarringHOUTE286TE63@ CHI
1QBPPRCharlie WoernerSFTE287TE64vs WAS
1QBPPRDalton KeeneNETE288TE65@ LAR
1QBPPRAlex ArmahCARRB289RB93vs DEN
1QBPPRCorey ClementPHIRB290RB94vs NO
1QBPPRMike BooneMINRB292RB96@ TB
1QBPPRKaden SmithNYGTE293TE66vs ARI
1QBPPRJaylen SamuelsPITRB294RB97@ BUF
1QBPPRJustin JacksonLACRB295RB98vs ATL
1QBPPRJonathan WilliamsDETRB296RB99vs GB
1QBPPRBuddy HowellHOURB297RB100@ CHI
1QBPPRTheo RiddickLVRB298RB101vs IND
1QBPPRRussell WilsonSEAQB299QB1vs NYJ
1QBPPRPatrick Mahomes IIKCQB300QB2@ MIA
1QBPPRAaron RodgersGBQB301QB3@ DET
1QBPPRJustin HerbertLACQB302QB4vs ATL
1QBPPRLamar JacksonBALQB303QB5@ CLE
1QBPPRRyan TannehillTENQB305QB7@ JAC
1QBPPRTaysom HillNOQB306QB8@ PHI
1QBPPRDeshaun WatsonHOUQB307QB9@ CHI
1QBPPRTom BradyTBQB308QB10vs MIN
1QBPPRKyler MurrayARIQB309QB11@ NYG
1QBPPRKirk CousinsMINQB310QB12@ TB
1QBPPRBen RoethlisbergerPITQB311QB13@ BUF
1QBPPRPhilip RiversINDQB312QB14@ LV
1QBPPRMatthew StaffordDETQB313QB15vs GB
1QBPPRMitchell TrubiskyCHIQB314QB16vs HOU
1QBPPRDerek CarrLVQB316QB18vs IND
1QBPPRTeddy BridgewaterCARQB317QB19vs DEN
1QBPPRJared GoffLARQB318QB20vs NE
1QBPPRCam NewtonNEQB319QB21@ LAR
1QBPPRAndy DaltonDALQB320QB22@ CIN
1QBPPRBaker MayfieldCLEQB321QB23vs BAL
1QBPPRJalen HurtsPHIQB322QB24vs NO
1QBPPRMike GlennonJACQB323QB25vs TEN
1QBPPRTua TagovailoaMIAQB324QB26vs KC
1QBPPRDaniel JonesNYGQB325QB27vs ARI
1QBPPRNick MullensSFQB327QB29vs WAS
1QBPPRAlex SmithWASQB328QB30@ SF
1QBPPRSam DarnoldNYJQB329QB31@ SEA
1QBPPRRyan FinleyCINQB330QB32vs DAL
1QBPPRJacoby BrissettINDQB331QB33@ LV
1QBPPRRyan FitzpatrickMIAQB332QB34vs KC
1QBPPRBrandon AllenCINQB333QB35vs DAL
1QBPPRCarson WentzPHIQB335QB37vs NO
1QBPPRSeattle SeahawksSEADST336DST1vs NYJ
1QBPPRNew Orleans SaintsNODST337DST2@ PHI
1QBPPRLos Angeles RamsLARDST338DST3vs NE
1QBPPRKansas City ChiefsKCDST339DST4@ MIA
1QBPPRDallas CowboysDALDST340DST9@ CIN
1QBPPRCarolina PanthersCARDST341DST5vs DEN
1QBPPRGreen Bay PackersGBDST342DST7@ DET
1QBPPRTennessee TitansTENDST343DST8@ JAC
1QBPPRTampa Bay BuccaneersTBDST344DST6vs MIN
1QBPPRSan Francisco 49ersSFDST345DST10vs WAS
1QBPPRArizona CardinalsARIDST346DST11@ NYG
1QBPPRBaltimore RavensBALDST347DST12@ CLE
1QBPPRIndianapolis ColtsINDDST348DST13@ LV
1QBPPRPittsburgh SteelersPITDST349DST14@ BUF
1QBPPRWashington Football TeamWASDST350DST15@ SF
1QBPPRLos Angeles ChargersLACDST351DST23vs ATL
1QBPPRNew England PatriotsNEDST352DST16@ LAR
1QBPPRNew York GiantsNYGDST353DST17vs ARI
1QBPPRHouston TexansHOUDST354DST18@ CHI
1QBPPRChicago BearsCHIDST355DST19vs HOU
1QBPPRCincinnati BengalsCINDST356DST22vs DAL
1QBPPRCleveland BrownsCLEDST357DST20vs BAL
1QBPPRAtlanta FalconsATLDST358DST21@ LAC
1QBPPRLas Vegas RaidersLVDST359DST24vs IND
1QBPPRDenver BroncosDENDST360DST25@ CAR
