Latest NFL news surrounding Tom Brady, Gerald McCoy and Cam Newton (Nosebleed Seats Podcast)

This week the Nosebleed Seats hosts dive into Gerald McCoy, Cam Newton and discuss the latest Tom Brady workouts.

Tom Brady Workouts

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., or just Tom Brady, is the undisputed greatest quarterback of all time. That doesn’t stop him from continuing to work on his craft. Brady has been attacking his craft while on the beach, and people on Twitter have been attacking back. There are two sides to every argument, and with this being said, let’s detail the statement from our very own Brett Yarris on Twitter. 

Yarris, or as our podcast network director Kai’Chien calls him, Bret(t) is notorious for having strong Twitter opinions. His latest Twitter statement on Tom Brady came from a beach workout Brady released which was also posted on Twitter by Sports Illustrated. On the outside, the workouts look like they are some authentic training, but Yarris sees them as “…two of the most senseless QB drills I’ve ever seen..” The workouts are harmless but are argued by Yarris as something he hopes kids never think is the correct way to train.

Our very own Nosebleed Seats boys say during the podcast that they love the latest Tom Brady workout videos and continue to argue his GOAT status on the pod. The workouts will ultimately keep Brady at the top of his peak athletically, and the simple fact that Brady can still do what he does at his age is something that should be admired. He works hard, and these workouts are just a way to again show people he is Tomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr., and as long as he is on the New England Patriots and still going at it, he will be great.

*This podcast was recorded before the signing of Gerald McCoy to the Carolina Panthers.

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