BJ Rudell

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B.J. Rudell is a longtime sports betting and fantasy sports content creator, utilizing firsthand research and predictive analytics as a counterweight to ubiquitous commoditized content. His background includes more than 2,000 betting/fantasy columns on subjects ranging from DFS to moneylines to point spreads to prop bets. Additionally, he’s a former freelancer for Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports, a former podcast host for ESPN Raleigh, and the winner of five national sports betting competitions -- including three DFS tournaments versus 20,000+ people combined and two Sporting News betting competitions versus nearly 400,000 people combined.

2023 USFL Standings

We're tracking the USFL standings for the second season of this rebooted league. What are the latest standings and playoff tiebreakers?

The Legacy of Jim Brown on His Passing

Jim Brown has passed away at the age of 87. His death isn't merely the end of an era for the NFL. It's the end of an era for sports.