1QBPPRBuffalo BillsBUFDST361DST26vs PIT
1QBPPRMinnesota VikingsMINDST362DST27@ TB
1QBPPRJacksonville JaguarsJACDST363DST28vs TEN
1QBPPRPhiladelphia EaglesPHIDST364DST29vs NO
1QBPPRMiami DolphinsMIADST365DST30vs KC
1QBPPRDetroit LionsDETDST367DST32vs GB
1QBPPRYounghoe KooATLK368K1@ LAC
1QBPPRJason MyersSEAK369K2vs NYJ
1QBPPRRyan SuccopTBK370K3vs MIN
1QBPPRHarrison ButkerKCK371K4@ MIA
1QBPPRRodrigo BlankenshipINDK372K5@ LV
1QBPPRStephen GostkowskiTENK373K6@ JAC
1QBPPRMason CrosbyGBK374K7@ DET
1QBPPRJustin TuckerBALK375K8@ CLE
1QBPPRJoey SlyeCARK376K9vs DEN
1QBPPRWil LutzNOK377K10@ PHI
1QBPPRGreg ZuerleinDALK378K11@ CIN
1QBPPRDaniel CarlsonLVK379K12vs IND
1QBPPRTyler BassBUFK380K13vs PIT
1QBPPRMatt GayLARK381K14vs NE
1QBPPRJason SandersMIAK382K15vs KC
1QBPPRGraham GanoNYGK383K16vs ARI
1QBPPRKa'imi FairbairnHOUK384K17@ CHI
1QBPPRRobbie GouldSFK385K18vs WAS
1QBPPRMatt PraterDETK386K19vs GB
1QBPPRMike NugentARIK387K20@ NYG
1QBPPRChris BoswellPITK388K21@ BUF
1QBPPRMichael BadgleyLACK389K22vs ATL
1QBPPRCody ParkeyCLEK390K23vs BAL
1QBPPRBrandon McManusDENK391K24@ CAR
1QBPPRDustin HopkinsWASK392K25@ SF
1QBPPRCairo SantosCHIK393K26vs HOU
1QBPPRRandy BullockCINK394K27vs DAL
1QBPPRChase McLaughlinJACK395K28vs TEN
1QBPPRNick FolkNEK396K29@ LAR
1QBPPRDan BaileyMINK397K30@TB
1QBPPRJake ElliottPHIK398K31vs NO
1QBPPRSergio CastilloNYJK399K32@SEA
SuperflexPPRDavante AdamsGBWR01WR1@ DET
SuperflexPPRRussell WilsonSEAQB02QB1vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRPatrick Mahomes IIKCQB03QB2@ MIA
SuperflexPPRAaron RodgersGBQB04QB3@ DET
SuperflexPPRD.K. MetcalfSEAWR05WR2vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRDerrick HenryTENRB06RB1@ JAC
SuperflexPPRJustin HerbertLACQB07QB4vs ATL
SuperflexPPRLamar JacksonBALQB08QB5@ CLE
SuperflexPPRJosh AllenBUFQB09QB6vs PIT
SuperflexPPRRyan TannehillTENQB10QB7@ JAC
SuperflexPPRAaron JonesGBRB11RB2@ DET
SuperflexPPRTaysom HillNOQB12QB8@ PHI
SuperflexPPRDeshaun WatsonHOUQB13QB9@ CHI
SuperflexPPRJames RobinsonJACRB14RB3vs TEN
SuperflexPPRTom BradyTBQB15QB10vs MIN
SuperflexPPRDalvin CookMINRB16RB4@ TB
SuperflexPPRTyreek HillKCWR17WR3@ MIA
SuperflexPPRChris CarsonSEARB18RB5vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRKyler MurrayARIQB19QB11@ NYG
SuperflexPPRKeenan AllenLACWR20WR4vs ATL
SuperflexPPRCalvin RidleyATLWR21WR5@ LAC
SuperflexPPRTravis KelceKCTE22TE1@ MIA
SuperflexPPRA.J. BrownTENWR23WR6@ JAC
SuperflexPPRAllen Robinson IICHIWR24WR7vs HOU
SuperflexPPRAdam ThielenMINWR25WR8@ TB
SuperflexPPRKirk CousinsMINQB26QB12@ TB
SuperflexPPRJustin JeffersonMINWR27WR9@ TB
SuperflexPPRRonald Jones IITBRB28RB6vs MIN
SuperflexPPRBen RoethlisbergerPITQB29QB13@ BUF
SuperflexPPRPhilip RiversINDQB30QB14@ LV
SuperflexPPRAustin EkelerLACRB31RB7vs ATL
