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    2024 Super Bowl Halftime Show Odds and Prop Bets: Usher, Taylor Swift, and Alicia Keys

    What are the current Super Bowl halftime show odds and prop bets as Usher is set to take to the stage in Allegiant Stadium for Super Bowl 58?

    The Super Bowl Halftime Show draws a great deal of attention every single year, and Super Bowl 58 is no different. The show creates a buzz among anyone set to watch the Super Bowl, whether fans of the sport or not, as well as the NFL betting community.

    This year, Usher will grace the stage for the halftime show, and with him brings plenty of intriguing prop bet options. Let’s break down the top Super Bowl halftime prop bets and odds on offer this year.

    Update: Usher’s first song was “Caught Up,” and the last was “Yeah!” Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, and Ludacris all joined Usher on stage during the performance.

    Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show Odds and Prop Bets

    The most popular Super Bowl Halftime Show bet involves picking which song you believe Usher will sing first and last. It’s worth noting, however, that this prop won’t be available at the biggest US sportsbooks, as they have to offer NFL betting props based on elements that appear in the box score.

    As great as Usher is, the NFL won’t be recording his set list in the final box score — spoilsports.

    When it comes to the odds for the first and last song, if you’re in a position to bet them legally, it makes sense to shop around. There does tend to be an intriguing amount of variation in the odds across different bookmakers, so check out multiple options when you can.

    Currently, the songs seemingly emerging as favorites are “OMG”, “My Way” and “Caught Up.” The second one has seemingly come out of nowhere to be a consensus favorite among a couple of UK bookmakers. Both make sense since they’re the first two songs on Usher’s set list at his Las Vegas residency.

    At MGM Ontario, My Way has been the consensus favorite, with Caught Up nowhere to be seen in the odds most of the week. Do the UK bookmakers know something that we don’t?

    If you’re playing a family pool, Caught Up could be the left-field choice that leaves you looking like an Usher whisperer.

    Of course, Usher has a huge range of hits to choose from, making this tough. We see some Super Bowl Halftime Show acts jump straight into their most popular songs, while others choose to slow play the start and build to a crescendo finale.

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    That has left hits like “Yeah!,” “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love,” and “Without You” sitting in a little bit of limbo. All would make great starting or finishing songs.

    Here are the current odds for the first Super Bowl halftime song available at UK Bookmaker Sky Bet:

    • OMG -150
    • Caught Up +175
    • My Way +250
    • Yeah! +1000
    • DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love +1000
    • Scream +1200
    • U Remind Me +1400
    • Burn +1400
    • You Make Me Wanna… +1400
    • Without You +1600
    • Hey Daddy +1600

    Any songs not listed are at odds of greater than +1600 on Sky Bet

    When it comes to the last song to be played, “Burn” and “Yeah!” is the leader in the clubhouse. Earlier in the week, we had a strange situation where “Yeah!” was among the favorites to be both the first and last song. That would tend to suggest it will likely be one of those, but it’s tough to know which option to take.

    Here’s the full list in terms of last song odds from Sky Bet.

    • Burn -125
    • Yeah! +120
    • DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love +1100
    • Confessions Part II +1100
    • Scream +1200
    • You Make Me Wanna… +1200
    • Love In This Club +1200
    • My Way +1200
    • Without You +1400
    • Caught Up +1400
    • U Remind Me +1400
    • I Don’t Mind +1800

    Any songs not listed are at odds of greater than +700 on Sky Bet

    The other intriguing market available with some bookmakers involves potential guests who could join Usher. Names like Alicia Keys (-1000), Lil Jon (-1000), and Ludacris (-333) are priced as almost dead certainties to join him. There is little value in betting on any of them right now.

    Other names to watch out for include H.E.R., will.i.am (who Usher performed with at the 2011 Super Bowl), and Justin Bieber. All of those can be found at odds below evens. The list of potential options is long and seemingly includes anyone Usher may have ever spoken to in his life who can sing.

    The most intriguing is Taylor Swift at +700, given her relationship with Travis Kelce, the fact she will be at the game, and her current tour. However, that is priced as a long shot compared to other options, so it would be a surprise.

    Still, I wouldn’t completely count it out, just because the NFL is truly gripped with Swift-mania right now. However, an early September date in Arrowhead Stadium to open the 2024 season might be where their heads are currently at.

    The line for total songs is set at 8.5 but heavily juiced to the over (-275). Only the Weeknd has dropped less than 10 songs in the last few years with Rihanna getting through 15 songs in her set last year.

    Artists will often mash up or abbreviate songs to fit as many hits into their 12-15 set as possible. Usher has had nine No. 1 hits and 18 top-10 singles, so expect him to get through around 10 at a minimum.

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    If you’re looking for other things to wager on when it comes to the Super Bowl Halftime Show, you can find lines relating to outfit changes, whether Usher starts the show wearing sunglasses, whether he’ll debut a new song, or if he’ll perform a Swift song during his set.

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