Why Sportsbooks are Rooting Against Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey in Super Bowl 58

Why did Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey get an "antihero" label by a senior trader from Caesars Sportsbook ahead of Super Bowl 58?

In every NFL game, there are a number of stars on the show, and Super Bowl 58 has no shortage of that star power. Two of the names grabbing the most attention in the last days and weeks have been Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce and San Francisco 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey, as much for their personal lives as their play on the field.

That combination of being in the headlines and the talent both players possess has created a tough situation for sportsbooks heading into Super Bowl 58. During an interview with PFN, two of Caesars Sportsbook’s senior traders explained why Kelce and McCaffrey are potentially going to be their “anti-heroes” on Sunday.

Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey Proving Popular Super Bowl 58 Betting Options

Kelce has never been a player who has hidden from the spotlight, but this year, it has shone on him brighter than ever as his relationship with Taylor Swift has grown. His off-field relationship with the incredibly talented singer has seen an influx of new NFL fans and made him a household name across the country.

However, that has given sportsbooks something of a headache this week. Caesars VP of trading Craig Mucklow told PFN that “there has been four times more wagers with Kelce involved as the anytime touchdown scorer bet (-128) than there is on the 49ers moneyline and spread bet put together.”

While Mucklow did not specify a number, that is a lot of bets that have been placed involving Kelce. He went on to add, “Any time that ball goes toward Kelce in the end zone, we will all be cringing in the office.”

Assistant Director of Trading for Caesars Adam Pullen added more to the conversation around d just how popular Kelce has been to bet on. “If he (Kelce) has another game like he did in the AFC Championship Game, it’s going to be bad news [for the sportsbooks]. Kelce is probably going to be the most bet single Super Bowl player in terms of total props that we have ever seen.”

Unfortunately for the sportsbooks, it is not just Kelce who is proving popular. San Francisco 49ers RB McCaffrey is also proving to be a popular player to bet on this week. This season, he has racked up over 1,500 rushing yards and over 2,000 total yards and found the end zone in all but three games.

Pullen also believed that the way the 49ers game plan is being viewed is leading to more people betting on McCaffrey’s props this week. “The last thing the 49ers want to do is get into a shootout, so the more rushing yards McCaffrey has, the more time of possession, the less time to give Mahomes with the ball.

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Between McCaffrey and Kelce, the sportsbooks have a lot riding on two players this week. “McCaffrey is second in the list on prop wagers behind Kelce.” Pullen finished the discussion by describing Kelce and McCaffrey as their two “anti-heroes” this weekend.

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