SuperflexPPRMatthew StaffordDETQB32QB15vs GB
SuperflexPPRDarren WallerLVTE33TE2vs IND
SuperflexPPRMichael ThomasNOWR34WR10@ PHI
SuperflexPPRMitchell TrubiskyCHIQB35QB16vs HOU
SuperflexPPRDeAndre HopkinsARIWR36WR11@ NYG
SuperflexPPRStefon DiggsBUFWR37WR12vs PIT
SuperflexPPRMatt RyanATLQB38QB17@ LAC
SuperflexPPRRobby AndersonCARWR39WR13vs DEN
SuperflexPPRTyler LockettSEAWR40WR14vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRDerek CarrLVQB41QB18vs IND
SuperflexPPRTerry McLaurinWASWR42WR15@ SF
SuperflexPPRAlvin KamaraNORB43RB8@ PHI
SuperflexPPRTeddy BridgewaterCARQB44QB19vs DEN
SuperflexPPRCorey DavisTENWR45WR16@ JAC
SuperflexPPRJared GoffLARQB46QB20vs NE
SuperflexPPRCam NewtonNEQB47QB21@ LAR
SuperflexPPRMike DavisCARRB48RB9vs DEN
SuperflexPPRAndy DaltonDALQB49QB22@ CIN
SuperflexPPRDavid MontgomeryCHIRB50RB10vs HOU
SuperflexPPRRobert WoodsLARWR51WR17vs NE
SuperflexPPRBaker MayfieldCLEQB52QB23vs BAL
SuperflexPPRDiontae JohnsonPITWR53WR18@ BUF
SuperflexPPRChris GodwinTBWR54WR19vs MIN
SuperflexPPRJalen HurtsPHIQB55QB24vs NO
SuperflexPPRCooper KuppLARWR56WR20vs NE
SuperflexPPRMike GlennonJACQB57QB25vs TEN
SuperflexPPRMike EvansTBWR58WR21vs MIN
SuperflexPPRKeke CouteeHOUWR59WR22@ CHI
SuperflexPPRTua TagovailoaMIAQB60QB26vs KC
SuperflexPPRAmari CooperDALWR61WR23@ CIN
SuperflexPPRBrandon AiyukSFWR62WR24vs WAS
SuperflexPPREzekiel ElliottDALRB63RB11@ CIN
SuperflexPPRMarvin Jones Jr.DETWR64WR25vs GB
SuperflexPPRNick ChubbCLERB65RB12vs BAL
SuperflexPPRD.J. Chark Jr.JACWR66WR26vs TEN
SuperflexPPRJonathan TaylorINDRB67RB13@ LV
SuperflexPPRDaniel JonesNYGQB68QB27vs ARI
SuperflexPPRDeVante ParkerMIAWR69WR27vs KC
SuperflexPPRJuJu Smith-SchusterPITWR70WR28@ BUF
SuperflexPPRDrew LockDENQB71QB28@ CAR
SuperflexPPRJosh JacobsLVRB72RB14vs IND
SuperflexPPRNick MullensSFQB73QB29vs WAS
SuperflexPPRKenyan DrakeARIRB74RB15@ NYG
SuperflexPPRWayne GallmanNYGRB75RB16vs ARI
SuperflexPPRCurtis SamuelCARWR76WR29vs DEN
SuperflexPPRMelvin Gordon IIIDENRB77RB17@ CAR
SuperflexPPRAlex SmithWASQB78QB30@ SF
SuperflexPPRDeebo SamuelSFWR79WR30vs WAS
SuperflexPPRJ.K. DobbinsBALRB80RB18@ CLE
SuperflexPPRClyde Edwards-HelaireKCRB81RB19@ MIA
SuperflexPPRJames ConnerPITRB82RB20@ BUF
SuperflexPPRCole BeasleyBUFWR83WR31vs PIT
SuperflexPPRGiovani BernardCINRB84RB21vs DAL
SuperflexPPRJ.D. McKissicWASRB85RB22@ SF
SuperflexPPRSam DarnoldNYJQB86QB31@ SEA
SuperflexPPRT.Y. HiltonINDWR87WR32@ LV
SuperflexPPRT.J. HockensonDETTE88TE3vs GB
SuperflexPPRRobert TonyanGBTE89TE4@ DET
SuperflexPPRChase ClaypoolPITWR90WR33@ BUF
SuperflexPPRRyan FinleyCINQB91QB32vs DAL
SuperflexPPRJarvis LandryCLEWR92WR34vs BAL
SuperflexPPRTee HigginsCINWR93WR35vs DAL
SuperflexPPRTyler BoydCINWR94WR36vs DAL
