How Much Do XFL Players Make? Breaking Down Salaries After the Season’s End

The XFL is wrapping up a successful season! So how much do XFL players make, and what do their salaries, bonuses, and perks look like?

When it comes to spring football leagues (AAF, USFL, XFL, etc.), one question we hear from a lot of people is how much these players earn. As the XFL wraps up a successful season, and with global superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the helm as co-owner, how did XFL salaries, bonuses, and other perks shake out in 2023?

XFL Player Salaries for 2023 Season

Each XFL team this year had to cut its roster down to 50 players for the regular season. Those who didn’t make the cut but participated in training camp earned weekly paychecks for their work, though not as much as those who made the team.

Here are the specifics: XFL players earned $800 per week for attending training camp, which lasted five weeks. Among those who made the final cut, players could sign a minimum one-year contract based on the following breakdown:

  • Base Salary: $59,000
  • Per-Game Salary: $5,000
  • Bonus: $1,000 per win

At $59,000, this base salary was around $5,000 more than another spring league, the USFL. In addition to higher player salaries, the XFL also offered nearly $20,000 per player in additional benefits. These benefits included health, dental, and vision insurance; housing; and even meals that are covered by the league.

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However, inactive players were still compensated for games, which was a nice addition for a league that seemed to have deeper pockets than the last time around in 2020. Inactive players received $1,500 per game and were also eligible for the $1,000 win bonus. On game day, each team was allowed 45 active players on the roster — guys who could play in that week’s game.

That means that each week, five players could be inactive on each team — for example, a No. 3 quarterback or a defensive depth piece.

It wasn’t revealed in February whether players competing in the postseason would earn higher salaries, and as of this writing, there’s still no confirmation from the league.

So we might assume for now that the players competing in the semifinals earned an additional week’s salary, commensurate to their normal regular-season salary. So players who win the championship would earn an additional $12,000 in salary: $5,000 per playoff game (two) and $1,000 per win (two).

By comparison, the USFL has committed a $10,000 bonus to players on the active roster or practice squad of the championship-winning team. Assumptions are that the XFL will do something similar.

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