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Live NFL Odds, Betting Lines, Totals, Spreads and Futures

Looking to get down on some NFL action? Here are the latest live NFL odds, betting lines, totals, and spreads for Week 4 of the NFL season. Make sure to bookmark this page for all of your updated betting options!

NFL Week 4 Odds and Betting Lines

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Super Bowl 58 Odds

Make sure to check out our Super Bowl 58 odds page for some official picks from our Betting Director Brian Blewis, Chief Content Officer David Bearman, PFN Analyst Trey Wingo, and more! Looking to place a bet? Use our widget below!

AFC Conference Winner

Not sure who is going to win Super Bowl 58? Well, maybe you are more confident in the winner of each conference. Lucky for you, betting lines exist for that too! Check out our widget below and place your bets!

NFC Conference Winner

Division Winners

Which teams do you think are winning their division this season? Place your bets on your favorite division picks right here using our widgets below!

MVP Winner

Who do you like to win NFL MVP this season? Make your bet on the player you think will win the award using our widget below.

Offensive Player of the Year?

Have a best bet for Offensive Player of the Year? Make your bet right here using our widget below.

Defensive Player of the Year

Who is your pick for Defensive Player of the Year? Place your bet below!

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Who do you have winning Offensive Rookie of the Year? Bet on your favorite pick to win the award using our widget below!

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Have a best for Defensive Rookie of the Year? Place your bet on your top pick to win Defensive Rookie of the year below!

Coach of the Year

Who is your pick for Coach of the Year? Place your best bet right here!

Worst Record in the NFL

Don’t feel like betting on winners? Well, there is also a market for the losers. Think you know who will be the worst team in the league? Get your bets in on one of the below teams now!

What Are NFL Odds?

NFL odds are set by oddsmakers at each of the sportsbooks, and they reflect their opinion on the probability of a particular NFL game, event, or other proposition.

When one side has shorter odds than the other, that means the sportsbook sees that side being more likely to win, or that proposition having a greater chance of happening than the other. The greater the odds, the greater the payout for the customer. Another factor in setting these odds is liability, as the goal for oddsmakers is to mitigate risk and have as close to balanced action on each side as possible. 

How to Read the Latest NFL Odds and Betting Lines?

Reading and understanding betting odds can oftentimes be confusing to beginners. For NFL games, you’ll almost always see “American Odds.” The odds will appear in the form of hundreds, and they’ll either have a minus or plus sign in front of them, and they indicate how much money you would need to stake to win $100. The minus sign will always be next to the favorites’ odds, and the plus sign for the underdog. The greater the number, the bigger the favorite or underdog they are, depending on the plus sign. 

How to Bet on NFL Totals

Do you anticipate a high scoring game in a particular matchup? Or do you think it will be a low-scoring affair? That’s what totals are for. The total represents the approximate amount of combined points scored by both teams in a single game. When you bet the “over,” that means you think the amount of points scored will exceed this approximate number, and to bet the “under” means you expect less. If you bet the over or under on a total for an NFL game and the final score equals to as many points, your bet will “push” and you’ll get your money back.

Tips and Tricks for Betting On NFL Futures

The most important tip in betting on NFL futures is to shop for lines. If you live in a legal betting state, chances are there are a variety of different sportsbooks available to bet with. Well, the odds won’t necessarily be the same at these sportsbooks, as they each have their own liabilities that play a major factor in how they adjust lines in certain directions. When placing your futures bets, it is highly encouraged to “shop around” to find the odds that would give you the best potential payout, rather than settling on the first line you see.

What Are the Best Sites to Bet on NFL Games?

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