SuperflexPPRTim PatrickDENWR95WR37@ CAR
SuperflexPPRDeAndre WashingtonMIARB96RB23vs KC
SuperflexPPRAntonio BrownTBWR97WR38vs MIN
SuperflexPPRCeeDee LambDALWR98WR39@ CIN
SuperflexPPRCam AkersLARRB99RB24vs NE
SuperflexPPRBreshad PerrimanNYJWR100WR40@ SEA
SuperflexPPRMichael Pittman Jr.INDWR101WR41@ LV
SuperflexPPRKareem HuntCLERB102RB25vs BAL
SuperflexPPRMike WilliamsLACWR103WR42vs ATL
SuperflexPPRMark AndrewsBALTE104TE5@ CLE
SuperflexPPRRussell GageATLWR105WR43@ LAC
SuperflexPPRSterling ShepardNYGWR106WR44vs ARI
SuperflexPPRHunter HenryLACTE107TE6vs ATL
SuperflexPPRD'Andre SwiftDETRB108RB26vs GB
SuperflexPPRDuke Johnson Jr.HOURB109RB27@ CHI
SuperflexPPRMarquise BrownBALWR110WR45@ CLE
SuperflexPPRAllen LazardGBWR111WR46@ DET
SuperflexPPREvan EngramNYGTE112TE7vs ARI
SuperflexPPRNelson AgholorLVWR113WR47vs IND
SuperflexPPRNyheim HinesINDRB114RB28@ LV
SuperflexPPRJamaal WilliamsGBRB115RB29@ DET
SuperflexPPRRob GronkowskiTBTE116TE8vs MIN
SuperflexPPREric EbronPITTE117TE9@ BUF
SuperflexPPRJerry JeudyDENWR118WR48@ CAR
SuperflexPPRDarius SlaytonNYGWR119WR49vs ARI
SuperflexPPRMike GesickiMIATE120TE10vs KC
SuperflexPPRMiles SandersPHIRB121RB30vs NO
SuperflexPPRChad HansenHOUWR122WR50@ CHI
SuperflexPPRRashard HigginsCLEWR123WR51vs BAL
SuperflexPPRMichael GallupDALWR124WR52@ CIN
SuperflexPPRChristian KirkARIWR125WR53@ NYG
SuperflexPPRSammy WatkinsKCWR126WR54@ MIA
SuperflexPPRTodd Gurley IIATLRB127RB31@ LAC
SuperflexPPRNoah FantDENTE128TE11@ CAR
SuperflexPPRHayden HurstATLTE129TE12@ LAC
SuperflexPPRRaheem MostertSFRB130RB32vs WAS
SuperflexPPRLogan ThomasWASTE131TE13@ SF
SuperflexPPRDevin SingletaryBUFRB132RB33vs PIT
SuperflexPPRDallas GoedertPHITE133TE14vs NO
SuperflexPPRJakobi MeyersNEWR134WR55@ LAR
SuperflexPPRPeyton BarberWASRB135RB34@ SF
SuperflexPPRGabriel DavisBUFWR136WR56vs PIT
SuperflexPPRLaviska Shenault Jr.JACWR137WR57vs TEN
SuperflexPPRDalton SchultzDALTE138TE15@ CIN
SuperflexPPRHenry Ruggs IIILVWR139WR58vs IND
SuperflexPPRGolden TateNYGWR140WR59vs ARI
SuperflexPPRJonnu SmithTENTE141TE16@ JAC
SuperflexPPRHunter RenfrowLVWR142WR60vs IND
SuperflexPPRJordan AkinsHOUTE143TE17@ CHI
SuperflexPPRWillie Snead IVBALWR144WR61@ CLE
SuperflexPPRJamison CrowderNYJWR145WR62@ SEA
SuperflexPPRMarquez Valdes-ScantlingGBWR146WR63@ DET
SuperflexPPRDamien HarrisNERB147RB35@ LAR
SuperflexPPRCollin JohnsonJACWR148WR64vs TEN
SuperflexPPRJames WhiteNERB149RB36@ LAR
SuperflexPPRChase EdmondsARIRB150RB37@ NYG
SuperflexPPRDarnell MooneyCHIWR151WR65vs HOU
SuperflexPPRKJ HamlerDENWR152WR66@ CAR
SuperflexPPRJalen ReagorPHIWR153WR67vs NO
SuperflexPPREmmanuel SandersNOWR154WR68@ PHI
SuperflexPPRJordan ReedSFTE155TE18vs WAS
SuperflexPPRLatavius MurrayNORB156RB38@ PHI
SuperflexPPRTony PollardDALRB157RB39@ CIN
