What is Devy Dynasty Fantasy Football?

What is devy fantasy football, how does it differ from standard dynasty leagues, and what is involved in playing in a devy league?

If you already find yourself enamored with the deep-dive of dynasty fantasy football, allow me to introduce you to devy fantasy football and detail what it is. With the ability to draft college prospects along with incoming rookies, devy is often referred to as a dynasty fantasy league on steroids.

Devy Fantasy Football

Dynasty elitists like to say, “re-draft is for casuals, and dynasty is for the diehards,” but the difference in skill level is much larger between dynasty and devy. Almost anyone can see that a first-round wide receiver is worth a dynasty investment, but it takes a true scout’s eye to see that talent before they’ve even taken a collegiate snap.

I know what you’re asking yourself: What is devy? How many are allowed per team? What’s the difference between devy and dynasty? How does this all work?

What is devy fantasy football?

Devy is a niche dynasty fantasy football game that incorporates the drafting of current college football prospects before they officially enter their name into the NFL Draft. Scott Fish of “Scott Fish Bowl” fame is often credited as the inventor of the developmental dynasty leagues after creating the College Farm System Dynasty Leagues all the way back in 1999.

Who is eligible in devy drafts?

Current college football players and incoming freshmen are typically eligible to be drafted in devy drafts. In devy leagues with large rosters, you might even see rules that make top high school prospects eligible to be drafted.

Devy Drafts

Your devy football draft often depends on the size of your dynasty roster and amount of players allowed. In most startup dynasty leagues, the rookies of that particular year and players are typically thrown into one draft. In startups featuring a large number of devy players per team, it isn’t abnormal for leagues to hold three separate drafts for veterans, rookies, and developmental prospects.

How many devy players are allowed per team?

The amount of devy fantasy players allowed per team is league-dependent. Some leagues only allow 1-3 players per team, while others will be a free-for-all of sorts. Those leagues limiting the number of players are usually looking for a middle-ground of sorts to keep future drafts stocked.

What is the difference between devy and dynasty?

Devy is merely a niche form of a dynasty league that allows the drafting of current college football players. The only difference is the ability to draft developmental prospects along with rookies entering their first season.

Devy impact on future rookie drafts

With top college prospects flying off the board in initial drafts, future rookie drafts are naturally going to be negatively impacted. Along with having fewer prospects to choose from, future draft picks also lose tremendous value in devy leagues.

These concerns are why a large number of leagues try to limit the number of players per team. If you’re in a 12-team league with two devy spots each, you’re only missing out on a maximum of 24 future draft prospects. On the other hand, if each team has 5+ devy players each, you’re really going to have to dig deep in your rankings to find future superstars.

Devy vs. Campus to Canton?

“Campus to Canton” is a slightly altered form of devy that allows players to start earning points for your team immediately. Instead of just having a minor league or taxi squad to pull from in a few years, “Campus to Canton” uses your prospects’ college stats to score points in a college football fantasy league. In “Campus to Canton,” you have to find your balance between future NFL stardom and collegiate stat-stuffer.