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    Who Are the USFL Referees for 2023?

    Who are the USFL referees for the 2023 season, which officials will make up their crews, and who will be returning for a second season?

    There is a familiar feeling to the USFL officiating setup. There will be six USFL referees, and they will head up a seven-person crew. Four of the refs and their respective crews will work each week, and there are a total of 48 officials split between those six groups.

    USFL Referees

    The USFL officials are led by Mike Pereira in his role as officiating supervisor, as well as leading the replay operations. He will be supported by the coordinator of officiating — Steve Strimling — and a game supervisor — Ronnie Baynes. The six referees are drawn from four of the Power Five conferences. Those referees and their conference allegiances are as follows:

    • Derek Anderson | Big 12
    • Bryan Banks | Big Ten
    • James Carter | SEC
    • Stewart Mullins | ACC
    • Adam Savoie | ACC
    • Larry Smith | Big Ten

    The crews for each referee are as follows, with those returning from last year denoted with * (Some crews have two players listed for each position to allow flexibility):

    Derek Anderson

    • Umpire: Robert Richeson
    • Down Judge: Josiah Ford
    • Line Judge: Brett Bergman*
    • Field Judge: LaShell Nelson* and Nicole Randolph
    • Side Judge: Justin Larrew*
    • Back Judge: Jacob Kemp

    Bryan Banks*

    • Umpire: Scott Campbell
    • Down Judge: Stephen Ray
    • Line Judge: Brian Perry
    • Field Judge: Michael Griffith
    • Side Judge: Frank Steratore*
    • Back Judge: Martin Hankins*

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    James Carter*

    • Umpire: Tuta Salaam
    • Down Judge: Ryan Hagan* and Jeremiah Harris
      Hagan is listed as injured
    • Line Judge: Cat Conti and Monique Washington
    • Field Judge: Jimmy DeBell*
    • Side Judge: Phillip Hicks
    • Back Judge: Tyree Walton*

    Stewart Mullins

    • Umpire: Ron Turner
    • Down Judge: Chad Green
    • Line Judge: Kristopher Loving
    • Field Judge: Jason Ledet*
    • Side Judge: Karina Tovar and Josh Aragon
    • Back Judge: Jacques Hooper*

    Adam Savoie*

    • Umpire: Krystle Appellaniz and Amanda Sauer*
    • Down Judge: Sergio DeHoyos
    • Line Judge: Walter Flowers
    • Field Judge: Daniel Gautreaux*
    • Side Judge: Raymond Daniel*
    • Back Judge: Donnie Aultman

    Larry Smith*

    • Umpire: Scott Walker
    • Down Judge: Brian Sakowski
    • Line Judge: Quentin Givens*
    • Field Judge: Glen Fucik*
    • Side Judge: Michael Kennedy and John Morton
    • Back Judge: Joe Johnston*

    If you are looking for more information on the USFL referees and where they have come from to be a part of the league, then Football Zebras has a full breakdown of the 2023 USFL officiating crews.

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