SuperflexPPRDamiere ByrdNEWR158WR69@ LAR
SuperflexPPRFrank GoreNYJRB159RB40@ SEA
SuperflexPPRJames WashingtonPITWR160WR70@ BUF
SuperflexPPRAnthony MillerCHIWR161WR71vs HOU
SuperflexPPRGreg WardPHIWR162WR72vs NO
SuperflexPPRDarrell HendersonLARRB163RB41vs NE
SuperflexPPRIrv Smith Jr.MINTE164TE19@ TB
SuperflexPPRTyler EifertJACTE165TE20vs TEN
SuperflexPPRBraxton BerriosNYJWR166WR73@ SEA
SuperflexPPRAustin HooperCLETE167TE21vs BAL
SuperflexPPRKeelan Cole Sr.JACWR168WR74vs TEN
SuperflexPPRDanny AmendolaDETWR169WR75vs GB
SuperflexPPRCole KmetCHITE170TE22vs HOU
SuperflexPPRJosh ReynoldsLARWR171WR76vs NE
SuperflexPPRJeff Wilson Jr.SFRB172RB42vs WAS
SuperflexPPRTyler HigbeeLARTE173TE23vs NE
SuperflexPPRDavid MooreSEAWR174WR77vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRAdrian PetersonDETRB175RB43vs GB
SuperflexPPRCarlos HydeSEARB176RB44vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRPatrick LairdMIARB177RB45vs KC
SuperflexPPRMohamed SanuDETWR178WR78vs GB
SuperflexPPRTrey BurtonINDTE179TE24@ LV
SuperflexPPRTravis FulghamPHIWR180WR79vs NO
SuperflexPPRBrandon ZylstraCARWR181WR80vs DEN
SuperflexPPRZach ErtzPHITE182TE25vs NO
SuperflexPPRTy JohnsonNYJRB183RB46@ SEA
SuperflexPPRZack MossBUFRB184RB47vs PIT
SuperflexPPRPhillip LindsayDENRB185RB48@ CAR
SuperflexPPRCam BatsonTENWR186WR81@ JAC
SuperflexPPRIto SmithATLRB187RB49@ LAC
SuperflexPPRLe'Veon BellKCRB188RB50@ MIA
SuperflexPPRMecole HardmanKCWR189WR82@ MIA
SuperflexPPRMo Alie-CoxINDTE190TE26@ LV
SuperflexPPRJakeem GrantMIAWR191WR83vs KC
SuperflexPPRA.J. GreenCINWR192WR84vs DAL
SuperflexPPRLynn Bowden Jr.MIARB193RB51vs KC
SuperflexPPRJacob HollisterSEATE194TE27vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRN'Keal HarryNEWR195WR85@ LAR
SuperflexPPRGerald EverettLARTE196TE28vs NE
SuperflexPPRJared CookNOTE197TE29@ PHI
SuperflexPPRKalen BallageLACRB198RB52vs ATL
SuperflexPPRKendrick BourneSFWR199WR86vs WAS
SuperflexPPRDemarcus RobinsonKCWR200WR87@ MIA
SuperflexPPRCameron BrateTBTE201TE30vs MIN
SuperflexPPRQuintez CephusDETWR202WR88vs GB
SuperflexPPRIan ThomasCARTE203TE31vs DEN
SuperflexPPRZach PascalINDWR204WR89@ LV
SuperflexPPRJordan WilkinsINDRB205RB53@ LV
SuperflexPPRBrandon PowellATLWR206WR90@ LAC
SuperflexPPRDevontae BookerLVRB207RB54vs IND
SuperflexPPRBrian HillATLRB208RB55@ LAC
SuperflexPPRJeff SmithNYJWR209WR91@ SEA
SuperflexPPRChristian BlakeATLWR210WR92@ LAC
SuperflexPPRDonovan Peoples-JonesCLEWR211WR93vs BAL
SuperflexPPRSteven Mitchell Jr.HOUWR212WR94@ CHI
SuperflexPPRGus EdwardsBALRB213RB56@ CLE
SuperflexPPRCordarrelle PattersonCHIWR214WR95vs HOU
SuperflexPPRSteven SimsWASWR215WR96@ SF
SuperflexPPRDan ArnoldARITE216TE32@ NYG
SuperflexPPRCam SimsWASWR217WR97@ SF
SuperflexPPRJalen GuytonLACWR218WR98vs ATL
