Carson Wentz gets a new contract and a look into Trent Williams (Future is Now Podcast)

This week host George Templeton dives into Carson Wentz's new deal with the Philadelphia Eagles and talks about the latest news surrounding Washington Redskins tackle Trent Williams.

Carson Wentz contract

The Philadelphia Eagles have officially agreed to a new contract with their starting quarterback Carson Wentz. Wentz has agreed to a 4-Year $128M deal with $66M guaranteed at signing and a total of $107M total guaranteed throughout the agreement. Wentz’s contract will run out when he is 31-years-old in 2024, which could lead to another big contract day. His contract has started a new debate, arguing whether he should’ve received it.

When you look at statistics, you can argue that the contract is worth it. Through three years in the NFL, Wentz has thrown for 70 touchdowns and 28 interceptions – 14in year one and seven each for the following two years.

The main issue for why people argue he isn’t worth the deal is his injury history. He tore his ACL after leading his team to an 11-2 record in 2017. This was the year his Eagles team won their first ever Super Bowl. In 2018 he wasn’t fully recovered, and he led his team to a 5-6 record with him starting before again dealing with injuries and Nick Foles starting in his place for the playoffs. Foles won another playoff game, due to a Cody Parkey missed FG, and this continued to spark a raging debate.

Everyone forgot that Wentz threw for 21 touchdowns and seven interceptions during that 5-6 record with an arguably worse team and injuries on the roster. But ultimately wins, statistics, and Super Bowls will speak for themselves.

Questions from the podcast team

Should the Eagles have waited for a year to offer Carson Wentz a new contact? Has Wentz demonstrated that he is healthy enough and back to his best to merit getting this deal?

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