Which dynasty fantasy platform is right for you?

As fantasy managers look to make the jump to dynasty, here are some of the best platforms to help you find the site that fits your needs.

There are a plethora of websites out there offering the latest and greatest options for hosting your fantasy football league. In this article, we’re going to examine the pros and cons of some of them to help you figure out which dynasty fantasy platform is right for you.

Popular dynasty fantasy football platforms

Sleeper Fantasy Football

At this point, it is hard not to call Sleeper the best fantasy site for fantasy. They serve 99% of the market with their various features and customization capabilities. The only “knock” on Sleeper is the lack of Devy content. However, this is a theme with nearly every other site, so they are not alone.

What Sleeper has is, in my opinion, the best user experience from both a functionality and interface viewpoint. Also, their roots as a notifications-based app have not gone away as Sleeper gives the best gameday notifications of any app. I’d almost recommend pausing them on Sundays as they are at times ahead of broadcasts and could spoil the outcome of a play/drive.

In 2021, they added best ball and auction leagues to their options. Also, they added the “squads” feature, which allows you to play prop contests against league mates or fellow Sleeper players for real money.

With the recent updates to the trading experience and improving the website to match the app’s functionality, Sleeper is the only platform I currently use when starting a new dynasty league. Sleeper is not the only one I use, but it is my preference and recommendation for both dynasty fantasy football leagues and redraft formats.

MFL (MyFantasyLeague)

MFL is one of the oldest and most functional dynasty fantasy platforms around. Because of this, MFL is almost entirely text-based in terms of menus and options. There is a significant learning curve for new users and turns some away from the site. With that said, once you become more comfortable with the site, you realize how powerful of a dynasty platform it can be.

MFL has the most options and customizations on the market by a mile. It’s a double-edged sword. While this is fantastic for leagues with creative scoring like the yearly Scott Fish Bowl, it can be too much for some new commissioners trying to set up their leagues. For managers, this is not a problem, as once you learn to navigate the site, you’ll never see those behind-the-scenes pages.

MFL also charges league hosting fees and doesn’t offer its own official app at all. Instead, they allow others to build apps that integrate the backend data directly. With that said, the apps, in my experience and that of people I have seen try to use them, tend not to work well. While it feels dated, MFL is a reliable site to build complex dynasty leagues. For what it is, it does it very well.

FleaFlicker Fantasy Football

In many respects, FleaFlicker is MFL-lite. It is a perfect middle-of-the-road dynasty fantasy platform for hosting your league. It offers a lot of the functionality you’re looking for while being more user-friendly.

The menus appear cleaner and more streamlined. Overall, the site flows better than MFL without losing the customization tools. You can trade future picks, add taxi squads, and starting lineups are easy enough to set. It just does what it’s supposed to; I have to give it that.

They do have a free app that works well enough, although some options are only available through the website. It’s also free to host, but they offer a premium service if you want to unlock all of the details and analysis through the site.

My only knock is the drafting experience, as you can not take a screenshot of the board or see every team simultaneously. Also, there are no customization options when trying to hold a mock draft. Despite the minor flaws, FleaFlicker is a platform that does not get quite the same love from the dynasty community but is one of the underrated gems of the industry.

CBS Fantasy Football

CBS has one of the most expensive league hosting fees on the market at $150 per year. That’s a massive no from me, especially when sites such as Sleeper exist and are free to use. Now, you can play in leagues for free on CBS, but there are no customization options unlocked in this tier. Also, keepers are locked behind the $150 paywall for those who play in multi-year leagues.

For me, this is a deal-breaker. I cannot recommend CBS as a dynasty fantasy platform when there are better options that are also free. It’s flashy and has many features that dynasty leagues need, but I do not feel it’s worth the price.

ESPN Fantasy Football

The worldwide leader in sports was viewed as the first stop for fantasy football for a long, long time. Yet, despite some site improvements, ESPN has taken a backseat to other sites in functionality, customization, and design. For dynasty managers specifically, ESPN likely is not an option as they do not offer dynasty leagues on their site. Yes, you can make it “work,” but that will require spreadsheets and is like trying to use a band-aid to fix a flat tire.

Honestly, I get it. While there is a vocal section of dynasty managers on Twitter and Reddit who preach dynasty is the only way to play fantasy football, respectfully, they’re wrong. The vast majority of fantasy players, I’d guess 90%, do not play in dynasty leagues. Sure, it is growing in popularity, but that is not who the typical fantasy player is. ESPN knows that, and their data backs it up. The ROI of building dynasty functionality is currently not worth the investment. For season-long redraft leagues, ESPN is fine, but that’s all they offer.


If you enjoy college football, Fantrax is for you. Not only do they host college football fantasy leagues, but they are the home for most “Campus to Canton” and Devy leagues, thanks to having collegiate players in their database. They have free leagues but offer a premium option ($99.99 per year), opening up other settings and features which could be worth it based on what extra functionality you want to be unlocked. Since this is not a requirement to play on the site, I do not criticize the paywall nearly as much as CBS.

The site is straightforward to maneuver and has all of the options you would look for in a dynasty fantasy platform if you want to have a roster of college players.

What matters to you when looking for a dynasty fantasy platform?

This is a somewhat individual choice as the needs of you and your particular league could differ from mine. Do you prioritize customization or the UI? Does the site have a dedicated, full-blown app, so you don’t need to be tied to your computer? Do you want to add more Devy or Campus to Canton into your rotation of leagues? Based on what you prefer, the right choice for you might become apparent rather quickly. After all, this is a multi-year commitment, and trying to move platforms after the wrong choice can be a headache.

While I would not call any site perfect, odds are there is the right one for you. My recommendation would be to start with Sleeper. It’s free to use, and you can run a mock draft to get a feel for the design. If you need more options, then try sites like MFL or FleaFlicker.

Tommy Garrett is a Fantasy Analyst for Pro Football Network and is a member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association (FSWA). You can read all of Tommy’s work here and give him a follow on Twitter: @TommyGarrettPFN.


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