SuperflexPPRBoston ScottPHIRB219RB57vs NO
SuperflexPPRLuke WillsonBALTE220TE33@ CLE
SuperflexPPRJimmy GrahamCHITE221TE34vs HOU
SuperflexPPRLarry FitzgeraldARIWR222WR99@ NYG
SuperflexPPRAlex EricksonCINWR223WR100vs DAL
SuperflexPPRSony MichelNERB224RB58@ LAR
SuperflexPPRMalcolm BrownLARRB225RB59vs NE
SuperflexPPRPharoh CooperCARWR226WR101vs DEN
SuperflexPPRTre'Quan SmithNOWR227WR102@ PHI
SuperflexPPRDarren FellsHOUTE228TE35@ CHI
SuperflexPPRKyle JuszczykSFRB229RB60vs WAS
SuperflexPPRKerryon JohnsonDETRB230RB61vs GB
SuperflexPPRDrew SampleCINTE231TE36vs DAL
SuperflexPPRChad BeebeMINWR232WR103@ TB
SuperflexPPRDevin DuvernayBALWR233WR104@ CLE
SuperflexPPRC.J. ProsiseHOURB234RB62@ CHI
SuperflexPPRCedrick WilsonDALWR235WR105@ CIN
SuperflexPPRTyler ConklinMINTE236TE37@ TB
SuperflexPPRMark Ingram IIBALRB237RB63@ CLE
SuperflexPPRKalif RaymondTENWR238WR106@ JAC
SuperflexPPRAnthony FirkserTENTE239TE38@ JAC
SuperflexPPRWill DisslySEATE240TE39vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRSamaje PerineCINRB241RB64vs DAL
SuperflexPPRBenny Snell Jr.PITRB242RB65@ BUF
SuperflexPPRAmeer AbdullahMINRB243RB66@ TB
SuperflexPPRIsaiah McKenzieBUFWR244WR107vs PIT
SuperflexPPRVan JeffersonLARWR245WR108vs NE
SuperflexPPRHarrison BryantCLETE246TE40vs BAL
SuperflexPPRRodney SmithCARRB247RB67vs DEN
SuperflexPPRC.J. BoardNYGWR248WR109vs ARI
SuperflexPPRAlfred MorrisNYGRB249RB68vs ARI
SuperflexPPRGunner OlszewskiNEWR250WR110@ LAR
SuperflexPPRDurham SmytheMIATE251TE41vs KC
SuperflexPPRAlec IngoldLVRB252RB69vs IND
SuperflexPPRDawson KnoxBUFTE253TE42vs PIT
SuperflexPPRMike ThomasCINWR254WR111vs DAL
SuperflexPPRJames O'ShaughnessyJACTE255TE43vs TEN
SuperflexPPRMiles BoykinBALWR256WR112@ CLE
SuperflexPPRChris Herndon IVNYJTE257TE44@ SEA
SuperflexPPRTevin ColemanSFRB258RB70vs WAS
SuperflexPPRJordan HowardPHIRB259RB71vs NO
SuperflexPPRMalcolm PerryMIAWR260WR113vs KC
SuperflexPPRIsaiah WrightWASWR261WR114@ SF
SuperflexPPRJalen RichardLVRB262RB72vs IND
SuperflexPPRDaeSean HamiltonDENWR263WR115@ CAR
SuperflexPPRTyler KroftBUFTE264TE45vs PIT
SuperflexPPRJerick McKinnonSFRB265RB73vs WAS
SuperflexPPRRoss DwelleySFTE266TE46vs WAS
SuperflexPPRMack HollinsMIAWR267WR116vs KC
SuperflexPPROlabisi JohnsonMINWR268WR117@ TB
SuperflexPPRAlshon JefferyPHIWR269WR118vs NO
SuperflexPPRBryan EdwardsLVWR270WR119vs IND
SuperflexPPRJustice HillBALRB271RB74@ CLE
SuperflexPPRJesse JamesDETTE272TE47vs GB
SuperflexPPRKeeSean JohnsonARIWR273WR120@ NYG
SuperflexPPRAnthony McFarland Jr.PITRB274RB75@ BUF
SuperflexPPRDontrelle InmanWASWR275WR121@ SF
SuperflexPPREquanimeous St. BrownGBWR276WR122@ DET
SuperflexPPRRoyce FreemanDENRB277RB76@ CAR
SuperflexPPRFreddie SwainSEAWR278WR123vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRLaquon TreadwellATLWR279WR124@ LAC
