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New York Jets: How Was Their Roster Built?

The New York Jets have built a roster in 2023 that they hope not only competes for the AFC East but also the conference. Here's how they did it.

NFL Predictions: Analyzing Baltimore Ravens’ Best and Worst-Case Scenarios

The offseason is the time to start making NFL predictions. For the Baltimore Ravens, there are two important scenarios that will make or break their season.

Denver Broncos OTAs Preview: Sean Payton Hopes Less Is More

As the Denver Broncos OTAs open up, there are two very important questions that need answering. Only Russell Wilson and Sean Payton have the answers.

An Average Aaron Rodgers Makes Jets a Playoff Team

Aaron Rodgers simply needs to be average for the Jets to get to the playoffs. With average quarterback play in 2022, they would be a double-digit win team.

Should the NFL Have a Draft Lottery?

The NBA Draft lottery is right around the corner. Why doesn't the NFL use a draft lottery to determine who picks No. 1, and should they implement one?

Was Jahmyr Gibbs the Right Pick for the Lions?

Jahmyr Gibbs went 12th overall in the 2023 NFL Draft. Many felt the Detroit Lions should have selected a defensive player. Here's why the pick makes sense.

Could the New York Jets Be This Year’s Denver Broncos?

The 2023 Jets and the 2022 Broncos share a shocking amount of similarities, but behavior science suggests New York fans may not need to worry about a repeat.

Chiefs vs. Lions Is the Perfect NFL Season Opener

The Chiefs take on the Lions in the 2023 NFL season opener. This is a perfect matchup to give fans what they want, while setting them up for more.

Brock Purdy Expected Back Sooner and Deserves To Be QB1

Kyle Shanahan says that Brock Purdy is expected to join the 49ers for training camp. Here's the case as to why he deserves to be the opening-day starter.

Tua Tagovailoa Is the Miami Dolphins 2023 MVP

Tua Tagovailoa is the Miami Dolphins' most valuable player, and it's not particularly close. Looking back at 2022, we can see just how much he means to them.

Miami Dolphins 2023 NFL Draft: Team Needs and Top Targets

The Miami Dolphins need to keep Tua Tagovailoa healthy, who has admitted to considering retirement due to concussions. Does Miami have enough picks to do it?

Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft: Team Needs and Top Targets

The Chicago Bears have several holes to fill in the 2023 NFL Draft. I predict every pick for them and try to plug each hole on both sides of the ball.

Cleveland Browns 2023 NFL Draft: Team Needs and Top Targets

The Cleveland Browns have holes to fill on their defense. The interior of the line needs depth, and the edge requires support. Do they have enough picks?

Who Is Announcing the Atlanta Falcons’ First-Round Pick?

Every year the NFL promotes its partnerships. This year, the Atlanta Falcons' announcer will be a special guest to highlight the Inspire Change initiative.

How Many Players Declared for the NFL Draft?

In April, the league shows off its propensity for pageantry. How many prospects declared for the 2023 NFL Draft, and which players were invited to the event?

2014 NFL Draft Results: Order and Picks for Round 1-7

The 2014 NFL Draft results had future Hall of Famers, but two of the three first-round quarterbacks are out of the league, and the third is a journeyman backup.

2015 NFL Draft Results: Order and Picks for Round 1-7

The 2015 NFL Draft results yielded disappointing results and lacked the superstars from just a year prior. What were the best picks?

Centers Drafted in the 2022 NFL Draft

Which centers were drafted in the 2022 NFL Draft, and how does the latest class compare to other center classes in previous seasons?

Guards Drafted in the 2022 NFL Draft

Which guards were drafted in the 2022 NFL Draft, and how does the latest class compare to other guard classes from previous years?

Spencer Anderson, C, Maryland | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Maryland C Spencer Anderson hopes to hear his name called on draft night, but as his 2023 NFL Draft scouting report explains, he may have to wait awhile.

Mekhi Garner, CB, LSU | NFL Draft Scouting Report

LSU CB Mekhi Garner brings a lot of position flexibility to the NFL Draft, and will he add one more stop on what has already been a multi-stop journey?

Jay Ward, S, LSU | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Jay Ward may have to wait a while before hearing his name called at the 2023 NFL Draft. However, his versatility should give teams a reason to call it out.

DeMarcco Hellams, FS, Alabama | NFL Draft Scouting Report

DeMarcco Hellams is one of three Alabama safeties in this draft. He will likely wait a bit to hear his name called, but the Raiders could be the ones calling.