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    Where Is Sports Betting Partially Legal?

    There are 12 states where sports betting is at least partially legal by allowing the practice in person. When will they have online sports betting?

    As sports betting continues to grow throughout the United States, more and more states are opening their doors to the commerce that comes with it. As it stands now, 36 states have access to sports betting in one way or another. However, only 23 of those states make sports betting pain-free by allowing online betting on wagers like the current NFL Super Bowl odds.

    Twelve states only allow partial legalization of sports betting. Below is a comprehensive list of those states when they may open up fully.

    Where Is Sports Betting Partially Legal in the USA?

    Twelve states have partial legalization of sports betting. Each one may or may not be on the pathway to full legalization and the allowance of online betting. All of them have access to physical sportsbooks where wagers can be placed.


    Sports betting is only accessible to Delawareans physically in person at a sportsbook. That should not be taken to mean that online betting is illegal in the state. It is perfectly legal. The challenge is that there are no sports betting sites currently operating within state borders, rendering the possibility non-existent, for now.

    North Carolina

    In North Carolina, sports betting is legal in person only. There are currently three retail sportsbooks in operation. There is optimism that online betting gets passed in 2023 with a new bill that is being pushed through the state legislature.


    Sports betting is legal in Mississippi. Wagers can be placed at most casinos, and the state has 28 sportsbooks in operation.

    Online sports betting in Mississippi is limited to people who are physically located on the premises of a licensed casino. As a result, the state has just two apps available.


    Sports betting is legal in Wisconsin, but only through negotiation with local tribes, which is unlike the legislative process we see in most states. As a result, Wisconsin allows wagers to be placed at one tribal location, with a second location in downtown Milwaukee set to open soon. Online betting is allowed, but only on the grounds of a reservation.

    South Dakota

    You can place wagers in person at casinos in Deadwood and at tribal casinos. Online sports wagering is only allowed from the premises of the Deadwood casinos.

    North Dakota

    Like its southern neighbor, wagers can be placed at tribal casinos only. Unlike its southern neighbor, there is no opportunity to place online bets, regardless of where you physically are in the state.

    New Mexico

    Sports betting is allowed only on the grounds of tribal casinos due to compacts the tribes have with the states. There is no legislation in the state that permits sports betting at all outside of the tribal grounds.


    Montana has perhaps the most sports betting locations of any state in the union. Every location that offers the state lottery also allows sports betting to be done there on premises. Additionally, that is also the only way to bet online. You must be physically present at a licensed location.


    Washington allows for in-person sports betting at casinos owned by federally recognized tribes. Technically online betting is also legal, but only one app has launched, and you must be physically present on the tribal lands to use it.

    When Will Sports Betting Be Legal?

    Due to the nature of many of these states allowing sports betting in person and under the purview of the local tribes, there is no definite timeline for when full sports betting will be legal in these states. While you have a state like Delaware where we could see it happen as early as 2023, a state like New Mexico hasn’t even put forth legislation at all to advance the cause.

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