SuperflexPPRLeSean McCoyTBRB280RB77vs MIN
SuperflexPPRJosh AdamsNYJRB281RB78@ SEA
SuperflexPPRJack DoyleINDTE282TE48@ LV
SuperflexPPRJakob JohnsonNERB283RB79@ LAR
SuperflexPPRDion LewisNYGRB284RB80vs ARI
SuperflexPPRAntonio CallawayMIAWR285WR125vs KC
SuperflexPPRKe'Shawn VaughnTBRB286RB81vs MIN
SuperflexPPRChris ConleyJACWR287WR126vs TEN
SuperflexPPRRichie James Jr.SFWR288WR127vs WAS
SuperflexPPRMaxx WilliamsARITE289TE49@ NYG
SuperflexPPRGeoff SwaimTENTE290TE50@ JAC
SuperflexPPRMarcedes LewisGBTE291TE51@ DET
SuperflexPPRJason WittenLVTE292TE52vs IND
SuperflexPPRAdam ShaheenMIATE293TE53vs KC
SuperflexPPRJoshua KelleyLACRB294RB82vs ATL
SuperflexPPRTrayveon WilliamsCINRB295RB83vs DAL
SuperflexPPRJeremy McNicholsTENRB296RB84@ JAC
SuperflexPPRRichard RodgersPHITE297TE54vs NO
SuperflexPPRRay-Ray McCloudPITWR298WR128@ BUF
SuperflexPPRJamal AgnewDETWR299WR129vs GB
SuperflexPPRDevine OzigboJACRB300RB85vs TEN
SuperflexPPRDarrel WilliamsKCRB301RB86@ MIA
SuperflexPPRAdam TrautmanNOTE302TE55@ PHI
SuperflexPPRDare OgunbowaleJACRB303RB87vs TEN
SuperflexPPRDeeJay DallasSEARB304RB88vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRTrenton CannonCARRB305RB89vs DEN
SuperflexPPRDonte MoncriefNEWR306WR130@ LAR
SuperflexPPRC.J. HamMINRB307RB90@ TB
SuperflexPPRTyron JohnsonLACWR308WR131vs ATL
SuperflexPPRFoster MoreauLVTE309TE56vs IND
SuperflexPPRMyCole PruittTENTE310TE57@ JAC
SuperflexPPRRyan GriffinNYJTE311TE58@ SEA
SuperflexPPRLee SmithBUFTE312TE59vs PIT
SuperflexPPRDonald Parham Jr.LACTE313TE60vs ATL
SuperflexPPRDavid NjokuCLETE314TE61vs BAL
SuperflexPPRRyan NallCHIRB315RB91vs HOU
SuperflexPPRPatrick RicardBALRB316RB92@ CLE
SuperflexPPRBlake BellDALTE317TE62@ CIN
SuperflexPPRKahale WarringHOUTE318TE63@ CHI
SuperflexPPRCharlie WoernerSFTE319TE64vs WAS
SuperflexPPRDalton KeeneNETE320TE65@ LAR
SuperflexPPRAlex ArmahCARRB321RB93vs DEN
SuperflexPPRCorey ClementPHIRB322RB94vs NO
SuperflexPPRAJ DillonGBRB323RB95@ DET
SuperflexPPRMike BooneMINRB324RB96@ TB
SuperflexPPRKaden SmithNYGTE325TE66vs ARI
SuperflexPPRJaylen SamuelsPITRB326RB97@ BUF
SuperflexPPRJustin JacksonLACRB327RB98vs ATL
SuperflexPPRJonathan WilliamsDETRB328RB99vs GB
SuperflexPPRBuddy HowellHOURB329RB100@ CHI
SuperflexPPRTheo RiddickLVRB330RB101vs IND
SuperflexPPRJacoby BrissettINDQB331QB33@ LV
SuperflexPPRRyan FitzpatrickMIAQB332QB34vs KC
SuperflexPPRBrandon AllenCINQB333QB35vs DAL
SuperflexPPRColt McCoyNYGQB334QB36vs ARI
SuperflexPPRCarson WentzPHIQB335QB37vs NO
SuperflexPPRSeattle SeahawksSEADST336DST1vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRNew Orleans SaintsNODST337DST2@ PHI
SuperflexPPRLos Angeles RamsLARDST338DST3vs NE
SuperflexPPRKansas City ChiefsKCDST339DST4@ MIA
