PFN Scouting Podcast: Best Prospect-Team Fits in the 2024 NFL Draft on Defense

Which prospect-team fits on defense stand out in the 2024 NFL Draft cycle? Our latest PFN Scouting Podcast explored this question.

What are some of the best team-prospect fits on the defensive side of the ball in the 2024 NFL Draft? The newest episode of The PFN Scouting Podcast approached this question head-on, with exciting results.

PFN Scouting Podcast: Best Defensive Team-Prospect Fits in 2024 NFL Draft

Figuring out offensive prospect fits is relatively easy. Some teams need quarterbacks. Some teams need a wide receiver. Others need offensive line help.

On defense, it’s a little different. You’re not just drafting for positions. You’re drafting to directly counter what offenses throw your way.

Some teams need a pressure generator. Some teams need an attacking pursuit defender. Others may need a ball hawk and turnover generator in coverage, while others need a powerful defensive lineman, who can cave in blockers and affect spatial relationships.

Football has always been a complex game of chess, and defense is the most dynamic part of the chessboard. Adding talent at certain positions in the 2024 NFL Draft is just one part of the puzzle. Coordinators also need a vision at those positions.

On the latest episode of The PFN Scouting Podcast, myself and Dalton Miller took it upon ourselves to explore the vision for different NFL squads on defense and match 2024 NFL Draft prospects with those respective fits.

The Steelers need more speed and playmaking ability in coverage. The Dolphins need more all-around utility at safety. Minnesota needs more defenders who can disguise looks and fulfill different roles. Atlanta needs a block absorber to free up Grady Jarrett and others.

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Which 2024 NFL Draft prospects best fulfill the vision for different NFL teams? On the latest episode of The PFN Scouting Podcast, that’s what we were able to explore.

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