NFC West super team finale (Gridiron Throne Podcast)

This week host Corey Ashburn finishes his NFC West super team by picking his defensive side of the ball.

Host Corey Ashburn finished his NFC West super team by going into every position during his run at the defense during this week’s podcast. Last week he focused solely on the offense and if you missed that you can scroll down below to find it. Although he believes the strong suit is the defensive line, we’re going to detail the cornerbacks.

Once again only choosing from the NFC West, Corey picked Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals and Aquib Talib and Nickel Robey-Coman of the Los Angeles Rams. Peterson is the first choice for most NFC West fans as his domination of the cornerback position has been stable since the start of his career. Peterson is unhappy in Arizona (per some reports) and reportedly asked for a trade last season. Talib and Coleman are the perfect 1 and 2 for Corey and his team. Talib is another shutdown corner. Though, in recent years he has been dealing with injuries. Coleman plays well, ironically, in the nickel and will be an excellent third option for this team. The defense will be a significant part of this NFC West super team that Corey has built. It’s an attractive segment from our very own!

Questions from the podcast team

Now that Corey has finished both sides of his NFC West super team, who would be your picks at each position? Would you pick Patrick Peterson, Aquib Talib, and Nickel Robey-Coleman? Or would you go for an all Los Angeles Rams cornerback team?

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