Hodgkinson’s 4-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Despite the uncertainty surrounding college football, where do the stars of tomorrow find themselves in this 2021 4 round NFL mock draft?

The NFL Draft is a lottery at the best of times, and I think it’s safe to say that we currently aren’t operating in the best of times. There are so many variables ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft that it makes trying to predict what happens next April (if that is indeed when we have the annual selection event) almost impossible. Regardless of what the future holds, we can still apply our knowledge to best predict the uncertain outcome in the 2021 NFL Draft, which is what I have done with my 4-round mock draft.

In this 4-round 2021 NFL mock draft, I have attempted, where possible, to address what I perceive to be each team’s probable needs as well as considering potential free agency losses.

The team order for this mock draft is as defined by the Pro Football Network Mock Draft Simulator, which uses the current Las Vegas odds for the 2020 NFL season.

[sv slug=mocksim]

2021 4-round NFL Mock Draft | Round 1

[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=1 playerid=4664 team=”Jacksonville Jaguars”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=2 playerid=14087 team=”Washington Football Team”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=3 playerid=17555 team=”Cincinnati Bengals”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=4 playerid=14211 team=”Carolina Panthers”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=5 playerid=17412 team=”Miami Dolphins”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=6 playerid=17571 team=”New York Giants”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=7 playerid=17777 team=”Detroit Lions”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=8 playerid=17703 team=”New York Jets”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=9 playerid=17729 team=”Arizona Cardinals”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=10 playerid=17798 team=”Las Vegas Raiders”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=11 playerid=17498 team=”Los Angeles Chargers”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=12 playerid=17944 team=”Atlanta Falcons”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft useteam=n author=Oli pick=13 playerid=17728 team=”Miami Dolphins”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=14 playerid=17819 team=”Chicago Bears”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=15 playerid=18030 team=”Denver Broncos”]
[PFNfunction functype=mockdraft author=Oli pick=16 playerid=16283 team=”Cleveland Browns”]

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