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NFL players we'd absolutely love to see return
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Retired NFL players we’d absolutely love to see return to the league

Brett Favre is peeping through the news stream again. Wait, did I say peeping? Poor choice of words surrounding the quarterback on social media. Jokes aside though, the Hall of Fame gunslinger is back in the news surrounding the world football.

Earlier this week, Favre took to Instagram to announce he was coming out of retirement to play in 2020. For those wondering at home why is that such a big deal, the former Green Bay Packers star would have been 50-years-old when he suited up. Favre later stated that his Instagram account was hacked and the reports of his return were false.

Listen, the news world in the NFL is slow heading into the summer months. With this and news of OJ Simpson now on Twitter, the bad ideas from former NFL stars are just starting to pile up.

But the real question; is Favre coming out of retirement for say one game a bad idea? The 11-time Pro Bowl quarterback already has his place in Canton. Some consider him to be the greatest quarterback of all-time. Tom Brady might hold that title, but what if the two met on the field to settle the odds?

Favre would likely suffer a broken clavicle or maybe explode into dust if he ever took another snap. That dream of seeing the old Mississippi boy throw one more touchdown is long gone. Several players, though, could still probably play in 2019. In shape and ready to assist a team to glory, maybe some relaxation is all they needed to succeed.

Let’s take a look at several players we’d love to see suit up for one more season.

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