Dynasty Trade Advice: Should You Move Tee Higgins, Calvin Ridley, and Jerry Jeudy?

Tee Higgins, Calvin Ridley, and Jerry Jeudy are all facing potential shifts in their dynasty values. Should fantasy managers trade the talented WRs?

Executing trades at the right time is key to being a successful dynasty fantasy football manager. Cincinnati Bengals WR Tee Higgins, Jacksonville Jaguars WR Calvin Ridley, and Denver Broncos WR Jerry Jeudy are three talented players who could see their dynasty values shift considerably during the 2024 season. How should fantasy managers handle these players going forward?

Should You Trade Tee Higgins in Dynasty?

We have reached an inflection point in Higgins’ dynasty value. With the expiration of his rookie contract, there is a very real chance the next part of his career will occur with another team. The challenge for dynasty managers is figuring out whether a move is likely to help or hurt his fantasy value and to act accordingly.

Higgins spent the first four years of his career with the Bengals. After posting 900 receiving yards as a rookie, he was on the path to greatness. A breakout sophomore season that saw him average 15.7 fantasy points per game had him on the precipice of being an annual WR1. Unfortunately, things haven’t quite worked out since then.

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Higgins’ production has declined each of the past two years. He averaged 13.1 points per game in 2022 and just 11.5 points per game in 2023, finishing as the WR26 and WR40, respectively.

It’s tough for Higgins’ managers because he’s shown elite traits. The problem is he plays alongside WR Ja’Marr Chase. Higgins is never going to command targets ahead of Chase. That fact showcased itself in Higgins’ 18.6% target share two years ago and 17.9% target share last year.

There were also extenuating circumstances in 2023. QB Joe Burrow was only fully healthy for a game or two, and Higgins himself dealt with multiple injuries that cost him a total of five games and limited him in three more.

Currently, free agency is still ahead of us. The Bengals slapped Higgins with the franchise tag, locking him up for one more season. Regardless, if they don’t get a long-term deal done, Higgins is likely playing elsewhere beginning in 2025. Will that be good for Higgins? It depends.

At 25 years old, Higgins is going to be a productive NFL receiver for at least another 6-7 years. In the right spot, he could be a fantasy WR1, and thus, he’s worth trading for right now.

We’ve seen talented wide receivers waste away in bad offenses. Given that this is the second portion of Higgins’ career, if he signs with the wrong team for 3-4 years, there may not be enough time for his talent to simply win out. Dynasty managers need Higgins to land in a spot where he can produce. Whether you trade for him or get rid of him depends on which direction you think he will go.

Final Verdict: Buy

Should You Trade Calvin Ridley in Dynasty?

Another wide receiver with an uncertain future is Ridley. Much like Higgins, the former Atlanta Falcons wideout has reached the end of his rookie contract. Also like Higgins, we’ve seen one highly productive season, suggesting Ridley can be a fantasy WR1 in the right environment. Where he ends up will have a significant impact on his fantasy value for the remainder of his career.

There is one major difference, though. Ridley is already 29 years old. Between being an old prospect, the Falcons exercising his fifth-year option, him stepping away from football in 2021, and the gambling suspension in 2022, Ridley is going to turn 30 years old before the calendar year is up.

Last season, Ridley caught 76 passes for 1,016 yards and eight touchdowns. He averaged 13.5 fantasy points per game, finishing as the overall WR27. He did not at all resemble the alpha WR1 we saw in 2020.

Under normal circumstances, given Ridley’s age, his performance would be viewed as possible signs of a decline. However, Ridley’s circumstances are anything but normal. He missed nearly two years of football. It’s entirely possible his struggles were due to rust.

Ridley’s efficiency metrics were not good last season. His 22.6% target share was 30th in the league, far too low for a presumptive WR1. He was only targeted on 21.4% of his routes run, 39th in the league. Ridley averaged 1.6 yards per route run, 48th in the league, and 7.5 yards per target, 60th in the league.

Of course, not all of these poor metrics are on Ridley. He had nearly 1,000 unrealized air yards, evidencing a disconnect with his quarterback. QB Trevor Lawrence didn’t do Ridley many favors last season.

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If you’re a rebuilding team, it’s probably not worth taking a shot on Ridley. Championship contenders and teams likely to make the playoffs could potentially use him for the next 2-3 years, though. That is — if you believe Ridley can at least return to high-end WR2 status.

I will be the first to admit Ridley is extremely difficult to figure out. On one hand, the history of NFL players missing a year of football due to non-injury reasons is not great. Ridley may never return to the player he once was.

Ridley consistently struggled to get open and was unable to beat man coverage. If he doesn’t improve in 2024, his dynasty value will crater.

On the other hand, Ridley’s quarterback didn’t do him many favors. There are plenty of teams out there in need of a wide receiver who have a superior quarterback.

Ridley as the WR2 for the Kansas City Chiefs or Buffalo Bills would probably be better than him as the primary outside receiver in Jacksonville.

This is a close call. Ultimately, I will side with historical precedent and opt not to buy a player who is 29 years old and hasn’t performed at a high level in four years.

Final Verdict: Sell

Should You Trade Jerry Jeudy in Dynasty?

Unlike Higgins and Ridley, Jeudy is still under contract with his current team. Jeudy is in the final year of his rookie deal after the Broncos exercised his fifth-year option a year ago.

When assessing Jeudy’s dynasty value, we don’t need to overly concern ourselves with him remaining in Denver for the 2024 season. Jeudy hasn’t exactly benefited from stellar quarterback play or a great offensive environment.

If he leaves next year, at worst, his situation should remain the same. If he stays, presumably, the Broncos can find a quarterback at some point in the next couple of years.

With the situation not being a huge concern, the focus should be on Jeudy’s talent. He’s a very interesting case because he posted 856 receiving yards as a rookie, which is historically a great indicator of future success. However, Jeudy was not overly impressive in doing so.

Jeudy took a massive step back as a sophomore while also being hampered by injury. He averaged 9.9 and 8.5 fantasy points per game in each of his first two seasons.

In 2022, while arguably in the worst situation of his career, Jeudy finally showed signs of breaking out. He caught 67 passes for 972 yards and six touchdowns, averaging 13.6 fantasy points per game.

Jeudy is never going to be a fantasy WR1. His finishing as the overall WR19 in 2022 was great for his fantasy managers. I am sure they would sign up for him being in the WR15-20 range every year.

Unfortunately, Jeudy did not continue his progression last season. Despite missing only the first week of the season, Jeudy caught just 54 passes for 758 yards and two touchdowns. He averaged 8.9 fantasy points per game and was droppable in redraft leagues by the second half of the season.

Jeudy is still just 25 years old. While I don’t envision him ever living up to his mid-first-round draft capital, he’s not this terrible player who shouldn’t even be in the NFL. There’s a spot for Jeudy as the WR2 or WR3 in the right offense.

My guess is Jeudy does not sign an extension with the Broncos and will continue his career elsewhere in 2025. I believe this will be good for his fantasy prospects.

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With that said, we’re still talking about a year from now. Jeudy on the Broncos in 2024 with an unknown quarterback situation is unlikely to return much value.

The right time to potentially buy Jeudy is after this season. If you already roster him, this is a rare situation where the optimal move might be to sell now and buy back a year from now.

Of course, if you sell Jeudy, there’s no guarantee you will be able to get him back. The best course of action is likely to hold with the plan being to act after the 2024 season ends but before we get news about Jeudy’s next team.

Final Verdict: Hold

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