SuperflexPPRDallas CowboysDALDST340DST9@ CIN
SuperflexPPRCarolina PanthersCARDST341DST5vs DEN
SuperflexPPRGreen Bay PackersGBDST342DST7@ DET
SuperflexPPRTennessee TitansTENDST343DST8@ JAC
SuperflexPPRTampa Bay BuccaneersTBDST344DST6vs MIN
SuperflexPPRSan Francisco 49ersSFDST345DST10vs WAS
SuperflexPPRArizona CardinalsARIDST346DST11@ NYG
SuperflexPPRBaltimore RavensBALDST347DST12@ CLE
SuperflexPPRIndianapolis ColtsINDDST348DST13@ LV
SuperflexPPRPittsburgh SteelersPITDST349DST14@ BUF
SuperflexPPRWashington Football TeamWASDST350DST15@ SF
SuperflexPPRLos Angeles ChargersLACDST351DST23vs ATL
SuperflexPPRNew England PatriotsNEDST352DST16@ LAR
SuperflexPPRNew York GiantsNYGDST353DST17vs ARI
SuperflexPPRHouston TexansHOUDST354DST18@ CHI
SuperflexPPRChicago BearsCHIDST355DST19vs HOU
SuperflexPPRCincinnati BengalsCINDST356DST22vs DAL
SuperflexPPRCleveland BrownsCLEDST357DST20vs BAL
SuperflexPPRAtlanta FalconsATLDST358DST21@ LAC
SuperflexPPRLas Vegas RaidersLVDST359DST24vs IND
SuperflexPPRDenver BroncosDENDST360DST25@ CAR
SuperflexPPRBuffalo BillsBUFDST361DST26vs PIT
SuperflexPPRMinnesota VikingsMINDST362DST27@ TB
SuperflexPPRJacksonville JaguarsJACDST363DST28vs TEN
SuperflexPPRPhiladelphia EaglesPHIDST364DST29vs NO
SuperflexPPRMiami DolphinsMIADST365DST30vs KC
SuperflexPPRNew York JetsNYJDST366DST31@ SEA
SuperflexPPRDetroit LionsDETDST367DST32vs GB
SuperflexPPRYounghoe KooATLK368K1@ LAC
SuperflexPPRJason MyersSEAK369K2vs NYJ
SuperflexPPRRyan SuccopTBK370K3vs MIN
SuperflexPPRHarrison ButkerKCK371K4@ MIA
SuperflexPPRRodrigo BlankenshipINDK372K5@ LV
SuperflexPPRStephen GostkowskiTENK373K6@ JAC
SuperflexPPRMason CrosbyGBK374K7@ DET
SuperflexPPRJustin TuckerBALK375K8@ CLE
SuperflexPPRJoey SlyeCARK376K9vs DEN
SuperflexPPRWil LutzNOK377K10@ PHI
SuperflexPPRGreg ZuerleinDALK378K11@ CIN
SuperflexPPRDaniel CarlsonLVK379K12vs IND
SuperflexPPRTyler BassBUFK380K13vs PIT
SuperflexPPRMatt GayLARK381K14vs NE
SuperflexPPRJason SandersMIAK382K15vs KC
SuperflexPPRGraham GanoNYGK383K16vs ARI
SuperflexPPRKa'imi FairbairnHOUK384K17@ CHI
SuperflexPPRRobbie GouldSFK385K18vs WAS
SuperflexPPRMatt PraterDETK386K19vs GB
SuperflexPPRMike NugentARIK387K20@ NYG
SuperflexPPRChris BoswellPITK388K21@ BUF
SuperflexPPRMichael BadgleyLACK389K22vs ATL
SuperflexPPRCody ParkeyCLEK390K23vs BAL
SuperflexPPRBrandon McManusDENK391K24@ CAR
SuperflexPPRDustin HopkinsWASK392K25@ SF
SuperflexPPRCairo SantosCHIK393K26vs HOU
SuperflexPPRRandy BullockCINK394K27vs DAL
SuperflexPPRChase McLaughlinJACK395K28vs TEN
SuperflexPPRNick FolkNEK396K29@ LAR
SuperflexPPRDan BaileyMINK397K30@TB
SuperflexPPRJake ElliottPHIK398K31vs NO
SuperflexPPRSergio CastilloNYJK399K32@SEA

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