Baltimore Ravens offense and a tight end fantasy breakdown (AFC North and Goal Podcast)

This week Dennis and Travis discuss the news and notes from the AFC North. The AFC North and Goal guys start a new series which involves naming the best players at each position since 2000 for each AFC North team. This week, they tackle the Baltimore Ravens offense. In their weekly fantasy football segment, Dennis and Travis rank the AFC North TE position in fantasy!

Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens will have Lamar Jackson as the focal point of the offense this upcoming season. It sounds like an undeniable statement. With Joe Flacco out of the picture, he will be the undisputed starting QB but one of their biggest playmakers. The offense will only go as far as he can take them. Jackson will need to be at his very best for the Ravens. What he can do with his feet and his playmaking ability is undefeated. Our podcast network director Kai’Chien Chisholm would compare it to Tim Tebow. The only difference is that Jackson is a better quarterback. Last year wasn’t great for Jackson throwing the football stat wise, and he will need to improve them to continue to hit his potential and help the Ravens team succeed.

The Baltimore Ravens now have Mark Ingram. Ingram came over to the Ravens from the New Orleans Saints and will bring a more dominant approach to their running game. With Lamar Jackson and Ingram in the fold for the Ravens offense, the opportunities are endless. Ingram was a productive runner with the Saints and at times was the debatable number one back in the Saints offense. Leaving the Saints could have been about money but also the opportunity to be the absolute number one back for the Ravens. Hopefully, for the fans and the Baltimore Ravens organization, he takes the opportunity and runs with it.

Questions from the podcast team

Will Lamar Jackson and Mark Ingram be the main focus points of the newly formed Baltimore Ravens offense? Or will the Ravens see a downfall?

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