Moro Ojomo, DT, Texas | NFL Draft Scouting Report

Texas DT Moro Ojomo has one of the more underrated scouting reports on the 2023 NFL Draft circuit. Learn why he's the potential top-100 pick you need to know.

Where does Shrine Bowl standout and Texas DT Moro Ojomo settle in among the 2023 NFL Draft‘s defensive tackle group? You don’t always hear Ojomo’s name mentioned in the early-round conversation, but his scouting report may have a place in that range.

Moro Ojomo NFL Draft Profile

  • Position: Defensive Tackle
  • School: Texas
  • Current Year: Redshirt Senior
  • Height/Weight: 6’2 1/2″, 293 pounds
  • Length: 34 3/8″
  • Wingspan: 83 3/8″
  • Hand: 10 1/4″

Speaking with Ojomo is a disarming experience. He’s a calm, articulate young man who hopes to become a corporate lawyer after his football career, with a particular passion for finance. Studious is the word that comes to mind. But on the football field, a different side of Ojomo shows.

The attention to detail is still present, as Ojomo works to align his base, or as he rips through a block with a carefully crafted swim combo. But it’s all done with the violence, energy, and power of a future NFL defender — and a good one, at that.

On the heels of a career-best 2022 season that saw him put up 32 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, and three sacks, Ojomo went ahead and distinguished himself as one of the best players at the East-West Shrine Bowl.

Momentum is on Ojomo’s side, and especially after his showing in Las Vegas, evaluators are turning back to the tape, and seeing just how great his potential is. To put it in financial and NFL draft terms, Ojomo’s stock is on the rise. But how far up can he ascend?

Moro Ojomo Scouting Report


  • Has an elite combination of natural leverage and proportional length with his frame.
  • Sports a quick first step off the line, which he can use with length to generate power.
  • Has the long-track explosiveness to surge through gaps and wash over quarterbacks.
  • Brings an overwhelming power element not only with leg drive but with ruthless torque.
  • Has the composite play strength to one-gap at 3-tech and hold his positioning.
  • Has shown to absorb combo blocks with lower body strength and natural leverage.
  • Dominant power rusher with club-swims, swipes, long-arms, bull rushes, and rips.
  • Deconstructs run blocks with a defined hand usage arsenal, including swims and rips.
  • Hot-motor rusher who violently replaces his hands and fights through help blockers.
  • Has enough ankle flexion to stunt outside and reduce his surface area past the apex.

Areas for Improvement

  • Despite exceptional play strength, sub-300 frame naturally correlates with lacking mass.
  • Has some measured twitch, but is largely a linear athlete who lacks elite lateral mobility.
  • Initial hand placement can be more precise, as early losses can allow blockers to anchor.
  • Hands can be more efficient at times, as energy can be wasted by not fully loading.
  • Sometimes over-extends when trying to load his base, sacrificing leverage and grip.
  • Isn’t always able to roll his hips past blockers after displacing with power.
  • Power sequencing can be more efficient, with more consistent use of full extensions.
  • Frame is slightly high-cut, which occasionally causes upright alignment at contact.

Texas DT Moro Ojomo Current Draft Projection

I’ll be higher on Ojomo than most. On my board, he grades out as a top-75 prospect, who should definitively field interest in the 2023 NFL Draft’s Top 100. It’s entirely possible Ojomo could slip to Day 3. In that range, he’d be a steal for the team that drafts him.

Despite being a redshirt senior, Ojomo is still young — set to be a 22-year-old rookie. At that age, he offers an enticing mix of high-floor and high-ceiling traits on the interior — all of which culminate to give him a degree of alignment versatility.

Ojomo can line up as far inside as 1-tech, and expand outward to 3-tech, or even stunt outside around the edge. He’s an explosive lineman with elite proportional length and natural leverage, all of which work to accelerate overwhelming power output.

Ojomo can bulldoze blockers with his straight-line power, and his hand violence can be devastating as well. In both phases, he’s shown that, while he can seek further efficiency with his hands, he has a defined arsenal of moves and a hot motor that doesn’t rest. In the running game, Ojomo has the strength to one-gap, prevent displacement, and absorb.

With his blend of explosiveness, power, leverage, knock-back force, and urgency, Ojomo can be a tremendous rotational add right away. He’s scheme and alignment-versatile, and with some development, has the potential to be an impact starter at 3-tech, with the flexibility to sway up and down the front.

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