Adam Gase and Dan Quinn Rumors: Will they be fired?

Adam Gase and Dan Quinn rumors are swirling, mainly around them being fired. For many, it's not a matter of if, but when. What's the latest?

The latest Adam Gase and Dan Quinn rumors have only gotten louder after both coaches have started the 2020 NFL season with an 0-3 record. And now, their seats are only getting hotter with each passing game. But will they be fired and if so, when? We have the very latest in regard to what Pro Football Network Insiders Tony Pauline and Benjamin Allbright are hearing.

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Will Adam Gase be fired if the Jets lose to the Broncos?

On Wednesday’s edition of PFN’s NFL Draft Insiders, Pauline said that according to what he’s heard, there are no imminent plans to fire Adam Gase if the Jets lose on Thursday Night Football to the Denver Broncos. Pauline did say that if its a blowout loss, that can change things, but all signs point to Gase being safe even if they lose to an injury-plagued Broncos team.

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“Remember, it was barely two weeks ago that CEO Christopher Johnson gave Adam Gase support and wanted to see how the season progressed before making any decision,” Pauline said. “Johnson also called Gase a brilliant offensive mind. I know this will disappoint Jets fans but despite many reports and speculation, there are no imminent plans – from what I’ve heard – to fire Gase.”

Has Adam Gase lost the New York Jets Locker Room?

According to what Pauline has heard, Gase has not lost the locker room.

“I heard from six different players and they said that they still support Gase and the coaching staff. They were even complimentary of the way that Gase has held things together, which means that the locker room hasn’t tuned out Gase either, an important note to consider.”

In regard to their 0-3 start, Pauline did say that this is a problem. Pauline noted that a player he talked to said there has been some finger-pointing in the locker room, especially after the loss against the San Francisco 49ers.

“This is a situation where the defense is pointing their finger at the offense and the offense is pointing the finger at the defense,” Pauline said. “This is something to watch as it can spiral out of control very quickly if the losses keep piling up.”

If Adam Gase is fired, who could be the next head coach?

Pauline said that he has not heard any names from the Jets organization in regard to who the next head coach might be if Gase is fired because they already have a head coach in place and also, it would be tampering to speak about other coaches.

However, Pauline noted that several people in the league have said to keep an eye on Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale. Pauline said that while he’s not guaranteed the job, he will be a serious candidate.

“Remember – Martindale has been with the Ravens since 2012 and was with the Ravens when Joe Douglas (Jets GM) was there. Since 2018 as defensive coordinator in Baltimore, Martindale’s defensive units have been amongst the best in the league,” Pauline said.

What’s next for the New York Jets?

Pauline said that as much as Jets fans are clamoring for Adam Gase’s head, he finds it very unlikely that the Jets will do anything in September or October unless things spiral out of control in the locker room.

“You have to go back to the drawing board and figure out how to help Sam Darnold,” said Pauline. “Gase needs to look at changing his scheme or changing his style to fit the players rather than trying to make the players fit into his system.”

What’s the latest on Dan Quinn? Will he be fired? 

It seems like the Falcons have still not recovered from their Super Bowl collapse against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI back in 2017. Since then, the Falcons have continued to blow leads at a prodigious rate and even worse, they’ve gone just 24-27.

Quinn’s Falcons have failed to finish .500 in each of the last two years and they’re 0-3 to start 2020. However, there’s good news for Quinn as team owner Arthur Blank is willing to give him a chance to turn things around.

On Tuesday’s edition of PFN Weekly, Allbright said, “Dan Quinn has a mandate to make the playoffs. So, for those of you putting money on Dan Quinn to be the first head coach fired this season, Arthur Blank is going to ride that out and wait until the playoff picture shakes out.”

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Pauline confirmed this as well on the Draft Insiders Digital Show saying, “The Falcons have such a talented team but for some reason, they can’t get over the hump.  They don’t have the killer instinct and they don’t know how to finish games – that starts at the top. That said, I don’t necessarily think Quinn will be gone anytime soon but if it’s November and they have a losing record, he’ll be gone.”

If the Falcons can stop blowing leads, they can still turn the season around, especially with the firepower they have on the offensive side of the ball. And there’s hope – the last time a team came back from 0-3 to make the playoffs was 2018 when the Houston Texans did it. That same year, the Indianapolis Colts rallied from a 1-5 start to make the playoffs.

There’s no question that Quinn is on the hot seat, but he still has time to turn things around. All he needs to do is steer a playoff-caliber roster into the playoffs. Stranger things have happened in the NFL.