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    Which States Are Next To Legalize Sports Betting?

    With almost every state having the ability to partake in sports betting, some states are still waiting for the chance. Is your state next on the list?

    With sports betting on the rise in the majority of the 50 states in the union, it seems like only a matter of time before all 50 are endorsing sports betting within its borders.

    The history of sports betting in this country is rapidly changing. Online sports betting is the goal, and while some states have sports betting partially legal, some states don’t even allow wagers to be placed on sports in person. Below, we’ll look at which states, not currently legal, are the most likely to get with the times in the future.

    Which States Are Likely To Make Online Sports Betting Legal in the Future?

    There are four states that seem to have the best prospects for legal sports betting in the near future. Three states (Florida, California, and Texas) are the big prizes for the sportsbooks due to their population sizes. Each is at a different stage of the process but seem poised to make sports betting a reality in 2023 or soon thereafter.


    California is the big sports betting prize for every sportsbook. There have been multiple proposals placed on the ballot for voters to consider, but nothing has taken yet. Two proposals failed in 2022. One was backed by FanDuel and DraftKings for online betting, and the other was for in-person betting backed by the California tribes.


    Florida is a sports betting state in limbo. For a portion of 2021, sports betting was legal, and the state was taking bets. Then the situation was halted due to a federal judge striking down an existing agreement between the Seminole tribe and the state. There has been an appeal, but no decision is imminent.


    This is one of the other big sports betting prizes for the sportsbooks, should it get legalized. The state is massive in size and population. There is real momentum for this to get done.

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    Multiple bills have been put forth, and Governor Greg Abbott has already signaled his approval for them to get passed. The state legislature next convenes on May 29th.


    In April 2022, the Maine state legislature approved a bill for sports betting that would allow the four major tribal councils, local to the state, to partner with major operators for in-person bets only. The bill does not allow online betting in any form.


    Nebraska is on the cusp of a full-scale sports betting movement. Three constitutional amendments that voters backed in November 2021 — when they were placed on the ballot — have been passed to enable Nebraska to enter the industry in full. With those approvals, it appears that the full legalization of sports betting in the state will happen sooner rather than later.

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