Placing NFC West players on new and better situations (Gridiron Throne Podcast)

Freedom to the player

In a particular segment for the Fourth of July, host Corey Ashburn decides to do a freedom game with players in the NFC West. In his segment, Corey takes players from NFC West teams and places them on teams around the NFL.

Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is the best defensive player in the NFC West right now and arguably the best defensive player in the NFL right now. He dominates on the defensive line for the Los Angeles Rams, but his team has not had a Super Bowl-winning season. Now moving Donald from a team destined to make it back to the Super Bowl this season would be an exciting move and would require a lot of thought. Corey ultimate decides to place Donald on the other Los Angeles team, the Chargers. The Chargers are to L.A like the Clippers are in the NBA to the Lakers. It’s not their city but adding a talent like Donald could push them over the hump and create a dominant defensive line.

George Kittle

The NFC West had been blessed with San Francisco 49er tight-end George Kittle. 49er fans are going to want to really take a deep breath for this one. During his podcast, Corey decides to place George Kittle in the best situation possible. None other than the New England Patriots. The Patriots lost tight-end Rob Gronkowski to retirement (let’s be real probably the WWE) this offseason. While reports have come out that Gronk might not be done, in Corey’s world Gronk is all but finished. Therefore he adds Kittle to the mix and if Kittle showed us what he could do without a starting QB in San Francisco, just imagine what he could do with the Patriots in Foxborough. Kittle and Tom Brady would be a fantastic one-two punch for the Patriots, and although he is not Gronk, it will seem like the offensive production is still there. It was a no brainer move for Corey during his podcast.

Questions from the podcast team

What NFC West players would you move? Do you think that Aaron Donald could dominate with any team in the NFL? Can George Kittle be the second coming of Rob Gronkowski from an offensive point of view?

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